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Non-verbal Communication (cultural Differences)

Updated on August 17, 2014

Non-verbal Communication

Communication is not only exchange of words, Facial expressions, hand gestures, posture, eye contact, even silence… all these are messages about our attitudes, emotions, status, and our relationships.

This exchange of information is known as Non-Verbal Communication.

Non-Verbal Communication also plays a key role in our culture. It varies from culture to culture.

Below is a comparison table between Pakistan and Western culture differences.

Pakistan Vs West

•Personal space is influenced by status. A person of high status is normally granted more space.
•No status Discrimination.
•Eye Contact is very brief, especially with superiors or members of the opposite gender
•Generally engage in more eye contact.Considered to be more effective in communication.
•Raised voices may simply imply an exciting conversation.
•Americans typically interpret raised voices as a sign of anger or hostility.
•Silence indicates respect,submit to guidelines of elders.
•Indicates thinking,sickness etc.Else they feel uncomfortable with silence conversation.
•Touch with much greater frequency.It is common for two men to hug and hold hands.Touching by opposite gender is considered uncomfortable.
•Compared to other cultures, Americans rarely touch each other limiting themselves to handshakes and occasional pats on the shoulder or arms.
•Smile is used with greater frequency to smooth over awkward or embarrassing situations.
•A smile is used with frequency to communicate friendliness and goodwill.
•Facial Expressions may vary to different situations like illness ,excitement,embarrassment etc.
•Japanese have most control on their facial expressions i.e little to none variation.
•Time is not considered as important.No respect of time.
•Show respect of time by their punctuality.

Body Posture

Hand Gestures

Hand gestures having different meanings..
Hand gestures having different meanings..

Facial Expressions



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