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Navy SEALs and the murder of bin Laden

Updated on September 8, 2012

Matt Bissonnette

Matt Bissonnette
Matt Bissonnette | Source

Revenge and Profit

Penguin Group, the publisher of No Easy Day by "Mark Owen" (real name Matthew Bissonnette), announced that Bissonnette “was one of the first men through the door on the third floor of the terrorist leader's hideout and was present at his death." The story differs dramatically from that of the official record that 36-year-old Matt Bissonnette told his commanding officers, and sharply differs from the accounts of those who participated in the raid. The presentation of the compound, the emergence of bin Laden's head from a bedroom are all contradicted by other writings, some of may be found on a e-book released by under the name of No Easy Op. More damaging his credibility and his account of the execution style slaying of the al-Qaeda leader in front of one of his numerous wives (polygamy is allowed within the Qu'ran, following the history of polygamy in the Torah where Jacob married two first cousins, Abraham married his sister, to Solomon having 300 wives and 700 concubines).

What is missing in the Bissonnette account is any reference to bin Laden being called a Sheik and viewed as a holy man on a war mission (jihad) for Islam--identical to the war preached by biblical literalists such as Scott Lively, quoting Matthew 10:34. No mention is made of bin Laden sending men and young boys to their deaths for religious reasons and no comparison is made between bin Laden's action and those of George W. Bush who pursued a war based on a lie by an Iraqi defector (Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, CIA Agent "Curveball") of non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction and brought down the man, Saddam Hussein, who was put into power by the CIA in 1963 and Bush's predecessors who followed a CIA policy of political assassinations. In many cases the CIA not only circumvented the presidency but controlled it at the expense of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as guaranteed by the Constitution of the USA, with George H. W. Bush giving the CIA permission to create a top secret assassination unit that was answerable only to him (prior to being President, Bush was head of the CIA and was answerable only to Gerald Ford).

No Easy Day is clear that Navy Chief Bissonnette deliberately compromised the security of the USA when he published his edition of that fateful day, detailed in his No Easy Day. He writes as if the timing was his own, that the Commander-in-Chief Barrack Obama played at best a minor and reluctant role, and that Vice Biden was a buffoon--even though he did not meet with Joe Biden until after the death of bin Laden. Most of Bissonnette's work resembles the plotting of the CIA that hired paid assassins working for the former Blackwater group, than following the Administration, a fact not revealed to US lawmakers until 2009, by Leon Panetta, and was released by Evan Wright as an e-book: How to Get Away with Murder in America.

What Bissonnette did was put himself and his men on the mission in danger, as Marine Col. Tim Nye, a Special Operations Command spokesman, told reporters. Al-Qaeda knew long before the release of the book, that the nom de plume, Mark Owen, is in fact Matthew Bissonnette. Al-Qaeda has vowed to kill Bissonnette of Wrangell, Alaska, and his comrades whose names are also known along with their addresses, in retaliation for his murder of bin Laden who had gained the stature of being a holy man.

While most of the western world was repulsed with the senseless loss of lives at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 when 19 hijackers took control of planes to wage jihad against those they considered infidels. These were not uneducated men, but trained in Islam fundamentalism with the same passion as those studying at the US Air Force Academy where they trained with weapons emblazoned with Bible verses. The action spurred a call for Armageddon from both Islamic and Christian evangelical extremists.

What makes the killing more odious is that Bissonnette acted on his own without any authorization from a higher authority--and the ultimate authority belongs with the Commander-in-Chief who has pledge to respect and follow the Geneva Convention guidelines. The guidelines forbid political assassinations and the killing of unarmed people, both which qualified under the raid. Usama bin Laden carried no weapon. No weapon was near by where he fell, and he was with an unarmed woman. Instead of taking bin Laden captive to stand trial for his crimes, as required by the Geneva Convention, Bissonnette made himself judge, jury, and executioner. The Los Angeles Times detailed Bissonnette as a coward, quoting Bissonnette’s own words that “[Bin Laden] had no intention of fighting." Bissonnette's book claims that bin Laden was shot as soon as he poked his head out the door of his bedroom. The official report after the incident was that bin Laden was shot after the SEALs had entered the bedroom, testifying that no effort was made to capture bin Laden.What made his action more pathetic is his total disregard for the law or code of military justice that notes that any service member who discloses classified or sensitive information can be prosecuted in a court of law, even if he is retired from the military, is the fact that he made the final decision without consulting any superior authority.

