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Nature Is Our Writing Guide

Updated on June 28, 2015

Speaking Of Nature

Nature has a wonderful story to tell, we enjoy trying to learn it.
Nature has a wonderful story to tell, we enjoy trying to learn it. | Source

Inspired Wonderment

Mystic Visions of Inspired Wonderment.

Huh? Some of these words we use trying to describe what we have read about nature. Trying to put on paper the form of the feelings. Next to impossible. Yet here we are still wresting with the patience of not knowing what to say, where to begin. Yet again, here it is, from a book, from a look. From just sitting down in front of this screen at this great blogger space we call home. For it has been, almost as long; as the long skinny walls of my physical home. Not just out in nature, left there I have never been. Always a room of protection somehow. Always a way to get from here to there. Always some person, some thing, some animal, some tree, some shelter to care.

So why do I get so hung up and afraid I will stall out and all the time and words will be wasted when I try to get from this comfortable place to the place where it will be read, people will read and shout and scream, how many more years will you stay in that bed reeading and writing those thoughts from your head?

As many as it takes old friend, as many as it takes. Now, finally, after all these years there is little trickles here and there for the money, for the bread on my plate, you have to make it big someplace before you can just throw yourself down and play with junk. The messages from the music back then were taken way out of context. It is a lot more work to share with the world any of our God given talents because of the perfection that is assumed. We are not allowed to just go and sing a song in front of a crowd without practicing. Even if we think we have without a rehersal of some kind in front of people, we will be booed off the stage.

Mystic Visions

Why? We are not sure, except for these thoughts that come rambling by us at this moment. We are to just write them down, not turn them into the million dollar pay dirt, the qualifying 100% green light, or 3+++ of including all the right buttons.

It still comes down to how we say the word, how we perceive it. How we are trying to then think we can't and why try. Some writer out there who does it better has already said it. So why do I have to? Some will say I stole the idea from them, I didn't. We all have the same messages given to us from the universe on the same day might be truer to what it is.

Okay more to the truth is we have been battling with how to talk about writing it down again. How to just get started, how to pick up the pen so to speak. So if we read a really good explanation of it then try to amplify ourselves from it, well, some say, that is wrong. Yet, every great musician, every poet, every writer learned from someone.

If we have to make it distant, if we have to make it unseen, so be it. Then we can let go of the in between, the voices that are mean. The "ants" of declaration, the "ants" who yell in our faces, that has already been told us in enough ways.

We want to hear about your precious trees or the birds that sing in your ears or the ants that cover your porch, or the soft quiet hum that comes from the seas, or is it the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.

Listen to Nature, Let Her Be

The Abstract Wild
The Abstract Wild

Let the nature of things have their own way. Provocative statements for us to stay out of the way and just enjoy nature as it is, learn from her.


Which Way Will The Road Take Us?

Asking For Directions
Asking For Directions | Source

Ooohs Are Circles In Nature

Yet, we still do keep our fingers moving anyways. As we laugh at the squirrel trying to get in the cages of food we've put out for the birds. It does make us quiet happy, and easier to take a deep breath when we laugh at they way they use their whole bodies, stretching out and reaching, clutching and clawing, trying to hold onto the fence, the branch, the swinging planter. Oh it must be one sweet smelling, quite inticing morsel for them to go to such trouble just to be fed.

Yet, there is food much easier in their reach, up in the trees in the seeds, inside the shells of the cones they have to dig out of their hiding places. Well, hum, not much different from us then. Now we see, to them maybe it is easier to swing from a feeder for just a bit, they are smart enough to know by doing that, lots of seeds will just flow and fall down to the ground.

Yep, I just had to go look, to prove to myself I am not wrong. There he is, picking them seeds gleefully off the ground, stuffing them into his face, running back up the tree, putting them into his hiding space.

Now, excuse me, how did this story on ants get to be about squirrels. And isn't it really about the crazy words you choose for the title. AUGH that is another one of those words that mess me up on their use. CHOOSE or CHOSE.......One or two O's.

Reading and writing has a whole lot to do with numbers too. Maybe the story has numerology running through it too. Well, yes, it does. That is what we were thinking of when we spotted those words in the "ant" thoughts we'd written down those many years ago.

Then our thoughts went to hum, wonder if that spot we found on that numerology page would be easier for us to do titles instead of key words. Yeah, we know it said for lucky business names. Yet isn't the business of writing great titles that get read part of our business? We discovered from it what kind of people and ideas are attracted to the names we have chosen. That right there helps us with any niche ideas, which of course we haven't narrowed down much. Yet, just this knowledge of how to separate them better certainly does help.

Never Give Up Learning New Things

Wonder what our numbers would be now? Well, you know what this means girl.

Yes and no, another distraction to not getting the taxes done, another reason to stay at home just a little longer, another reason to just read and not write, another reason to stay sitting down instead of getting up, getting dressed and getting going. Yes, now speaking of that, now just where did we think we had time to go today? Well, we had thought of taking this with us and writing in another place. Well then, ya best go plug it in, since you do have to go into town at least.

Nature Blooms Naturally

Thank You Sweet Berries For Feeding Us
Thank You Sweet Berries For Feeding Us | Source

Alrighty Then

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Nature has a depth beyond explanation.
Nature has a depth beyond explanation. | Source

© 2015 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose


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