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Updated on May 3, 2017

NINJAMAN Characters

Dick Charles as Ninjaman

Frederick Charles as his brother and owner of T&B Software Company

Jonathan Richards as Frederick’s butler

Stacey Eversion as a friend of Dick’s

John Edwards as Kangaroo who is a sworn enemy of Ninjaman

Ranger Paxton as Dick’s boss

Master Diomedea as Dick’s martial arts master

Kangaroo’s helpful assistants are as follows:
Ji’an Reed as The Gator, Bill Parker as Bull, and Sammy J. Smith as Slash

Dick’s other friends are coworker’s:
Henry Davis, Angelo Thompson, and Arnold T. Watson


Dick. How did it happen? I am not really sure right now. All I know is that I was destined to help people. I didn’t know it would end up like this.

Park Ranger and a Ninja


ACT 1 SCENE 1. (Park Ranger Station in Billings, MT.)

Paxton. Boys, poachers will be out tonight.

Henry (Smoking a cigar). I got a .38 special saying they won’t mess with us.

Dick. You have to use violence.

Angelo. What are you planning to use?

Arnold. I got it, a stun gun.

Dick. No, we can use smoke grenades.

Paxton. That won’t scare the animals as much, but I prefer my tranquilizers. That will knock them out long enough.

Henry (Throwing ashes on the ground). I just got a call from our friend Billy. He says he has spotted a poacher about twenty miles west of the hills.

Angelo. Me and Arnold got it.

Paxton. I think it is Dick’s turn.

Dick. I will be right back.

(He takes a jeep and drives off.)

Paxton. He will be fine. Arnold, check on our little friend.

Arnold (Saluting). Yes sir, Boss.

(He goes into another room where the moose is.)

Angelo. What is so special about that moose?

Paxton. That moose is worth about forty grand to every poacher from here to Nebraska.

Angelo. Oh.

Henry (Putting out his cigar). Someone is pulling up and I don’t think it is Dick or Billy.

Paxton. It is ok boys. Let’s see what he wants.

(John walks in.)

John. Hello, can you tell me how to get to the airport?

Paxton. You are not far. Just keep going a few more miles and you should get there.

John. One more thing. Give me that moose.

Paxton. No.

(John pulls his gun.)

Paxton. You don’t want to do this.
Henry. (Pulling his.) I wouldn’t do that.

John. Why not?

(He shoots him down and Angelo tries to pull his and he is shot in the process.)

Paxton. Arnold, get your gun.

John. No, if you want to see your boss again.

(Arnold comes out with no weapon.)

John. Good, boy.

(He kills him.)

John. Where is the moose?

Paxton. In there.

John. Thanks.

(He shoots him and he gets the moose.)

(Dick pulls up.)

(He walks in.)

Dick. It was a false alarm.

John. Hello, boy. I am taking this moose.

Dick. Never in a million years.

(John knocks him out with a punch to the head.)

John. One should live.

(He steals the moose and runs to his hideout.)


ACT 2 SCENE 1. (He is now at his brother’s house recuperating at Boise Idaho.)

Fred. Hey, bro. You look a little better.

Dick. He did it. He killed them all.
Fred. I know. You have been in a comma for 4 years now.

Dick. Comma, what?

Fred. He hit a soft spot on your head and it put you in a comma with a little damage to your brain, which according to the doctor may be an advantage.

Dick. Ok.

(He passes back out.)

Jonathan. He is doing better. Maybe he will be out of it soon.

Fred. I hope so. I will continue my research on this poacher. He said something about a John. All I can confer is that it is John Edwards a.k.a. the Kangaroo.

Jonathan. It is a good lead considering all that the Billings police can do.

Fred. True. Well, I’m off to work. Wish me luck?

Jonathan. You don’t need it sir, but good luck anyway.

Fred. Thanks, Jonathan.

Jonathan. Goodbye Frederick.

(He leaves for work.)

SCENES 2 AND 3. (Boise Idaho.)

SCENE 2. (It is an hour later and Dick wakes up.)

Dick. Hey, where am I? Where are the others?

Jonathan. They are dead sir.

Dick. I know, but where am I?

Jonathan. This is your brother’s mansion.

Dick. Who are you?

Jonathan. I am Jonathan, his butler.

Dick. What happened to the moose?
Jonathan. We don’t know. The police and your brother are trying to solve the case.
Dick. Where is he?

Jonathan. At work.

Dick. I must go there.

Jonathan. Wait, sir. Your brother said. . .

