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Nemesis: A twist of Fate (chapter11)

Updated on July 25, 2009

Life is so unpredictable!~

Chapter Eleven: A Twist of Fate


Michael and Takashi scouted the place in a very delicate manner. Their footsteps were considered a thousand times before being taken and she felt a little fuzzy because she made noise every time they told her to take a step. Michael was always in a training/jogging suit and now Yami wished she had hers on. Takashi lead the way and Michael followed pointing out different points of entry as well as emergency extraction points. They were planning tactics for the worst.

Yet, what could happen wrong? It was only a rescue mission and the demon was out numbered. Yami held on to that thought for a while then remembered what Takashi had told her once “Demons are slick and slimy. You can never know what is ticking in their dark brains.” Michael told Takashi using his very low voice that the demon isn’t expecting us and that they had the element of surprise. Yami nodded as if she has been doing scouting for ages. Yet something felt wrong.

The sky turned dark and moist Yami noticed as the wind slapped her face. It was getting too dark for an afternoon. And this added to her worry. Takashi was supposed to go from the front while Michael and Hardheaded Yami will go from the back door. The plan was to have Takashi distract the demon and find Jenny as soon as possible. Takashi and Michael decided not to get into fights which were unnecessary but everyone knew that the one who should be told that was Yami. Her anger was radiating so high from the fist day in the training room that it smothered the air. Yet she nodded as Takashi gave his orders.

“We have to get this going, before it gets even darker”, Takashi said while looking at the black unpromising sky. The grouped dispersed as the cold wind howled even harder. The temperature suddenly dropped to a zero freezing Yami’s thoughts but her legs followed Michael’s silently. Still something about the serious change in the weather bugged her. It was never that cold, and the temperature never fell that low.

Michael gave her a sign and showed her that Takashi was ready to barge into the warehouse. “Three, two, one” he talked silently by showing his fingers. Damned his fingers were cute! Yet Yami shoved this thought back and kept her eyes gazed on Michael’s back as her open the back door silently.

Woooops! The demon wasn’t there. Did that even make any sense? Yami swore he was standing next to Jenny during the last five minutes. Where could he have gone?

“Son of a –“ Michael thought with a low tone. Takashi was there beside Jenny’s tied body untying the knots. Her hands came free first and then the rest of the knots on her legs and ankles fell off.  All three sets of eyes stared at her face. It looked withered and yellow. Yami caught her by the arm and told her everything is going to be ok. She assured her yet Jenny remained silent and still.

“Are you ok?” Michael gave her another analyzing look and turned to Takashi. Takashi returned the stare gazing. An awkward moment of silence fell it as the cold rushed through the warehouse. It smothered the three sets of faces that gazed at Jenny. She looked tired but the cold was weird and ominous.

In a blink of an eye the demon was holding a knife to Yami’s throat. “Uh- Don’t move precious one. You-“ he pointed to Takashi “walk back three steps or little miss sunshine her will have her throat slashed!”

The cold dug through Yami’s spine as she felt the cold blade the demon had in his hand touch her skin. Takashi nodded and moved three steps to the back following the demon’s orders. Zoom! Takashi was in a golden cage. As she looked at him, he gazed openly at the demon. “It’s a time warp cage for time scums like you. You can’t break free because if you try you risk your life. Only the caster of such a spell can release you from your eternal prison and I seriously don’t find myself dumb enough to set you free.”

His smile popped wide as his teeth glittered and the sight of the fangs made Yami remember his proboscis. “Oh honey , don’t look that shocked and don’t give me that face!” ,he asked as he pointed the knife at Jenny. The latter didn’t respond he gazed burned through Yami into the demon. “Snap out of it! You can’t believe how much I had to suffer putting that nice face in front of you just to get close enough. Oh but I think all the suffering paid off! I hit the jackpot!” he returned the knife of Yami’s neck. He turned to his human form still relaxing the knife on the previous position of Yami’s throat. Shock terror and disgust hit Yami on the face. It was like having a truck of sand walk over her body. She tried to jerk the demon- Boyfriend of her friend off but the knife only dug deeper. “Jace but-“ Yami said in a broken tone. Were her eyes playing tricks on her?

She took another look this time gazing through the features. It was Jace in his own flesh and bones and he seemed very different than the one she knew.

“Lord Jeremiah will be pleased! No thrilled! No he will-“ while he made his victory dance Yami kicked him in the nuts and threw the knife out of his hand. While breaking free an explosion echoed in the warehouse. A cold mist smothered them and then another explosion occurred.

“Son of a Banana!” the three mouths cried.

“My lord-


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      THanks Brenda :D WOW that's a new avatar isn't it? Pigeons are a symbol of peace at least in our culture :D Pretty nice... btw i loved the dogs you had as a display pic :D ...

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      another brilliant account