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Need tips to write an essay?

Updated on July 22, 2014

How to Write Essays

Writing of research and other essays is a process. In order to achieve the desired result, one has to meet various requirements and take certain steps. This article gives some tips to successful essay writing inclusive of a well understanding of the research topic, proper utilization of the resources that are libraries and planning on the essay. It also focuses on the actual writing of the essay inclusive of the introduction and proper presentation of arguments.

The First Step: Understand

Understanding of the essays requirements is a necessity. It is a determinant of whether the essay serves its purpose or not. Failure to answer the question is a common mistake made by students globally. Understanding the research topic and want of the examiner cannot be over-emphasized.

In most case scenarios, the examiners incorporate elemental words and phrases in their questions. It is important to refer back to these during research and writing of the essay in order to ensure one maintains on the right course and does not deviate.

Researching for your Essay

The library is a great resource when conducting the research. Whether is the physical old-school lib stocked with books or the online collection of reading material, a library is a library. It is thus important to utilize this fact and rely on a wide array of books rather than one. Before beginning the research, one can come up with a set of questions and refer to these when reading the books. During the process, other more specific questions will arise and their answers will add value to the research essay.

Formulating questions prevents the confusion likely to abound due to vast data that arising from the research. The book sources utilized can have bibliographies and one can use these to extend the reading. One should also record the sources of information used for future referencing and need to look up the information again. One then uses the written-down data and facts found during the research as the essays elements.

Plan your Essay

The essay plan is a tool that enables an essays success. Time constraints during essay writing do not allow writing and rewriting of answers. It is therefore critical for the writer to outline the nature of answers prior to commencement of the writing and consequently follow this designed outline during the writing. This ensures that as one gathers thoughts, one does not forget to mention key points. Making of the plan should not consume much of the essay's allotted time. This being the case, the writer should utilize key words and phrases rather than getting into detail at the point of planning.

Essay Introduction

The introduction is an important aspect of the essay. One of good nature is detrimental for an essay's success. It captures the reader’s attention and briefly explains the essay’s content. The introduction written should be a short and concise summary of points one will raise in the essay. A common error made is the going into detail about these points. This leads to repetition of the arguments in the main body of the essay. In order to create clarity in purpose and thought, it is advisable to utilize short and clear sentences when making the introduction.

Effective Communication in an Essay

If you can’t communicate effectively through the essay, don’t bother writing it. Harsh? Well, that’s reality. Proper presentation of arguments within the essay ensures its effectiveness. This covers essays of all nature. When presenting an argument, it is first important to make a basic statement based on knowledge gathered. From this point, an explanation of the statement is given.

The writer should use grammar correctly for the reader to understand the message effectively.

Regardless of whether a point seems obvious, one should put it down. In order to avoid plagiarism, the writer should also indicate the sources of the information presented. It is crucial to give the explanation in relation to the essay's requirement and answering the given question. The argument should have its basis on the research carried out and critical thinking and evaluation of the writer. This argument presentation forms the core of the essay.

Lastly, Go through your Essay

I know it’s cliché, but it’s important. You should proofread the essay and ensure it meets its intended purpose. While you’re at it, correct any mistakes too.


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