(He runs out and heads toward his brother’s work in a car.)

SCENE 3. (At T&B Software Company, his brother is looking into when a thug-like man walks in.)

Bull. Hey, Slash. This is the guy.

Frederick. What are you doing here? Who let you in?

Slash. Hey, buddy.

Frederick. Sammy. I thought you were shot down in the war.

Slash. I survived. Too bad.

Bull. You have learned too much.

Frederick. All I know is that the Kangaroo is coming to town.

Slash. Too much.

Bull. It is your turn.

(Slash pulls a long blade.)

Frederick. Wait. (He tries to push a red button, but he is grabbed and killed.)

Bull. Let’s go.

(They leave and bump into Dick on the way out.)

Dick. I am here to see Fred.
Secretary. He is upstairs. You can see him now.

(He walks in and panics.)

(He screams and the paramedics come and take his brother away.)

ACT 3 SCENE 1. (It is a few months later at his brother’s house.)

Jonathan. I can’t believe it is all yours.

Dick. I can’t believe I own his weapons branch of his software company.

Jonathan. I didn’t know he had a weapon’s branch.

Dick. The karate is really helping.

(A door bell rings.)

Jonathan. Hello, Master Diomedea.

Diomedea. Thank you. How are you?

Dick. Fine, master. I am ready.

Diomedea. I have never seen a martial artist like you.

Dick. I can’t believe I am so fast.

Jonathan. I am also in shock.

Dick. This calms my anger, but I wish I could do more.

Diomedea. I will be out for a week, but I want you to remember this. When life seems its toughest is when you feel your strongest. Also, do not forget that you can make your greatest weakness your greatest strength.

Dick. Ok. Let’s practice.

(They train for a while with Dick using his increased speed to match the master, but the master still has the upper hand.)

(Diomedea leaves.)

Dick. I have an idea. I will take the law into my own hands.

Jonathan. How?

Dick. I will take down the ones who have killed my brother and my coworkers. I remember one name I said. John Edwards.

(I am going to my dojo.)

SCENE 2. (He walks to his dojo and there is a special suit in a closet with special ninja weapons around the room.)

Jonathan. Will you ever wear that?

Dick. One day. One day. I will be on the computer if you need me.

(Several hours later.)

Jonathan. You find anything?

Dick. Here is his poaching record and his murder record. He was last spotted here in Idaho about ten months ago in place called, “The shack.”

Jonathan. What are you thinking sir?

Dick. I think I should try on my suit.

Jonathan. Good luck sir.

(He puts it on.)

Jonathan. Would you like a name?

Dick. I am the assassin, the ninja, Ninjaman.

(He carries some weapons and heads toward the shack.)

SCENE 3. (At the Shack, he finds his way inside.)

Ninjaman. Hello. Hello.

(He sees some robbers with money on a table and one is counting it.)

Thug1. Hey, where is the other case?

Thug2. I’ve got it. Here is another million.

Ninjaman. Mind if I drop in.

(He jumps down and knocks them both out with quick punches.)

Thug3. Who is out there?

(He walks out and sees them both knocked out.)
Thug3. Who did this?

Ninjaman. Me!

(He kicks him back against the wall.)

Ninjaman. Better return the money and do some more research.

(He returns the money and heads home.)

SCENE 4. (At his dojo, he studies the police files for leads.)

Jonathan. How was it?

Dick. I did a good deed, but our friend, Mr. Edwards wasn’t there. Wait, here is something I missed. He has accomplishes and their names our Sammy Smith, Ji’an Reed and Bill Parker. That can’t be. Sammy Smith was killed in war related incident. Wait, here is a hyperlink.

Jonathan. You are right.

Dick. Yeah, it says, “Soldier killed by helicopter crash, but cause is unknown.”

Jonathan. Well, that is one lead.

Dick. Yeah, but the face looks like someone I have seen before. Wait, on the way to Fred’s office. I saw these two guys. It was Sammy and Bill Parker.

Jonathan. What is that about a nickname?

Dick. It says his friends called him, “Slash,” because of the sword he carried. Let me go back.

Jonathan. There are more nicknames for the others.

Dick. Yeah, the Bull for Parker, and Gator for Ji’an.

Jonathan. I will prepare some tea for you tonight.

Dick. Hot tea sounds good.

(Jonathan makes some tea.)

Dick. I better go to bed. I need to go to work tomorrow, but I can’t search there because they could trace me back there and I can’t afford that now. If I only knew where he was right now.

SCENE 5. (At a warehouse in downtown Boise, he is making plans for a big transfer.)

