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Nemesis : Ordinary/extraordinary day *Part 6*

Updated on July 17, 2009

"My Life has superb cast, but I can’t figure out a plot!"

Chapter: SIx (ordinary  YET extraordinary day?)

It was more like an ordinary sunny day. The sun shined on earth like a very generous person casting warmth on every single home. It wasn’t windy but the air floated easily and gave a sensation of happiness to the crowd of people that passed by without even realizing that maybe at some part this world is as safe place they believed. Still people were in a celebrating mood. “Marry X-mass and I Happy New Year” the window shops said.

As usual Takashi was no where to be found near the wreck for a room, and whatever happened yesterday was like a colossal explosion that shook the whole training room and almost ripped the house out of its foundations. The intensity of the power that was delivered by the collision was unique. Initially it felt something like a darkness and despair but when Michael stepped in the balance of powers shifted. The dark aura lightened and a huge explosion happened. But what did exactly happen? Yami had no idea.

Her whole body felt like a dry stiff log that she couldn’t command or even order to breath. “Hot ouch hot!” she screamed to herself as she touched the back of her head. She remained pinned on the floor for a while unaware of the pain that seeped through every inch of her body. She thought with time she can conquer the pain but it was the total opposite. By time, the pain got worse and her head felt like a gigantic watermelon being through up in the air then crashing down on the floor leaving huge chunks all over the floor beneath. It was terrible. Yet, throughout this cold sensation of physical pain she savored it. Yami seemed to enjoy it not in a twisted dark way but it felt better to feel physical pain than what she felt the last couple of days.

A warm feeling cut through the dark coldness and she savored the feeling as fell. It was warm and its warmth held to her desire to open her eyes and follow that warm sensation. Bit by bit she told her eyelids to open. But it took more effort than talking them into doing that. It needed determination and power to do so.

A second later Yami’s eyelids were open and she saw the warm hand slapping her softly on the cheek. “Yami? Yami? You okay? Wake up? Come on?” She gazed at the hand in front of her then followed the arm and looked at the face that was there. It was an apologetic face that drowned with concern and a little dread. As she gazed and almost drooled not out of pain but out of astonishment, the warm hand gave her a pull and helped her rise to her feet. “Mi-kel?” she said in a disoriented way.” You know you gave me a startle there especially after yesterday. Do you remember anything from what happened” he said trying to steady her on her feet. “Hu? Um- no?” she blabbed for a minute or two unaware of the words that came out then felt again that tepid finger on her lips.

“What kind of response it hu?” she thought to herself without drooling again over the heat that lead her out of the room. She remembered the first time she met Michael the Protector. She smiled to that thought. Older kids would go pulling her hair in the playground and calling her names . “Yami Yami what a filthy, smells so shitty, isn’t so witty!” They would circle around her pulling her piggy tails and sometimes pushing her down on the floor. It was like this routine for the first three months of school and Yami was like a willing victim. She was an undersize, a little skinny and simply not much of a social person. They kept on pushing her for three months until Michael came to her rescue. “Leave her alone or I’ll -!” she remembered his serious look that scared the kids away and since then Michael took it his job to keep her out of danger and protecting her honor.

“You were quite blazing” he smiled back to her “well let us say glowing as well” he shot her that striking smile and took her to the kitchen still steadying his friend while seating her on a chair in the kitchen.

“Uh- I remember that. Uh- and almost knocking down the weapons on Takashi’s head” she quivered to the thought. Michael raised an eyebrow and turned back at her smiling; “Almost ha? Girl! Look around! You almost destroyed the whole house and its foundations”, he rolled on the floor out of laughter. “One second you were blazing and floating the other well it’s fuzzy as well, but I remember hearing an explosion and waking up with the training room looking like a tornado hit it.” He gave her a reassuring smile that told her not to worry.

His warm hand turned around her head with a cold ice pack. “You have a goose- like shaped egg on your head. Well let us put an ice pack on it ok?” he said that as he positioned the pack right on top of the goose-egged trauma. It soothed her troubled feelings. Wait a minute was it his presence that brought the peace, or was it the icepack she thought to herself.

The warmth of his hand extended to hers touching hers gently for a second then guiding it to the positioned ice pack. Their hands met for a fracture of a second then he retreated to the stove, “Want some breakfast?” She nodded as she held the ice pack where Michael positioned it.

As Michel came to the fridge a huge explosion happened. A dark figure came forward beside almost unconscious Michael He spoke in telepathy “Give me the girl!”

Michael said one word “NO” and it had force and power though her was laying bleeding on the floor due to the force impact that hit him directly in the face.. “NOOOOO! Michael!!”Another explosion occurred that threw the dishes inside the cabinet out side of it, broke the glass and shattered them over Michael’s and Yami’s head. “Would you like to change your response?” he said as he took out his rapier and jammed it into Michael’s abdomen. Another explosion happened-


                                                                      END of Part 6/ by: dӑяК fцйЗrдl !


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    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      well, it is supposed to be like that :D i can't put all the cool stuff in one chapter and i think i am running out of ideas... :-(( i hope chapter seven will get you feeling better though things aren't looking that promising :)

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 

      9 years ago

      subtle very subtle


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