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Nannie's Little Apple

Updated on February 12, 2013

Sleeping baby

not a cheeky monkey then, but sure made up for it now.
not a cheeky monkey then, but sure made up for it now. | Source

The reason why I smile

getting forty winks
getting forty winks | Source

Overnight with nannie

"Boo" | Source

Nannie's Little Apple

Oh, you are overwhelmingly precious,

and bring out all the good in me,

your smile can melt a thousand hearts,

and that laughter can chase away the blues.

You are nannies little boy,

and every one can see

just how much you mean to me.

The golden face of daffodils,

the frost bite blue of the forest bluebell,

cannot fade away your bloom.

You are the moon and the stars,

the ocean waves and the sea.

You are nannies little apple,

the apple in my eye.

The magic of a family Christmas,

the Easter bunny in my adult world,

and my Mother’s Day surprise.

The whole of me is privileged

to know such a wondrous child.

Behind your eyes is a story,

of lovely childhood dreams,

that nannies and grandson’s share,

and can always make the future real.

Through spiders webs and whispers,

you are the element of surprise.

Yet in God’s good will and love,

you sparkle with your smile,

which always captivates my heart.

I love you little man,

you are more than nannies cup of tea.

From within this ageing heart,

you are my one delight,

my breath, my light, my day, my night,

because of your sweet face

I smile every day with ease.

A grandson is a precious gift, our future on this earth,

so no matter what life throws at you, he is the reason for re-birth.

Hey Granda

my first mother's day with nannie granda, mummy and daddy.
my first mother's day with nannie granda, mummy and daddy. | Source

Growing up

getting ready for nannie house
getting ready for nannie house | Source

Put me down

"this is so embarrassing, what will my friends think"
"this is so embarrassing, what will my friends think" | Source

Didn't I do well?

looking at you nannie
looking at you nannie | Source

Callum and Teddy Nutkin

This is the second story written for my grandson. It is not published yet, and with the help of my lovely friend Sunnie Day, who has graciously offered her services to draw the illustrations, it will be a joy for Callum to treasure.


Teddy Nutkin looked out from his window seat in nannies bedroom, and thought how lucky he was that Santa had given him a new chance in life. He looked at his beautiful red ribbon, and shining gold bell around his neck and smiled to himself. (1st illustration)

Last Christmas had been a very exciting time for the entire household, and he was so proud to have been part of it. You see, it had been Callum’s first Christmas, and Teddy had been allowed to stay and play with Callum for many years to come.

Autumn leaves are falling from the trees today, and Teddy really admired the beautiful colours of red and gold. He marvelled at the many times he had seen this sight before, but it still made him feel happy. Teddy was feeling a little old and tired too, after all, he had been nannies faithful teddy bear for many years. His little mind was full of beautiful memoires, and he thanked Santa Claus for bringing him to nannies house when she was a little girl.

He breathed on his little golden bell and wiped it with his soft paw, until it shone and caught the daylight catching shadows on the wall paper. (2nd illustration)

“I am a lucky teddy bear,

sitting on the seat,

the sunshine is glowing warm

on everyone I meet”

he sang to himself totally unaware that Callum had crept up behind him.

“Boooo,” shouted Callum, “come on Teddy, we are going to play in the garden, come on I can’t wait” and Callum took hold of teddy and swung him under his arm. (3rd illustration)

Teddy smiled fondly at Callum admiring the little boy’s fair hair.

“I am a happy teddy bear

going out to play

we will sit on the swing

and keep the rain away”

Callum and Teddy,” mummy shouted “have you got your coats on, it is cold outside?” but Callum and Teddy raced out of the door unconcerned about the cold chill in the air. Callum threw Teddy into a pile of fallen leaves that felt so damp, and the two of them shouted with delight as they played together. Mummy looked on from the kitchen window and shook her head, “Silly children” she said, “they will regret it when they both have caught colds.” (4th illustration)

Oh yes, you see, mummy knew Teddy Nutkin’s secret too, he was alive! Mummy remembered how as a little girl she and Teddy Nutkin had become great friends. She distinctly remembered the first time she had heard him talk,

“I am a sad teddy bear

sitting on the shelf

please come play with me

I have no one else.”

