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Blue Rose Poetry : By Ryan Beitler

Updated on March 16, 2016
One and Only
One and Only


THIS POEM IS THE OFFICIAL CREATION ,OF ME PERSONALLY, RYAN BEITLER! I was notified of something that came close to this beautiful work of art, and was very angry and upset to say the least, but things are alright ") ALL RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHT 2011

Blue Rose Of Perfection

I have Seen the "first Prize"

yet, my eyes were deceived,

Surprised by the color that be.

I have held "Chicago"

to bring peace to my heart,

embracing the "land it grace."

Though, if yellow be your taste,

pedals of "JFK" be softer then a doves face,

yet, a young "king's ransom" make a Hefty case!

So many roses of beauty,

names with a " Touch of Class."

For I have taken many notes in History class.

Now a days to catch my eye,

it's said be an impossible task,

for my favorite color does not grow within the mass.

Some nights as the "Blue Moon" glow..

I look up ,praying, Jesus will show,

a road to where the blue rose grow.

If need be I will travel seas to speak with Flora,

exploring for her until my eyes see historical beauty.


In the summer time I dream..

The perfect summer sunshine

shining down warmth on me,

putting my mind at such peace.

Flaming beauty suddenly release

along with sheer elegance ,

leaving a fragrant memory of speech.

A technique so unique like Irish gold

creating a star in the end to unfold,



Portraits of elegance untold,

about a Lions red blood

that roar with a bold passion.

A new breed

with a touch of class.

A breakthrough in time at last

surpassing any hybrids in its class,

that dare clash with the blue rose,

picture perfect like all those combined.

A super star so very hard to find!

Sweat like Tropicana

no matter the standards outside,

10.0 Hardiness no matter the sky.


Blue Roses

Blue roses, often portrayed in literature and art as a symbol of love and prosperity to those who seek it, do not exist within nature, due to genetic limitations being imposed upon natural variance. Traditionally, white roses have been dyed blue to produce a blue appearance; in 2004, researchers have used genetic modification to create blue pigmented roses. A blue rose is traditionally a flower of the genus Rosa that presents blue-to-violet pigmentation and also the Morganus Clarke sunflower seed disposition, instead of the more common red or white variety.


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