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Nature and Rain

Updated on July 5, 2017

Nature And Rain.

Nature And Rain.

Grasssybed Like The Greeny Plain,

Breezy Wind Pull The Clouds Again,

Inside The Clouds Droplets Murmur,

Drenching Grass With Kissing Shower,

Nature Is Ready To Hug The Rain,

To Wipe The Tears Of Barren Land's Pain,

Crops Are Waiting For The Rain To Glance,

Grains Are Waiting For Chance To Dance,

Pitter-Patter Of Rain Running Towards Gain,

For Leaving The Clouds As It Feels The Pain,

Clouds Hardly No Chance To Hold The Drops,

Earth's Mouth Wide Open To Swallow Rainup,

Stream Running Towards To Join The Sea,

Lightning Cried In Its Thunder Of Plea,

Rainfall Fell On To The Nature's Feet,

Washed Nature's Foot To Get Happy Treat.


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