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Needless to say

Updated on August 1, 2014

It hurts to need you, and you don't see it so clear in my eyes,

My shadow follows behind me as if my guilt wasn't enough to bother,

The edge is closer than I have seen, and the pain has caught me by surprise,

Can you see my tears, hear my cries my dear, or do you except this slaughter,

In no other way, I can not explain how insanely I feel about you,

Do not pass me, and say nothing, when your look align with my eyes,

The feeling I feel when your warm gaze beam , and makes my soul feel new,

Do I have to yell the obvious, or intemperate my expressions for you, as I do,

Should I just seize the moment when you look at me, or withdraw all my senses of your company; as it has outgrown what I thought you knew,

Place my hand , close to yours, and hope you take my unmissable desire for you.

Love is obvious when your heart is in full control, and your mind is shut down.


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    • kljones86 profile image

      Along with the wind 3 years ago from colorado

      Thank you, and God bless you as well.

    • mothersofnations profile image

      Mothers of Nations 3 years ago

      Another beautiful poem*

      God bless you.

    • kljones86 profile image

      Along with the wind 3 years ago from colorado

      Thank you both so much for reading!

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 3 years ago

      Wonderful. Loving. Amy said it. I voted up, shared it and pinned it.


    • Amy Naylor profile image

      Amy Naylor 3 years ago from England

      Beautiful. A truly heartfelt poem. Good job my friend!