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Natural imagery

Updated on July 29, 2013

Incase the words don't portray enough beauty, hopefully this will


Natural Imagery

Natural imagery

Start by focusing on a

Field of hay

It’s well-kept and

Divided by a road

This road leads to a

Small home next to the

Forest lining the field

This is our new focus.

Inside the home is

David, a quiet and tame lad,

Here he lives and hunts elk

Without care or notice as to why

The elk take little notice

Of David, for he is a minor

Tick in their fur

They have more need for the forest

The forest, similar to the field,

Is divided by a river

The elk prosper, as does David

From the flow of such a force

The river carries life

To David, and the elk

And like the road

It seldom cares for its direction


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