“Oh my” mummy had said, as she looked into Teddy Nutkin’s sad eyes. “You can come and play in the doll’s house with me.” Teddy wrinkled his nose at the thought of playing with the dolls, but mummy’s smile made up for the worrying thoughts he had inside his head. (5th illustration)

“Callum, don’t be so rough with Teddy,” mummy shouted. “You will pull his arm off swinging him around like that, he is a very old and special teddy bear.”

“OK mummy, I will be kind,” shouted Callum, smiling at Teddy Nutkin. Teddy smiled back and the two of them started to kick in the damp leaves, and their laughter filled the garden. (6th illustration)

“I am a happy teddy bear,

Playing in the leaves,

Callum and I are boys

And we will go climbing in the trees.”

Callum heard a familiar car drive into the drive way, “Come on Teddy Nutkin, daddy is home, let’s go and surprise him.”

Callum and Teddy ran over to the garden fence and climbed up just in time to see daddy get out of the car, he was carrying some groceries that mummy had asked him to bring home from work with him. (7th illustration)

“Booo” shouted Callum and Teddy. Daddy was so surprised that he dropped the eggs out of the shopping bag, and they went Splat all over the pavement.

“Now look what you have made me do, silly boys, what will mummy say now with no eggs for tea?”

Sure enough, there on the pavement was a pile of broken egg shells, the yellow yolks all runny and split, and daddy looked so cross that Teddy Nutkin ran and hid behind a branch on the old ash tree. (8th illustration)

“Go inside the house now Callum,” daddy shouted, “You can explain to mummy why we have no eggs to go with the chips for tea.”

“I am a naughty little teddy bear,

just trying to have fun,

daddy is so cross now

all the eggs are gone.”

Teddy Nutkin stayed behind the ash tree too afraid to come out. (9th illustration)

“What is all the shouting about.” Nannie looked so alarmed. “There is no point in crying over broken eggs, and why is Teddy Nutkin hiding behind the ash tree? Nannie held Teddy very close and could have almost believed that he was trembling with the cold. Teddy loved to be cuddled, it made him feel safe and wanted, and it had been a long time since nanny had held him so sweetly.

“I am a warm teddy bear

Cuddled in nannies arms

Such happy memories I have

To keep my heart warm.” (10th illustration)

Inside the house mummy laughed to see daddy in such a rage. “Don’t worry daddy, I have more eggs in the fridge.”

Callum sat very quietly at the table and mummy looked at him with so much love.

“go and get teddy from nannie, and wash your hands,” she said softly.

Callum rushed out into the garden almost knocking teddy and nannie over. “Come on teddy, it is nearly tea time, egg and chips, my favourite, hmmm mmm, “he said.

Callum sat teddy in his high seat at the table and sat down next to him just in time for mummy to put the tea out. “now eat carefully teddy, and enjoy your food.” Mummy winked at Teddy Nutkin and teddy winked back and smiled, picked up his knife and fork and started to eat.

“I am a lucky teddy bear

Living with Callum and mummy,

today the rain came out

but tomorrow will be sunny.” (11th illustration)


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    • thebluestar profile image

      Annette Donaldson 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Hi Brenda, thank you so much for the lovely comments. Callum, is the apple of my eye sure enough, I never expected to feel this way about a child and he amazes me every day. I am the luckiest person alive to share this little man's life. xx

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 4 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      He is beautiful and absolutely perfect. Being a grandma is awesome. Congratulations to you all. Thanks for the lovely poem and the Teddy story. They are lovely and heartwarming. I think your little man will have lots of stories written just for him by Nannie!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. You're one lucky grandma. He has such a wonderful and sunny smile. Great pics. Delightful story you have written. Teddy bears and children go together well. Passing this on.

    • marcoujor profile image

      Maria Jordan 4 years ago from Jeffersonville PA


      This sweet angel boy brings out such feelings and inspires such joy, beauty and goodness. You radiate such tranquil peacefulness when you write about Callum...and each picture is more precious than the next.

      Voted UP and ABI. Love, Maria

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This was a joy to read, delightful and sweet, it will be a great book for children and mommies too.

    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      What a very beautiful hub! I really enjoyed reading it. I have grandkids and they just grow up to fast. And the moments that we spend with them is just so special.