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Nemesis : Shit keeps falling on Our heads **chp:8)

Updated on July 21, 2009

"I've got my mind made up, Shock, denial, anger, acceptance. I'll watch those demons drop, For my prescence, for my sake." wherever thorns may grow by soilwork

Chapter: Eight

It took them about half of the day to clean up the mess that covered most of the house including the kitchen and the corridor. None of them spoke a word though, their brains thought about the same thing, “How could have the wards been broken?” When the cleaning was done, Yami headed to the bathroom in her room to shower and wash away all the nasty memories of almost losing Michael. Yet, now she was determined not to revenge but to master that true power of hers and do whatever it takes to save those she loves and cares for.

The warm water rushed a sizzling sensation as it washed through the spots of blood that covered her face and hands, some were Michael’s a little of Nitchi’s and many of hers. But she had no wounds on her body not even scratches. As she grappled out of the tub she extended her hand to reach for the towel which she hung close earlier. Yami rapped the towel around her body, came out of the shower, and moved towards the closet. A sudden feeling of frustration built up inside her as she opened the huge yet semi-empty closet. Since her father’s death, Takashi has ordered Yami to keep a low profile and so she hid for the last couple of days in his house. Michael had gone by her house and braught her some clothes but unfortunately, Michael brought all the wrong stuff. She finally made up her mind concerning a black Marilyn Manson T-shirt with an inverted ankh on the back with the simple phrase written above it. “Better off dead, He he! I guess the killers would love this joke!” Yami thought to herself as she closed the closet and looked straight into her reflection in the mirror.

“What the-” Yami stared at her reflection in the mirror turning , looking, and studying the creature that stared right back at her almost burning a hole through her face. Her fingers gripped her right shoulder trying to follow the mark that appeared on her skin. It was the same old charcoal pentagram drawn on her shoulder. The whole thought of having a tattoo without your permission was a little freaky. But the pentagram was unique. As she observed the figure on her right shoulder, she saw a line resembling a lightning bolt cut right through the pentagram’s center of gravity. “Unite” a hollow voice said digging in her brain. She always failed to understand from where the voice comes from.

As her fingers contoured the charcoal tattoo, she was thrown again into the past this time it was more terrifying and painstaking. She saw herself at the age of nine surrounded by a huge metal that resembled the remaining of a car. It crushed down her chest and made it even hard to shake off the shock and pain she felt. A scent of burning meat traveled through her senses making her glance at the body that sat next to her in the driver’s seat. The body was half burned, but judging by the hair that remained, Yami knew it was her mother’s. Her mother’s body also had a knife plunged through her chest. Yami quivered to free herself but it was far from fruitful. The pain paralyzed her as the fire engulfed her body sending tears rushing down her blackened cheeks. The smoke seemed to enjoy the burning body it engulfed and just as things turned out to be for the worse, Yami blacked out. It was total blackness and she watched her soul fall into the cold-hot abyss of pain and despair.

“Despair”, she thought, “I knows every single synonym for this word” and she recalled the synonyms as if reading them out of a thesaurus. The pain shot through her spine making it even harder to take the necessary air to sustain life and Yami knew better than to surrender. So, she talked her body into working out with her, but it simply betrayed her. The excruciating sensation built up, agonizing the little creature that was trapped inside the burning car. Life was fading and the lights were dimming.

As Yami surrendered, a bright light shined above her head redeeming the nine year old form the darkness that surrounded her. A beautiful angel like creature appeared suspended in the air only by one wing. Yami noticed the other to be broken or maybe missing but the feeling of the light that shined from that wing smothered her fears. Up closer, the wing looked pure gold like, with sports of black. The creature was beautiful with red hair with emerald green eyes. As the truth kicked in the angel-creature was her mother.

“Mo-m?” though Yami couldn’t force the words out the mother looked close at her daughter still struggling to remain in the air. Her mother was next to her in the driver’s seat, does that mean she is dead?

“Mo-”She spoke the words as she grappled with the sour truth. “Yes, honey. I understand but please don’t cry!” She was killed by those who killed Stephan. Yami remembered the knife that was driven through her mother’s chest, cried herself to tears. She felt the warmth of her mother’s hand touch her face as the warm fingers whipped away the tears.

“I am Nephilim. My mother was human and my father was angel. But now, the Syndicate has been trying to kill me and you for the same reason. Yet, when I fell in love with your father, I knew that people wouldn’t accept us. Your father was a direct descendant from a warlock family but you have to understand that his human part prevails and he will protect his daughter’s life no matter what it costs him. You on the other hand have the power to rule and tackle both sides, the dark and the light. You are unique and no other balanced form of both forces has ever been born like you. Use the knowledge But remain safe. Protect the humans and humanity !”

Jenifer, Yami’s mother hugged her and embraced her with her only wing. Yami felt the magic flow right through her surrounding her body and healing the burns the flames have caused. “Damon, I can’t do this on my own. I can only heal half her angel part but you’ll have to do the rest!” Yami heard her mother say the word angel and she shrugged. She watched her mother turn to flames as she took a step back. “I love you, will always do!” and the last golden feather dropped on Yami’s small palm. Yami closed her palm around the feather unconsciously and when she opened her eyes she saw her father Damon above her body with his hands stretched out healing her. She then blacked out and woke up in the hospital with about a dozen sets of eyes looking dazzled at her as if she were a genuine alien specimen on a Petri-dish.

The tormenting flash back ended, and Yami found herself still staring at her reflecting in the mirror. She was ready to fall on her knees when she heard a voice from downstairs, “Yami we have a major problem! Come see this!”
She took on the T-shirt and fitted it into her head without any hesitation, forced her jeans on impulsively almost knocking herself on the floor during the process and bolted down stairs. She saw Michael’s pale face, and Takashi’s plain lifeless face as well . Both sets of eyes were staring blankly at the TV.

Today was not an ordinary day for the costumers of the well know café as ten metalized bodies have been found laying in this alley with their blood drained out on the floor. Early reports from the police who arrived on the scene state that the bodies where found by one of the costumers. The witness swears that bodies were metalized in such a brutal manner that no human could do that and also had the hearts ripped out of the chests. It is a total blood pool and massacre. The medical team that was on the scene and lead by Federal Agent Tom J Hanks states that in their 15 year experience and field work they have never seen such a inhuman act from any kind of gang or Satanic Cult. The witnesess also swear that they heard no screaming or shouting.

Until this moment, police officers and federal agents have no clues about this bloodshed except for the little bloody letter that was left on a mirror in one of the lady’s rest room inside the café. The letter says: Now you know what I am capable of. Give me the girl or Jenny Wakatsuki will face more than a painful death. The blood bath will continue until you come out of the shadows, Sayonara Shinig

“As it seems before the killer pledges to continue with the innocent bloodshed and police officers confirmed Ms. Wakatsuki to be abducted while dining in the Café. This is Natalie Bonefisher reporting live from behind the blood pool that terrifies the innocent people of our community”

Son of a b!~#H!”


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

      MrDSpade2, Thanks for stopping by and i do hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters :D:D [i hope that it doesn't get too boring for you :D ]

      enjoy :D

    • profile image

      MrDSpade2 6 years ago

      I like your writing style, as that title really stopped me in my tracks, though i didn't finish reading, i will be back.