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Updated on August 18, 2011
dedicated to Darron and Jenn 2011
dedicated to Darron and Jenn 2011 | Source

NO..........NOT EVER

How can I go on without you by my side

So babe hold to my hand all through life

Don't ever let me go..... no ....not ever

As the morning breeze is cool the warmth of your heart keeps me ...

The love that we share is something no one will ever see again

How could I ever let you go .... i will not ..... no....not ever

The morning breeze speaks to the trees with a sweet hello

Whispers of..... I am loving you.... crosses the land

awww ....babe I am yours I really am ..........

Take me in your arms and don't ever let me go ever

Take me with you from here to paradise

that has been promised us as long as our love stays true

and you are with me and I with you

Let my arms wrap your heart as you do mine

My soul craves the words of your heart .....

to keep me alive

babe don't let me go ........ no ........not ever

I am yours ......and you are mine

don't ever let me go ever


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    • graebear profile image

      graebear 6 years ago

      Just a note of how this started . My daughter met this person. Flattered by his ways and his looks she began to talk to him . and as time went on they starting thinking of dating and oh the memories of my youth began to flow. But with my daughter she has a different side to her .. It follows her as a reminder that life is precious and short for .. You see she is in need of a kidney and has been since birth or actually when hers failed... so as Darron and Jenn met so did their bond begin. she told him about her kidney problems and he began being tested to be a donor ....AND ... he found out he is a PERFECT MATCH .. which the surgery will happen this Dec 2011 . So don't let me go ....No ! not ever

    • mikielikie profile image

      mikielikie 6 years ago from Texas

      I really liked this poem. Thank you for sharing.

    • graebear profile image

      graebear 6 years ago

      You have such ways and words to express you heart.

      Thank you so much for your comments.

    • profile image

      JadedLove 6 years ago

      My word, so lovely, so deep, so much passion in the light before my eyes. Up and pressing beautiful.