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Naked Legged

Updated on August 25, 2016

Free At Last

I sit cross cushioned

Sliding out

As the river takes a canoe

Without you

The loud blowing


Constantly annoying

Ultimately noisy

My wife comfortable and cool

Could never feel, see or imagine such a thing

Reading through an hour glass

As time rises

At a steady pace

More surprises

Heart beating out of control

To compete

In an imaginary race

How could it know

Of such an external disaster

My eyes skipping across the page

Good at the first glance

Not long before they are dreary

Fighting off late night solitude

Jumbled up

Many mismatched shoes lay in a pile

One is always missing

Hidden underneath

Forever misplaced

Even though they all started out together

Dry mouthed and crooked neck

Useless stretch

Scratching my head

In a feeble attempt

A bout of intergestion

Is it something I ate

Or my words that is the culprit

Turning my stomach into a pea soup

I wiggle my toes

Juggling my feet

As I write

To keep them off the hot coals

Never before did I know the sounds of pain

By not dotting my I's

While rereading my slanted words

In a backward journey

Letting my mind slip away

When I could just escape

Quicker than a sweaty palm grip

My focus comes in full view

High across the cliffs edge

Rushing water underneath the tree tops

Zooming in close

To fast

To fast

Out of focus

The distance between

Has been lost

So I leave

More heated

Beating on my neck

Red hot

Is this a sign

Of summer

Coming to a final end


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