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Nemesis: At the World's End (chapter 10 )

Updated on April 28, 2011

"Will darkness turn to light? Can someone wake me from this nightmare~ Deliver us from evil by Bullet for my Valentine

Chapter TEN: At the World’s End

Yami gazed at the weird letters that dance in front of her eyes. They looked familiar but she didn’t know where she might have seen them. The letters or runes started reforming in her head and words and sentences started assembling in her head. Takashi told her to find a cloaking smell. She didn’t know where to start. “I need a Cloaking spell! Cloaking cloaking ..Uh I need a cloaking spell . uh!” she said as her fingers went through the pages effortlessly. She babbled like that for a couple of seconds and the pages of the book started moving in the air and a couple of seconds later it stopped at a specific page titled “What the eyes can’t see”

“Wow! That was weird and a little spooky!” Michael stared at her while he maintained his gorgeous smile. “Let us get down to business I want to find that scum bag before the sun sets!” Yami had her serious look that simply said (Don’t mess with me I am a red zone!)

She read carefully through the words not stumbling over the weird letters. It looked like she knew the prehistoric language and practiced it which was which was written using an ancient alphabet. Takashi carried a wide smile on his face and Michael couldn’t help but smile and gaze again at his friend who spoke a language that she didn’t even know. “Let the magic blind the evil eyes of those who seek you and may you walk this earth with sure steps. Let the power surround you and take you where you want. May the power be with you , surround you and protect you! May the Angels bless you with the power to deliver us from evil. Be careful where you stand and never trust the enemy” Yami spoke with her eyes closed with a weird voice that didn’t seem like hers. The voice sounded like a century old and spoke with a slight Romanian accent. “Weird!” Michael stated the obvious “and creepy”.

“Let us go! The spell expires in like four hours and I will activate it once we reach the crime scene!” Yami still wore her serious look as she shot the book and handed it over to Takashi. “No, keep it with you. It is your legacy and by time you will learn all the knowledge the charmed ones jotted down. Come on lets head to the crime scene.”

They walked out of the door and closed it carefully. After an hour and a half drive they were standing 100 meters away from the crime scene. “Hit it Yami!”

Yami didn’t hesitate; she dug in her memory and read something weird in Romanian. “The spell has been activated. Let us head forward.” Yet, Michael and Takashi scouted the place for magical traps or demons before leading Yami to the scene. The blood has dried by now but the place smelled like rotten eggs combined with decomposed oranges. Yet the scent of blood stood out. The red splashes covered the place where ever Yami’s foot stepped. She felt the cold air play with her face. Yet the air was hard and it whined as if moaning for those lost souls that tragically died.

Yami extended her hand to a blood spot that was on the wall next to where the first body was found. A rushing sensation smothered her. Yami felt as if she were thrown in dark cold water on a freezing night. The sensation made her shiver, yet she couldn’t keep her eyes off the figure that lurked in the back of the alley. It was hiding its figure behind the dumpster and so Yami couldn’t make the features out. He was tall and heavily built. The sound of the back door startled her. But the figure who happened to be a girl just passed by the dumpster carrying a garbage bag in her hand. She looked at the man that stood there. He smiled his crooked smile and looked the girl in the eye. She gazed through his eyes and simply seemed to be hypnotized. Yet, another look at the figure made her want to scream. The man who stood at the dumpster was no more human. The red eyes reflect anger and hunger as he walked out of the shadow cast by the dumpster. His sharp canines protruding from his upper lip seemed not to startle the hypnotized girl. The yellow skin with black-brown circles scattered all around made her want to puke. Yami couldn’t help but notice the sharp two inch long nails that soon found their way through the girl’s body. When his mouth opened, the green colored tongue resembling a long proboscis touched the slight skin of the girl’s face. He drooled yellow bubbly saliva that smelled like rotten eggs and as soon as it made contact with the girl’s smooth skin it bubbled even harder and burned through it just like how concentrated nitric acid would. The nails traced the girl’s bosom and simply found its way to the location of her heart which stopped pounding after being under his hypnosis. The repulsive nails went through the body of the girl in one slick and fast movement. Her body fell to the floor yet Yami kept her eyes locked on the attacker.

