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Nalini´s World: The Psy/Changeling Series

Updated on July 31, 2017


Nalini Singh is the author of this saga, The Psy/Changeling Series, and some others, expose a society ruled by with coldness and corruption and that is in charge of a specie that thinks is superior. This saga shows the fight against that species and the rise of other with moral values.

The main location is the city of San Francisco but all around the world the existence of the three different species, that her characters belong, coexist. One of them is the Psy, the other one is the Changeling and finally, the humans.

The Psy/Changeling Saga

On Earth, there are three species:

The Psy is a race with physical characteristics similar to humans, except for their eyes and metal smell; they posses mental powers, including telepathy, which is common among them; so they created the Psy net, a network where only they can communicate. No one else can interfere. In 1969, they decided to implement a program, "Silence", which goal was to eradicate anger in their species; in 1979, ten years after the success of this, the goal is broad, now they wanted to eliminate completely the emotions in newborns. In case that any of them presented any feelings they were taken to "rehabilitation." By 2029, the Psy stopped feeling complete, they were cold and calculating beings, for this, they were in charge of the government and of the finances. In their opinion, they were above the Changeling and the humans.

On the other hand, the Changeling are beings whose physical characteristics are human, except when they decide to transform themselves into animals; however, depending on the clan they belonged to, they could only take that form. Their species is instinctive, their emotions are constantly expressed and the most important thing to them was his family. Finally, there are the humans.


Main books of the Saga

These are the books that I considered are the base to understand all the history, this doesn´t mean I do not recommend the others, on the contrary, all are good to read.

Let´s start.

Slave to Sensation (First book)

Sascha Duncan is a Cardinal psi, his mother Nikita is a powerful psi, but she does not possess the same level of skills that she and also is not able to control perfectly her emotions and go to rehab is not an option for her, she is afraid to go there. She knows Lucas Hunter a Changeling Alfa, through a project which Nikita has put in charge.

Lucas is an attractive man, one of the alphas belonging to the Leopard clan of Dark River, although his peculiarity is that he is transformed into a panther, something uncommon among them. Their relationship must be strictly professional, a psi and a changing can not be emotionally involved, first because the PSI is supposed to feel nothing, and second, society would not accept. Lucas didn't care very much about establishing commercial relationships, he wanted to infiltrate PSI NET and discover the identity of the PSI that killed one of the women in his clan. With what he did not count was to meet Sascha, a beautiful girl who despite his cold appearance gives some indications that he can feel.

Visions of Heat (Second book)

Faith is a psy-c, she is able to predict the future since she was 3-year-old. Now she is 24 years-old and she had grown- up isolated from most of the people and the world. Her visions were normally about Stock Exchange, but now she sees horrible things, darkness, also, her younger sister was murdered and she is starting to feel, something forbidden in her species, the only one that can help her is Sascha, the woman who escaped with a Changeling a year ago ; Vaughn is a Changeling form the clan of Dark River, he is a strong young looking guy whos can change from human to Jaguar easily. His attitude is more impulsive than the others, but Lucas, the alpha trusts in him. When he saw Faith for the first time he felt a bit of hate but also a fascination and when they talked to each other she was brave and crafty. He got captivated by her, but he couldn´t trust her, she is a psy. Can they love each other and find the killer?

Caressed by Ice (Third book)

This book tells us more about the Psy´s program past. Mercury was the first person that eradicate some feelings from newborn tweens, but he hides from the other people that it was a failure due that the kids killed themselves because they were considered. Nevertheless, he continued with the program Silence.

The novel also describes the relationship between Judd, a cold- blood psy that used to be an Arrow, a soldier, and made a living making dirty jobs for the Council, but everything changed when she met Brenna a strong Changeling girl from the wolves clan, SowDancer, with a painful past; she got kidnaped by a serial killer Psy that tortured her mind. The relationship is very hard to develop, Judd doesn´t accept that he can feel and Brenna, is still a bit traumatized... but love can do amazing things.


