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Nature's Healers. Thursday Homily for the Devout 5. To My Spiritual Brother Eric Dierker

Updated on May 18, 2019
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Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

"Butterflies were my childhood embodiment of absolute beauty and soul’s thrill - I became a lepidopteran expert while still in elementary school, and began to collect them…"

"My mother was my first spiritual teacher and guide to the inner aspect of Nature. Wherever we lived, she was the gardener and ecosystem manager of the family. She taught me about the sacredness of life and the natural cycles of the environment, with a perspective that was a combination of Christianity and indigenous spirituality. " Durjaya Thomas Pliske


Dreams at The Meadow. A Sonnet

A meadow, much adorned by daisies wild,

In which a mountain brook, now rhymes and flows.

The gentle wind on tree leaves, hears the child,

In sweetest slumber - sleep, the infant glows.

Some sparkling dahlias, dances wild and twirl,

In sleep my Heart they kiss, at nature’s dawn.

The white pearl of my song-bird, to unfurl,

Aroused by wafts, which re-creates the morn.

Some wiggling squirrels, shuttling here and there,

A pair of swans, in elegant repose.

Within a pond of lotuses all where,

And fragrant blossoms tugging at the nose.

But hark! Is this my Lover that I spy?

In this dream vale, to live with Her, or die.

-Lantern Carrier/Eric, prose turns poem. 15thth May 2019


The Moon my Solace. A free verse Sonnet

The moon is so beautiful! I wish to fly

To the sky and kiss her lips, tug

At her ears and pull her sweet cheeks.

Walk with me, O moon, into my Heart's troubled Palace;

Erase my shadows, with the smile of an innate brilliance.

I am a pawn in Love’s chess-game puzzled-mystery.

One day She sends me darkness; again, at another,

She sends me Light. Trading my winter for summers,

You caress my emotions, soothing

And offering solace to an aching Heart.

Come, O moon, my ray of sunshine. You are my Bishop

And my Queen. The first entreats Love’s mercy;

The other sheds your illustrious beauty, at the feet

Of the Beloved One, deep within the tabernacle of the Soul.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 15th may, 2019.


The Dawn. A free verse Sonnet

Dawn is restorative; universally loved,

For it casts its Light into darkness.

Rejuvenates and replenishes life,

With newness a trademark of its character.

I toil and sweat each moment of day,

With my angels and demons; desires and pain.

My curative friend invigorates me,

In the twilight of morning’s refrain.

The radiant morn, is your symbol of love,

O dawn, your flowing resonance I feel.

Augmenting the energy of my todays;

Visioning the hopes of my tomorrows.

Entering the cavern of my Heart’s domain,

You replenish its music, with your redolent song.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 14th May, 2019

Iguazu Falls

Note: The first quatrain in the first Sonnet has been influenced by Eric's prose.

If you are William D Holland, a.k.a Billybuc, then the Catskill Mountains will mean a lot to you and it should. Its wondrous beauty, its towering magnificence and grandeur … its magical setting, pacifies the senses and soothes the soul.

Swans glide elegantly on a serene lake, while lovers bask in its romance and diverse energies, including stillness. Bringing solace to the Heart, still waters convey an inner rhythm in the Spirit, that is hard to explain.

The moon is generally so moving! I blew kisses from my windows in the twilight of a caribbean evening, in the village of Hermitage, where I was born, as we told endless Anancy stories (Folklore), way into the stillness of the night.

Nature is man's best friend. Nourished by the Sun, she feeds us, clothes us, gives us shelter and warmth and add, for good measure, the breath of life. Her beaches are amazing and quintessentially, lifts our joys and happiness to the pinnacle of Love.

They say that the universe is like a row of golden lanterns, glowing on the horizon, the rainbows without and in the magnificence of our Hearts within. All is essentially of the One … the Love that is in the breeze, in the cosmos … in everything and centred in our Hearts. Glory be to our sweet Mother earth … our Beloved palm tress … our nature.

Nature's Healer's

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© 2019 manatita44


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