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Updated on June 7, 2017
Supreme Dictator issues official stammer from undisclosed bunker.
Supreme Dictator issues official stammer from undisclosed bunker. | Source

North Korea's KIM JUNG UN releases statement condemning the actions of entertainment developer Reid Martin Basso as "an act of show biz war."

Said the supreme dictator this morning from his un-disclosed bunker: "If that motherf**ker Basso doesn't stop making fun of me and my dead daddy, North Korea is prepared to take supreme appropriate actions."

When asked, Supreme Leader Jung Un clarified that "appropriate actions" included, although were not limited to, the placing of personal sanctions against Reid Martin Basso, effectively barring the social commentator from ever entering the Communist nation.

In response, Basso said he sought only to work towards a peaceful resolution and extended an invitation to the dictator that the two "hold cooperative dialogue." Basso concluded by inviting the North Korean dictator to discuss their differences in a sit-down interview, preferably with JAMES FRANCO and/or SETH ROGAN present.

Kim Jung Un responded only by stating that if Basso did not stop his lampoon of the dictator's family, or his regime, he was not ruling out the use of DENNIS RODMAN.

Monitoring. More to follow...


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[© Reid Martin Basso on assignment for FNN: FAKE NEWS NETWORK]


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