Mine To Possess (Fourth book)

Clay is one of the best sentinels in his clan, but his past tortures him. When he was a child he was very lonely, he couldn´t live in the human's world; his Changeling nature wanted him to be feline. His best friend, Talin, was an adopted kid that he loved with all his life, although she was human, he protected her and spent time with her, but everything changed the day he found out that Talin´s foster father hurt her, that day he explodes and kills him. His friend was there when that happened, she was traumatized and he paid for his crime.

Time later, he was informed that Talin died and his world collapsed until his clan saved him, but Talin suddenly appears and asked for his help. How could she be alive? She faked her death in order to move on with her life, she wanted to forget about her past and Clay was part of it. However she needs help, a lot of children have been found dead and the world is too corrupt; she only trusts in Clay, but he doesn´t trust her anymore. Talin was now a beautiful cold woman, however, she was still his weakness, will he help her?

Hostage to Pleasure (fifth book)

Ashaya is a Psy cool, that means that never affects her, but one thing is the reality and the other what she tried to hide in order to keep her son alive, she loves him although psy are not suppose to create maternal bounds with their kids, that is why she is forced to create an implant for her race that meant entire submission of her species; Dorian hates Psys since her younger sister was killed by one, he is a strong Changeling man from Dark River, however, he is not like the rest of his kind; he has problems to change to his feline form. When he met Ashaya his heart got confused, that woman fascinated him with her intelligence and the amazing way she fights for her child, but his heart doesn´t want to love her, the past always returns his mind. What will he choose: past or future.

Branded By Fire (sixth book)

A story similar to Romeo and Juliet without a tragic ending had started. Mercy is a Changeling from the Dark River clan (leopards) and Riley is a Changeling from the SnowDancer clan (wolves). They need to work together in order to find a Changeling expert in nanotechnology that was kidnapped. No one knows the people who took him wanted him but something is sure, the Psys are behind it.

Mercy and Riley have strong characters, they do not accept orders easily, far less from another species and the tension between them rises when they recognize that they feel attracted to each other and Riley wants her to be more than a colleague or friend, making the situation harder to solve.


Secondary books

In these novels, the passion does not decrease, at the contrary, some of them are spicier than the first ones, but the time continues to move on so the characters that we knew appear less gradually, giving the chance to the reader to meet new ones. The sequence is still logical and continues to talk about the Psy evil plans.

  • Blaze of Memory
  • Bonds of Justice
  • Play of Passion
  • Kiss of Snow
  • Tangle of Need
  • Heart of Obsidian
  • Shield of Winter
  • Shards of Hope
  • Allegiance of Honor

After her last book "Silver Silence", published in 2017, the saga name changes to "The Psy/Changeling Trinity Series". It contains new characters and a different perspective about the Psy world. The other books of her new saga will be published later.

My opinion

What I like:

The saga is well written and has a good sequence. Nalini knew perfectly how to create the world and attach it to reality. Other things that I liked are the passionate scenes between the characters that fall in love, she created a very good environment in almost all her books, except in my opinion in novel #3, in this one the relationship is colder.

What I liked the most are the values that the author transmitted, one of the is loyalty; in the Changeling clans, the most important thing is the family and they are all families, the cover their backs and never betray ones they make a vow of loyalty. Another value is the respect and confidence between couples, once the Changeling mate choice is forever, their love vow is eternal, even if the other one dies.

What I didn´t like

At the beginning it was hard to understand the world of the Psy, their net, the program call Silence and their Hierarchical ranks, it was a bit complex to assimilate because in every novel she adds something new about the Psy, nevertheless, after I got the main idea the rest was easier.

Another thing that I didn´t like is that the female characters are intelligent but tend to be submissive because men tend to be overprotective and in order to be mates they have to posses and reclaim "their women".

Will you read the Saga?

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