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Napoleon Hill’s 13 secrets of getting rich.

Updated on December 6, 2015
Napolean Hill's classic ''Think and Grow Rich''.
Napolean Hill's classic ''Think and Grow Rich''.

Napoleon Hill’s 13 secrets of getting rich.

For those who do not have time to read the Classic ''Think and grow rich'' Here’s a faithful summary of thirteen secrets of success as described in the book.

#1.First step towards riches—Desire

According to Napolean Hill first secret or step towards riches is to develop a burning desire for it. Riches won’t come just by wishing it. Because wishing is often undefined and non-committal, but a burning desire is well-defined and commits to a course of action. He writes.’’ Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE TO WIN’’.

So according to hill the desire should be so intense as to turn into an obsession and compel you towards action. He suggests making a written statement of your goal like this.

‘’First. Be definite as to the amount.

Second. Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. (There is no such reality as "something for nothing.)

Third. Establish a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire.

Fourth. Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once,whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.

Fifth. Write out a clear, concise statement of the amount of money you intend to acquire, name the time limit for its acquisition, state what you intend to give in return for the money, and describe clearly the plan through which you intend to accumulate it.

Sixth. Read your written statement aloud, twice daily, once just before retiring at night, and once after arising in the morning. AS YOU READ, SEE AND FEELAND BELIEVE YOURSELF ALREADY IN POSSESSION OF THE MONEY”.

Napolean Hill's inspirational quote about desire.
Napolean Hill's inspirational quote about desire.

#2.Second step towards riches­—Faith

Have faith that you can accomplish your heartfelt desires. Napoleon Hill suggests that faith is a state of mind that can be induced by repeated instructions to the subconscious mind. He writes ‘‘Repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith’’.

#3.Third step towards riches ­—Auto–Suggestion

This is the method of putting the sub-conscious mind to work for you through repeated suggestion. It is the ability of being able to focus your mind on your burning desire until your subconscious mind accepts it as fact and starts to plan ways of materializing it. To implement the principle of autosuggestion, the written statement that you have made in the’’ first step towards riches’’ take a few minutes in the evening and in the morning to repeat this statement over and over again. Leave a copy of it around until you have memorized it. While repeating the statement you must see yourself already in possession of your coveted goal.

#4.Fourth step towards riches— Specialized Knowledge

Hill suggests that you should decide on what kind of specialized knowledge you need to realize your dream, and then see to how you can find it. You may already have the knowledge necessary from education or experience, but it’s also possible that you need to educate yourself further in some way.

If you do not possess all the required knowledge then you must bridge your weaknesses to learn all that you can. This can be done by

• Setting aside time every day to find out more about what you do for a living

• Take whatever courses that are offered on your subject

•surrounding yourself with knowledgeable men and women who can advise you when necessary

• go to a public library

Napolean Hill's inspirational quote about auto-sugesstion
Napolean Hill's inspirational quote about auto-sugesstion

#5.Fifth step towards riches— Imagination

As Napolean Hill puts it “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve”.He suggests that we should use our imagination to solve problems. We should think of new ways to improve our life. Instead of thinking the problems as limitations or hurdles we should use our imagination to overcome them.

#6.Sixth step towards riches—Organized planning

Every person who has risen above the average has always had a definite plan to achieve their goals. He emphasizes the effectiveness of a sound plan. While devising a plan, take help from people who are knowledgeable and skilled in your area. He refers this group of people as “Master mind group”. He cautions that people of ‘’Mastermind’’ group should be selected very carefully.

#7.Seventh step towards riches— Mastery of procrastination

According to Hill ,One of the common attributes of highly successful people is the ability to reach decisions quickly and to change them slowly. On the other, unsuccessful people procrastinate regularly and often take a long time to make a decision and then they change far too quickly .procrastination is the opposite of decision, but a twin brother of indecision .He suggests’’ kill off this pair’’ if you want to succeed, take no one into your confidence except members of your “Master Mind’’ group.

#8.Eighth step towards riches—Persistence

This quality has often been the key difference between success and failure in many cases.The lack of persistence keeps the majority from great accomplishment. He urges that if we persist in the face of repeated failure we will soon see the first signs of success.

Napolean Hill's inspirational quote about failure.
Napolean Hill's inspirational quote about failure.

#9.Ninth step towards riches­—Master mind

Throughout the book Napolean Hill refers to a “Master Mind” group. The ““Master Mind” can be defined as “Co-ordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose”. This principle is about setting up a group of individuals sympathetic to your desires and with similar plans. The logic behind setting up a ‘’Master Mind ‘’ group is that When two or more minds get together they form a – a third mind. As a result a lot of good ideas are generated. He advises,Select the members of your group with care, Make sure they are people you respect and who are hard-working and conscious and meet with them regularly. As a result you will all reach your goals sooner.

#10.Tenth step towards riches—Sex transmutation

Hill identifies sexual energy as a great force which demands expression.A person can either express it in purely physical way or harness and redirect the energy towards attainment of a more worthy goal. He writes ‘’ Fortunate, indeed, is the person who has discovered how to give sex emotion an outlet through some form of creative effort, for he has, by that discovery, lifted himself to the status of a genius.’’.

sex energy is the most powerful of all emotions it must be controlled through transmutation and converted into expressions other than just physical.

So, Sex transmutation is all about: harnessing sexual energy and redirecting it.

Napolean Hill's inspirational quote about mastery over self.
Napolean Hill's inspirational quote about mastery over self.

#11.Eleventh step towards riches­—The subconscious

The Importance of subconscious mind cannot be ignored, because it’s the part of mind responsible for maintaining Desire, Faith, and Persistence. Hill says that the subconscious mind is most influenced by thoughts that are accompanied with feelings. He writes, “In fact, there is much evidence to support the theory that only emotionalized thoughts have any action influence upon the subconscious mind,”

He urges that positive emotions (desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, and hope) should be attached to thoughts and warns against attaching negative emotions ( fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition, and anger).

Hill further says that positive and negative feeling and thoughts cannot exist at the same time. “Faith and Fear make poor bedfellows. Where one is found, the other cannot exist,”..

#12.Twelveth step towards riches­—The brains

Hill says that ,money is worth no more than competent brains. Actually It’s often worth less. He writes’’. He writes ‘’competent brains, if effectively marketed, represent a much more desirable form of capital than that which is required to conduct a business dealing in commodities, because brains are a form of capital which cannot be permanently depreciated through depression, nor can this form of capital be stolen or spent. Moreover, the money which is essential for the conduct of business is as worthless as sand dune, until it has been mixed with efficient brains.’’

Napolean Hill quote from the classic ''Think and grow rich''.
Napolean Hill quote from the classic ''Think and grow rich''.

#13.Final step towards riches—The sixth sense

It was described by Hill as ‘’sixth sense is the creative imagination’’. He writes “The faculty of creative imagination is the direct link between the finite mind of man and Infinite Intelligence. All so-called revelations, referred to in the realm of religion, and all discoveries of basic or new principles in the field of invention, take place through the faculty of creative imagination’’. So, sixth sense is the link between finite intelligence of man and infinite intelligence (universe or God), through which ideas, plans and thoughts flash into the mind .it’s a mixture of both mental and spiritual. Hill suggest that at this level, the sixth sense will warn about dangers and notify of opportunities.

Inspirational quote from ''Think and grow rich''.
Inspirational quote from ''Think and grow rich''.

Which principle do you find most conducive to success.

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      3 years ago

      I love this have made an accurate summary.

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      3 years ago

      Good summary .


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