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Nature daydream

Updated on January 13, 2012

A Daydream about Nature

She wants to leave this place,

these three and a half white walls

that push into her space and steal her air.

Her daydream is somewhere outside the city

where she can run through an ocean of wildflowers

and fall to the ground when her breath is gone.

Alone, she can throw off her clothes to feel the sun

caress skin lightly glossed in morning dew

and brush each blade of grass that scratches her.

She can gaze into a cloudless sky,

one that is so completely clear

she can float in the liquid blueness.

And, in the stillness, she can listen to the music

that starts with the wind humming

and ends with the rustling of leaves.

If she manages to make her daydream come true,

she can forget the harsh neon lights that hang overhead

and the annoying flickering of her computer screen.

She wants to leave this place,

this prison of an office,

and go tumbling, headlong, into nature.


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