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Nancy Drew: From Books to Cinema

Updated on February 5, 2010
The fictitious Nancy Drew
The fictitious Nancy Drew

The Main Cast

Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew
Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew
Max Thieriot as Ned
Max Thieriot as Ned
Josh Flitter as Corky
Josh Flitter as Corky
Danielle Monet (Inga) and Kelly Vitz (Trish)
Danielle Monet (Inga) and Kelly Vitz (Trish)

Looking back

My elder sisters were always craving about the adventures of this well-loved character in the book. I was having a hard time reading it, but the paperback issues just kept on coming because of my sisters’ insistence to buy in the bookstore, even if it’s secondhand or the cover was missing. That’s how they adored Nancy Drew. They even have fans club for that fictitious Western girl. The mysteries of the teen detective started in the 1930s. Nancy Drew was the heroine of the seventies and early eighties solving many mysteries, like “The Mystery of the Golden Locket” which was the first adventure I’ve read. Although we are Filipinos, we like reading adventures coming from the West (Europe, America). During those times, we don’t have electricity in the barrio, so we have to read under the light of the kerosene lamp or petromax (fueled by ethyl alcohol) even the dark soot will suffocate our noses. Nancy Drew became part of our dreamy and adventurous childhood. I have to admit, she was my first crush.

The Modern Nancy Drew in the iPod era

The movie upgraded the Nancy Drew I knew. Many young girls or teenagers will surely imitate the Nancy Drew that comes to life in cinemas around the world. The movie reinvented the personality of the young detective from the book. The setting was moved to California due to the persistence of his father (Tate Donovan) to give her daughter a normal life in high school. But the mystery continues when the young lady chose the house of the murdered Hollywood famous movie actress Julia Draycott. With the motto: “Everything is evidence,” she pursued to solve the mystery of the dead movie actress. Director Andrew Fleming wrote the screenplay and directed this movie for all the members of the family.

The Detective Kit

Sleuthing case or the brown leather bag Nancy Drew used to carry mainly consists of the following:

1) Food undercover – used by Nancy to store lemon cake or sometime a lure or bait to divert the attention of the suspects she’s pursuing to be caught by the police authorities.

2) iPod eavesdropping-can record the conversation between her and the suspect she’s pursuing and use as an evidence later.

3) Spy cam- or automatic camera used for getting the picture of the suspects.

4) Fingerprint powder and duster-are handy for Nancy when looking for clues from the fingerprints left by the suspects.

5) Clue notebook- or clue pad for recording data or clues that Nancy Drew gathered.

6) Magnifying glass-is the symbol of a sleuthing lady or a lady spy, according to Nancy Drew.

7) Propelling tool-is used by Nancy when going down from the roof or high location.

8) Flashlights-is always necessary when looking at dark places or passageway.

Other items for sleuthing include: thermos, paper clip, ropes or thread, extra papers and ball pens. If you’re the spy you can also add other things that you consider necessary for your job.

iPod Kids in the Movie

These five kids dominated the movie from start to finish. On and off the camera, they have a common tool that they idolize: the iPod.

Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew) listens mostly to Goo Goo Dolls. Danielle Monet (Inga) listens to almost everything from rock to hip-hop, especially Destiny’s Child. Max Theriot (Ned) adores rock artists like Guns’nRoses and Pink Floyd. Josh Flitter (Corky), the fat kid likes Queen the most. Kelly Vitz (Trish) used to listen to all-time favorite groups like Simon and Garfunkel.

Emma Roberts quipped that Nancy Drew is a timeless character, no matter what era she fits in. She’s a character anyone can enjoy; kids, parents, grandparents… everyone.

And with that, I am sharing this film to all the members and friends of my family. It is rated as General Patronage, meaning no restrictions. I always set my projector at home for a better viewing at night.

Nancy Drew-The Movie Trailer (June 15, 2007)


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      M sister used to have paperback issues of the Nancy Drew books. Unfortunately, it wasn't saved from the series of typhoons that visited our place 3 decades ago.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I haven't seen the film yet. My mother used to read the paperbacks on the Adventures of Nancy Drew. She said that Nancy is also a friend to Hardy Boys (another team of spy kids).