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Nefertiti's Nose

Updated on May 15, 2013



is beautiful,

the sculptors agreed with the pharaoh,

and so

they fixed

the bump in her nose, shaved it smooth

and straight,

as it should have been all along,

for she was beautiful,

said the pharaoh,

only, they said to each other,

hands in plaster,

the nose

is not.

The pharaoh looked

at the sculptor's beautiful Nefertiti,


It was not her, but

he could not say,

his finger on her chin, straying,

what made him think

she was not his wife at all.

The poem

I wrote this poem while working on a paper for a class in Ancient Egyptian history. I thought of it again because my son is reading Magic Tree House 3: Mummies in the Morning.

Anyway, I would appreciate any comments people have, and I do not mind if the poem is shared with others so long as the fact that it belongs to someone else, namely me, is clearly expressed.

Thank you.


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