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National Blood Donor Month Writing Prompt

Updated on September 15, 2017
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

Anything can be a writing prompt. Many people use pictures, but you can also use special events such as holidays and awareness months.

Today, let’s look at how National Blood Donor Month of January can be used as a writing prompt for a short story, novel, or even non-fiction articles.

How to Use a Writing Prompt

Writing prompts are a great tool for students and writers. They are designed to help your imagination come up with an idea for a story or a particular scene. They can come in the form of photos, beginning lines, or scenarios. Here, we are using a holiday as a prompt where we offer ideas for a story to get your imagination jumpstarted.

Use writing prompts to help you through a mental block or as part of a classroom assignment. Use it as a basis for a short story or novel. Don't limit yourself to what we have here. Let your imagination run wild. We have prompts sorted by genre to help you narrow down where you want to start.


- A secret society of donors live to keep the vampire population alive. Why? Because through them, there just might be a cure to blood diseases.

- A blood bank is haunted. But it is not the blood the supernatural creature wants.

- Every time a woman gives blood, she sees ghosts. During that time they communicate with her. The information she obtains changes her life and thousands of others.


- When a woman gives blood and passes out, she wakes up to a doctor that takes her breath away. Too bad it is her sister’s old flame.

- Needing blood, a woman wants to thank the person who saved her life. It turns out to be her neighbor with her special blood type who has been wooing her for years.

- On the way to give blood, a man finds himself literally falling for a woman. Too bad she wants nothing to do with him.


- A batch of blood in one blood bank is contaminated, but it came from multiple people? As people die, investigators have to find out why that one batch was targeted.

- Diamonds are found in a bag of blood. They were part of a heist that had been unsolved for fifty years. Why were in the blood and who took them?

- Blood is being smuggled into a blood bank. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, but who is doing it and why?


- A small child has to be given a blood transfusion. He is scared but learns how people help others.

- What happens when a small child is diagnosed with a disease and has to spend time in the hospital?

- A boy meets a vampire who doesn’t like blood.


- Bodies are discovered with their entire blood drained. Rumors of vampires run rampant but evidence points otherwise.

- Those who receive a blood transfusion find themselves doing unspeakable acts. What is causing them to do this?

- A doctor decides on who gets what bag of blood. His decisions turn into something horrific as diabolical activity is found by the police and other emergency workers.

Science Fiction

- Blood donating becomes a lucrative business as new species are found and wars put it more demand.

- An exploration of a new planet has a creature who is scared of the blood that flows in the human’s veins.

- What happens when a race dies when their blood gets poisoned? Their deaths could change the entire universe.


- The blood within an elf is the blood destined to save an entire world.

- Only the blood of a young woman will stop a vicious king from bringing the darkness to the land. She has to get inside a dungeon and put a drop of her blood on a circle of gold after she gets through the booby-traps and the king’s men who are trying to kill her.

- The bloodline of a long dead royal line is thought gone forever until a child is discovered in a poor village being raised by priests. Suddenly everyone in the kingdom wants the child and the power that comes with her.

Your Turn

What story can you get from this special month that saves lives?


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