His hand was filled with blood yet in his palm the heart of the girl was oozing red thick blood. He licked the blood that seeped on his hand and took a second to savor the taster. “Exquisite!” he smiled to himself. He savored the taste and let his proboscis out again. His canines were out again this time extended to the maximum. They dug through the heart like a young child would do once you handed him a chocolate cake. The only difference was that it was disgusting and Yami had to watch him dine on the heart of the little girl. The first bite made her want to throw up all the food she ate in the morning which was a small portion yet the urge to throw up was massive. His proboscis found its way through the lips licking the remaining blood around his lips. “Oh drug users always taste the best. A little bitter, just like the way I like it!” He walked over the body of the young girl that laid there dead and shot her another look. He saw the necklace that she wore around her neck and bent over to pick it up.

It was a silver cross held by a silver chain. His hands trailed over the shape of the cross and he simply spat on the floor. “Humans are so ridiculous sometimes. They think corsses can save them from everything evil. How pathetic!” A feeling of disgust and rage ran through Yami’s body. The demon didn’t only eat and feast on the body of an innocent girl he also showed no respect to the dead girl lying beneath her feet. “Why would her show any respect or remorse he is a demon and she was a prey!” Yami thought painstakingly.

Yami’s urge to throw up threw her back to the present time and she saw Michael and Takashi stare at her. She still felt the small portion of food she ate in the morning finding its way up her esophagus but she took a deep swallow of air and pushed them down her throat. “What did you see in the vision?” Takashi’s words were sincere and very demanding. “He had a human look at him and stood at the dumpster there waiting for his prey” she said as she pointed at the dumpster. “A girl walked out the café from this door, “she said while pointed at the door, “to throw the garbage bag. She never saw him coming. She passed by the garbage can and as soon as she made eye contact she stood stunned. I couldn’t make the features of his human form because he hid in the shadows but if I see him from a distance I might recognize him”

“Well, many demons are capable of using hypnosis on their prey.” Takashi said in a fainted tone.

“She stood there, and then he revealed his true nature.” Yami went through the details describing the demon from her to toe, never disregarding any detail. Takashi looked at her and followed her finger as she showed where the demon stood . She then told Michael about the silver cross and how he said he liked drug users because they tasted different.

Yami walked closer to the dumpster and crouched where the body was. The image of the demon spitting at his victim, she stood where she thought the spit fell and held out her hand out of her pocket. The little fingers carried a time chain which held a tine white crystal with black lines on it and she laid it on the place where she crouched. It was a scrying. The crystal moved rotating around its axis formed by the chain. Yami thought about where the demon might be instinctively. The air around them started thickening and mist started to form. Takashi and Michael gazed at her sides as the crystal started rotating even faster. It accelerated as the mist started to surround them. The mist came closer and soon something hit the three of them. It was like a huge library falling on top of their fragile heads.

The next moment they found themselves behind a dark storage house. The door was shut.

“We have been teleported to this place! Way to go Yami. But where did you teleport us ha?” his face was a little of astonishment and worry. Yami didn’t know which prevailed because Takashi rarely showed emotions. “I was only thinking of where the demon might be hiding! And then the stone which I don’t know where it came from started bugging me. And as soon as I took it out of my pocket—” her voice broke as she grappled for air “I don’t know what happened ok? It was like I wasn’t the commander of my own body. I don’t even know where the stone came from!”

“Shh! Keep your voices down! Is this the demon you saw?” Michael pointed with his eyes looking through the window a couple of feet next to them. Yami crawled on her feet bending her body in a way in order not to ruin for them the element of surprise. “Yes, I guess judging by the size of the body and seeing Jenny tied up like that. Why isn’t she struggling?” The demon had his back to the narrow window and he stood right next to Jenny who seemed completely focused on the man/demon in front of her. “What is wrong with her?” Yami thought.

“We will have to launch an attack on your own and save the girl but first we have to do some scouting and planning we can’t rush these things and endanger you” Takashi looked at Michael who nodded gracefully pointing at Yami.


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    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      Nicey me like i hope byakuya has a master plan coz he cant be bad :)

    • UltraMagnus profile image


      9 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      We share the same opinion about Senbonsakura. Im sure that he looks exactly like byakuya and im reading some comments on youtube that says byakuya looks just like his zanpakto.

    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      AIDY well this sounds great only if anyone will be interested with what i write here :( but coming from you this is an honor :D i hope you like the ending though :D...two more chapters to go enjoy :D:D:D

    • profile image

      Am I dead, yet? 

      9 years ago

      I am catching up on these, I think you should work on selling your series. These are pretty good. Keep it up, Uriel.

    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      Brenda i hope you are enjoying the chapters ...I am going to rap things up soon :D ...Probably a couple of chapters more LOL...but i am still thinking of the traitor and it is going to shock you i guess :D

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 

      9 years ago

      This is so captivating


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