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Neil Strauss Book The Game Review : His Journey How and where To PickUp Beautiful Women

Updated on October 21, 2012

Neil Strauss' Book The Game has intrigued me for many years. I've picked it up countless times, glossed through it and put it back down, scared that it would change my moral beliefs and turn me in to a irresistible, sex machine. Hang on, wait a minute?! Well as I continue my journey on self development and Jim Rohn's quote now etched my brain " To reach the top, stand on the books you read" I finally bought the book that scared me. We'll I wish had bought this the first time I saw it, I could not put this book down. It was obvious from the start that Neil Strauss aka "Style" was a professional writer, I was gripped from the very start. It's only been the past few years that I've made a conscious effort to read more. I can't read fiction books, my mind just wonders, so I will only read educational books but even some of those can be filled with waffle. Strauss' story telling and emotional detail in the real people that are in this book just made me want to read more and more, in fact I read this in a weekend. That's speed reading for me! I had read some reviews on this book some time ago and see that people were complaining that this book was not a how to book and that was, egotistical, trumpet blowing. I strongly disagree, for one the title is The Game. Not, How to pick up women. Although, there is a ton of stuff you learn from reading this book. And two, Strauss is very open about his life before, during and after. I'm impressed by how he changed his life not that fact he learned how to pick up strippers. With all the other self help book's I have read the core principle in succeeding in anything, is followed and proved by Strauss.

So how did Neil Strauss, professional writer, your average kind of guy, go from struggling to approach women, even having trouble holding a normal conversation with one. To be partying all night, travelling the world, have Britney Spears give him her phone number ( which he didn't actually ask for ), having his routines and methods used by one of his students to pick up Paris Hilton and becoming the Number 1 pick up artist?!

It all started when an editor stumbled across a ebook on how to pick up women and thought Strauss would be the perfect person to dive in to this new world and write a structured, refined, how to book on the subject. On a professional writing level, Strauss wasn't enthused by the task but thought it wouldn't hurt to take a look at the ebook. This is the point that changed Strauss' life. Strauss had to delve in to the underground world of Pick up or Game, to find out was is it possible to learn how to pick up women and ultimately learn how.

Lucky for us Strauss documents his amazing and colourful journey from the very beginning as average Neil Strauss to " Style " the Number one Pick up artist . What I love about this book, is that although we are reading his real life story, you actually learn what he learned it doesn't read like this; I said this to this girl and then we did this,this, this, this and this.He acknowledges all the other Skills and techniques that had to be learned to be the whole package. Body Language, suggestion, NLP, Magic, Cold Reading, Social Dynamics, Social proof, Confidence, Expression. The list is endless. I actually noted each page of the book that made reference to another. As I said previously this book gripped me from the start, it doesn't have a mono tonal level going through it, there are highs and lows, it's funny, it's outrageous and a bit emotional. I was gripped by all the character's/people ( I call them character's because everyone is referred to by their online forum name, the community of PUA's and aspiring AFC's ).

This review was hard, because I wanted to talk so much a bout it. The Game since it has been published has changed the lives of those who are in it in a big way, which I don't think would have happened if it wasn't for Neil Strauss' writing abilities. I want to tell you who these people are but I'd prefer if you read the book how I did with no prior knowledge of the people and then finding out what they're up to now. I strongly recommend this book, not so that you can pick up women but becuase you will read a great story and take whatever you want from it. Least of all you might breakdown some of your mental barriers you have. If you have a family member who is introvert, shy and keeps themselves to them themselves, then I would say this book would be a great gift for them. Picking up woman is a part of what you can learn, Neil Strauss transformed his life for the better by learning how to pick up women. He became, attractive, confident and with some valuable life skills in his pocket.


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