Why bin Laden was summarily executed has led to speculation. One argument put forward was that Bissonnette was seeking revenge for having been kicked off of the 6th SEAL Team. This was the thesis put forward by his former colleagues who noted, in No Easy Op, that there was “bad blood” after Bissonnette's dismissal from the 6th SEAL team.

A second reason, left understated, was Bissonnette's Tea Party racism and disdain for the Black President, even though Barrack Obama was his Commander-in-Chief. Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, was ultimately responsible for the actions of all US military and for Bissonnette to claims that Obama had nothing to do with the raid or the assault is a gross lie for Obama not only had a replica built of the bin Laden compound in Pakistan but authorize military maneuvers for invading it and capturing bin Laden (not shooting him as if he were an Old West sheriff).

Bissonnette caused additional problems for the US government and especially the US military by invoking confidential military documents about the raid. He claimed that he was protecting his colleagues by deleting or changing their names, but there was enough information for al-Qaeda to learn their identity and put out a fatwa (declaration of judgment allowing any religious Muslim to execute them to avenge Allah) against each team member. It is for this "indiscretion" that the US military is now investigating Bissonnette. Legal charges are being considered, but no degree of an offense has yet been given.

A third reason given for the publication of Bissonnette's tome is his quest for fame and fortune. It was common knowledge that Bissonnette sought a discharge from the US military to open his own business, a business that most SEALs knew would be in the same line of work: security and by default assassination. Writing a book, however, would not only give him name recognition but he sought out Hollywood to produce a film based on his book, and spoke with Steven Speilberg and other directors and producers--putting out a plethora of unauthorized pre-release copies of the manuscript (from which I obtained my material).

The primary thrust of the book is not so much the actual assassination of Usama bin Ladin but rather the assassination of the character of Barrack Obama. Contrary to the book, actual documents show Obama initiated and commandeered the maneuver. Not only was a replica of the compound built by order of Obama, but Obama supervised the script for the invasion of the compound and arrest of bin Laden. Working to restore the shattered image of the USA and regain the world's respect, Obama spoke with world leaders, and listened to the advice on a raid from all parties, including those who attempted to dissuade any invasion into the compound. The President and Commander-in-Chief ordered the operation against the advice of his defense secretary, Robert Gates who said Obama initially wanted an air strike instead of a ground assault (as Bissonnette commandeered), and against the warning of his Vice President Joe Biden. General James "Hoss" Cartwright, Obama's then-No. 2 military adviser was the individual who advocated a course of action, that Obama adopted.

Rather than scaling back the scope of the bin Laden raid, Obama who ordered more choppers to go on the operation to protect US forces on the ground, as Obama had a standing commitment to protect USA troops--a point ignored by Bissonnette. Admiral Mike Mullen who was at that time chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Staff, told reporters: "Obama is the one that put in the Chinook-47s. He is the one that said, ‘There is not enough backup.’ " Bissonnette ignores this point and claims that Obama was "dithering". Yet it was Obama who gave the order: "Go!"

Bissonnette's sordid story now puts US SEALs in greater danger. As Jeh C. Johnson, the Pentagon’s general counsel, told Bissonnette, the former Navy Chief was in “material breach” of two nondisclosure agreements he signed in 2007. Johnson notified Bissonnette that the Pentagon “is considering pursuing against you, and all those acting in concert with you, all remedies legally available to us.” The Pentagon had an early unpublished copy and marked its numerous security leaks. The remarks in No Easy Way suggest that Bissonnette was not working for the government of the USA but for the CIA and its goal to control the nation and the world.


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      Bobbie 5 years ago

      A very interesting article. I wish this SEAL had not decided to take this path, whatever his reasons.