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Ramblings of a Ranger- Nature Poetry

Updated on April 5, 2013
 Eastern High Sierra snow melt
Eastern High Sierra snow melt | Source
Northern California coast
Northern California coast | Source

Nature's Cycle and Renewal

From the Summit Lake Ranger Station Log Book, Lassen Volcanic National Park: Friday, July 19th of a year: huge thunderstorms, park wide- heavy lightning, hail around Summit Lake and Lassen Peak 2" deep. Dirt and mud flows partially closed the park highway around Emerald and Diamond Peaks. We led convoys through for a couple of hours...after the storms it rained lightly 'til midnight...

Saturday, July 20: I was dispatched with Robert W. and Chris W. to a small lightning fire south of Butte Lake, between Butte and Snag Lakes on the east side. We named it the 'Vato' fire. Fun assignment and easy to take care of... it was 7:00 pm and suddenly storm clouds gathered from everywhere. By 9:00 pm, on our way out, hiking, and then by boat, the most tremendous storms I've seen here- fingers, tongues and great piles of lightning rushing all across the sky and to the earth. Again, moderate to heavy rain... it rained several hours into the night... life is such an amazing adventure, and the forest is all around me! Dave Frederick

From a high mountain pass Spring's melting snow streams, Splashing down in sparkling sunlight, flowing to deep pools, unseen.Growing in power as more water meets, Flowing with laughter, free and strong, clear and sweet Over falls, under bridges, through forests of ancient trees,Till at last, slow and steady, to reach the wind-wave-swept seas.

Then, back to the sky flows that river, again, To fall as rain or snow over some distant land. And all of the rivers of Earth do the same, In an endless full cycle, back from where they once came. To begin, one more time, the journey's ceaseless motion that brings every river to the vast, restless ocean.

And I think that our lives flow along the same way, Ever growing and changing to find the ocean one day. And back in that cycle we'll move, certainly, In a river of live, part of God's mystery. And so, why fear death; Life holds much we can't know. For our lives are a river, and a river must flow.


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