John. This one will do it for us boys. We will never have to steal an animal after we sell this one. We can take a nice trip far away from Idaho. Maybe the Bahamas. I will always did love the beach. I miss Australia.

Ji’an. Here she is boss.

(He lowers the crate with the polar bear.)

John. This baby will bring in not 1 but 2 hundred million dollars.

Bill Parker. I can see it now.

Sammy. The sooner the better because I think there maybe someone who will find out about us.

John. I have killed anyone who knows about us and this operation.

Ji’an. What about the one you knocked out?

John. I doubt he remembers anything after that blow.

SCENE 6. (It is the next mourning and Jonathan is preparing breakfast as Dick walks down the stairs.)

Jonathan. You made the headlines today.

Dick. Which page?

Jonathan. Two.

Dick. Huh? Masked man returns stolen money. Crooks found five yards away.

Jonathan. Mystery man. That fits you sir.

Dick. Is breakfast ready?

Jonathan. Here you are sir.
Dick. Thanks, Jonathan. I do love poached eggs with a side of hash browns.

(He eats it with chopsticks and heads to work.)
Scene 7. (At his work, he is reviewing the new weapons system.)

Dick. This program should make it more accurate. In a few months, Star Wars should be up and running.

Secretary. There is a Mr. Nash to see you sir.

Dick. Send him in.

Mr. Nash. Dick, listen to me. You could be in grave danger if they find you here.

Dick. Who?

Mr. Nash. Meet me at the train station at nine and you will see for yourself.

(He runs out frantically.)

Dick. What could that be about? I better check it out though, just see what happens.

(Dick looks at his software design for weapons for this new game of Chickens vs. Aliens.)

Dick. A ninja is the hero and his name is Ningirsu. Look at those weapons. Spurs, nun-chucks, swords, and bows. Those ropes look super stout. I better make some of them.

(He prints out the weapons page.)

SCENE 8. (It is nine and he is at the station.)

Dick. Mr. Nash! Where are you?

Slash. Hello, Dick.

Mr. Nash. This is what I wanted you to see. Look, at those responsible for your brother’s death.

Dick. You’re the. . .

Mr. Nash. The Bull. Right, that is me.

Slash. Let’s kill him.

(He runs to a dark alley and changes into Ninjaman.)
Bull. Where did he go?

Ninjaman. Right here.

(He fights him and with a few swift kicks he has the advantage and knocks him to the ground.)

Slash. Who did that?

Ninjaman. Over here.

Slash. The mystery ninja. Who exactly are you anyway?

Ninjaman. I am the assassin, the ninja, Ninjaman.

Slash. It is a pleasure. Let’s dance.

(Slash pulls his sword.)

(Ninjaman ducks as the sword flies and then, his hand is cut when he tries to block and then, he jumps up and kicks the blade away.)

Slash. Hand on hand. Maybe some other time.

(He walks off and Ninjaman picks up the Bull.)

Ninjaman. Where is your hideout?

Bull. You are so smart. You find out.

Ninjaman. Tell me.

(He hits him, but Bull throws him using his strength.)

(The Bull runs off and Ninjaman heads home to heal his scares.)

SCENE 9. (At his dojo, Jonathan cleans his wounds.)

Dick. I need weapons. If I am going to be a true ninja, then, I need his arsenal.

(He finds his weapons page and begins searching the web for sites to buy them and then, he stumbles on a page on how to make them.)

Dick. This is everything I need. I’ll just make them.
(He begins making his weapons from smoke bombs to katanas.)

ACT 4 SCENE 1. (It is a month later. Looking at a newspaper, the title reads,” Ninjaman wanted on charges of burglary and destruction of public property.”)

Dick. Where is the master?

Jonathan. He called and said he would be a little late today.

Dick. Good, I can make some new weapons, and tomorrow we launch Star Wars.

Jonathan. It is a glorious day.

Dick. If I just knew where their hideout was.

Jonathan. They will come to you. That is how it usually works. All you need is a little more time young sir.

SCENE 2. (The secret location where the polar bear is.)

(Ninjaman has snuck in and found the missing bear.)

Ninjaman. There you are. How can I get you out of here?

John. You have to get through me.

Ji’an. And me. I’m the Gator.

Ninjaman. Bring it on.

(Ninjaman pulls a katana and cuts him and kicks him to the ground.)

Ninjaman. Can do. Now you see me and now you don’t?

(In a flash, he vanishes and the bear is gone when the smoke clears.)

John. No! You bastard. You freaking bastard! You will die Ninjaman! You will die by my hands and mine alone!

SCENE 3. (At Edwards lair, he is planning a way to kill Ninjaman.)

John. He messed up when he saved that bear.

Bill. Our money is gone. Now we are broke.

Sammy. How do we kill him?

Ji’an. It has to be slow. He cut me and that is not good.

John. We invade Star Wars. We blow it up and make sure it never runs again, and then, we take the weapons plant itself.

Ji’an. T&B, how?

John. We hold someone very important hostage.

Sammy. Dick.

John. No, higher.

Bill. The boss of T&B. Alex Huisache.

Sammy. The owner. Brilliant.

John. We attack tomorrow and stop the launch of Star Wars.

Ji’an. That will get Ninjaman there.

Sammy. He is the man of the people. He will certainly be there.

SCENE 3. (Dick is checking the stats of Star Wars.)

Dick. Wow. She is perfect. This will change everything.

Jonathan. You going out tonight?

Dick. Yep, for a little while.

(He straps his suit on and heads out the window.)

SCENE 4. (At the hospital, a thug walks with a bomb strapped around his chest.)

Thug. You want to die, then don’t try to stop because this hospital killed my mother.

Nurse. We are sorry about your mother, but we tried out best to save her.

Thug. Liar.

(Ninjaman enters.)
Thug. Stay out of this Ninjaman. This doesn’t concern you.

Ninjaman. There are people here so it concerns me.

Thug. Then, you all will die.

(He throws a spur to cut the perfect wire to stop the blast.)

Thug. You will pay for this. AH! ! !

(He pulls a gun, but it is kicked to the ground and he is knocked out by a swift kick.)

Ninjaman. Strap him to a bed and call the police.

Nurse. Thanks Ninjaman. I need to quit this part time job.

Ninjaman. Where do you work?

Nurse. At the weapons company. I am leading engineer for Star Wars, but I like people so I work here at night. My name is Stacey Eversion.

Ninjaman. Be careful Mrs. Eversion.

Stacey. I will try.

(Ninjaman heads home and Dick goes to sleep thinking of Stacey.)


ACT 5 SCENE 1. (It is the next day and Dick gets early and heads to work with his extra suit with him.)

(At the office.)

Dick. Today is the day.

Secretary. Good luck sir.

(Meanwhile, Sammy and the Bull have entered Alex’s office.)

Slash. Excuse me sir, we need you to come with us for security reasons.

Bull. We are your body guards for the day. We want you to meet our commanding officer.

(They take him to John.)
John. Hello, Alex. You remember me, don’t you.

Alex. John Edwards, the Kangaroo, one of the best kick boxers of the 1990's.

John. That is the old me. Now I am here to return a favor for an old friend.

Alex. What?

John. You promised me all that money, then you took it and now look, you own this company. I want it all or Star Wars will never go up.

Alex. You are not serious?

John. I am dead serious. I want T&B Software Company now.

Alex. Let’s make a deal.

John. Does it look like I want to make a deal. Slash, show him how I make a deal.

(Slash pulls his sword.)

John. Bull, show the screen.

(Ji’an is on screen at Star Wars disabling it.)

Ji’an. She is now dysfunctional and now she will blow herself up when she is launched.

John. How many would that kill. You will be standing right there and watch it blow itself up and kill those people. So, will you sell me the company?

Alex. Never.

John. Fine, in two hours, the party is going to start.

(Stacey walks by and hears something and she runs for help.)

(She finds Dick’s office.)

Stacey. Help.

Dick. What is it Stacey?

Stacey. How did you know my name?

Dick. From your file.

Stacey. Never mind. The boss is in danger and we must work fast to save him.

Dick. What is going on?

Stacey. There was a Kangaroo and the mention of blowing up Star Wars.

Dick. The party. He is going to attack the party.

Stacey. Who?

Dick. Here. Look at this file.

Stacey. John Edwards. Ok. Who is going to stop him?

Dick. I know a friend of a friend.

Stacey. You know you are kind of cute.

Dick. No, time for chit chat. I want you to find some help and go to the party and try to sneak the people out slowly.

Stacey. Ok. Can I help.

Dick. Sure, go to the party and discretely sneak the people out. Try not to get into any trouble.

Stacey. I’ll do my best.

(She heads for the party.)

(Dick finds his suit and puts it on and heads for the office.)

SCENE 2. (In the office, they are talking.)

John. Take him Bull.

Bull. Yes, sir.

(Bull picks him up and carries him out the door and there is Ninjaman.)

Ninjaman. So we meet again. Put him down.

Bull. Catch me ninja boy.
(He runs right past him and keeps on going into the wall and Slash comes out.)

Slash. Hello, boy. Let’s dance.

Ninjaman. I would love to.

(He pulls a sword and so does Slash and they sword fight.)

(Meanwhile, Stacey has made it to the party and trying to warn them, but they won’t listen.)

Stacey. Sir, listen to me. You are in danger.

Dr. Jones. In danger of missing a good party.

Stacey. This isn’t working. Where is that friend of a friend?

(Ninjaman and Slash are still fighting.)

Ninjaman. You give up.

Slash. No.

(They both cut each other’s swords in half.)

Ninjaman. Looks like we should have bought American.

Slash. Now, I kill with you with my bare hands.

Ninjaman. Try it if you can.

(They fight each other and Ninjaman knocks him straight to the ground.)

Slash. How can you be so fast?

Ninjaman. It is easy. I just am.

(He delivers a lethal blow to the head to finish the job.)

Ninjaman. One down. Now to the party.

(He runs to the party.)

John. Hey, Slash, come here.
(He walks and finds him dead.)

John. Who did this! They will pay with their life! ! !

(He walks to the party.)

(Ninjaman is at the party now and he finds Star Wars.)

Ji’an. Who are you?

Ninjaman. I am the ninja, the assassin, NINJAMAN! ! !

(He jumps into the air flips on him and breaks his neck.)

(Ninjaman disables Star Wars.)

Bull. Not much longer now big man.

(John walks out.)

John. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Now.

Bull. It didn’t explode.

John. What happened? This can’t be.

Bull. At least you will die.

Ninjaman. Wrong.

Bull. You!

(Ninjaman does a kick and it does not affect him.)

Ninjaman. You may be big, but I have a saying for people like you.

Bull. What?

Ninjaman. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

(He kicks in the groin to bring him down and gives him a fatal blow to make him fall down for life.)

Alex. Thank you, Ninjaman. I owe you my life. Everyone, I believe that you all should exit the building immediately and we will call you back inside later.

Ninjaman. Go somewhere where it is safe.

Alex. Alright.

(He leaves.)

John. Well done Ninjaman. You should know that since you have saved Alex and these people, you are now a hero, but all heroes can’t save everyone. Just like Stacey here. She may not be so lucky. I think I will kill her unless you fight me one on one right here, right now.

Ninjaman. Fine.

John. She will be at stake. I hope you win because who knows what I might do to her.

Ninjaman. Fight me.

(He walks down to him and lets her go.)

John. I may warn you. They call me the Kangaroo because I am a great kick boxer. Unlike the others, I know martial arts.

Ninjaman. Prove it.

(John steps up to him.)

Kangaroo. I will.

(He throws a devastating front kick.)

Kangaroo. Round one.

(He follows up with more punches and kicks and Ninjaman is trying his best to block the attacks.)

Ninjaman. I won’t give up. Brother!

Kangaroo. What are you talking about?

Ninjaman. You’ll see.

(Ninjaman comes back with a few punches, but Kangaroo still keeps kicking him and Kangaroo kicks him to the ground.)

Kangaroo. Why wear a mask? Let’s see what’s behind it.

Ninjaman. Alright, take a look.

(He pulls off the mask.)

Kangaroo. It’s you. You’re the one. I though that blow would have taken you out.

Ninjaman. No, it just pissed me off.

(He throws a lightning fast punch and kicks to match it to put him against the wall and the tide turns and Ninjaman throws him to the ground.

Kangaroo. Kill me. You know you want to.

Ninjaman. Of course, but justice would be better.

(He pulls some rope and ties him up, then John reaches for his gun, but Stacey throws a wrench from Star Wars at him to finish the job.)

(Ninjaman puts back on his mask before she sees his true identity.)

Stacey. Now, we are even. Maybe we’ll meet again someday.

Ninjaman. I hope so or else this would be a boring place to live in.

(He runs off and changes back and they meet each other at the door.)

Stacey. Where have you been?

Dick. I went to get the police. So, did they escape?

Stacey. Of course, Ninjaman saved them.

Dick. So, would you like some coffee?

Stacey. I would love some actually.

(They walk to the coffee shop.)

DICK. That is how it started. I had no idea that it would end up something much bigger with a whole new story. So, stick around because who knows who will be out there to face the ninja, the assassin, NINJAMAN! ! !


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