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Nemesis (Book 2) HOwling at the dark moon Chapter ONE

Updated on June 16, 2010

Part Two: A NEW MOON

Chapter One:

 Yami was in bed sleeping off all the weariness and fatigue she felt seep through her fragile body over the last laborious past days. Oh she felt tired restless and couldn’t wait to get her sorry ass back to her bed.

Her bruises had bruises and her body ached and twisted from the pain she took while fighting Jeremiah. And though Takashi told her the pain will lessen in a couple of days, Yami couldn’t help but wonder about her ability to heal fatal injuries but not bruises. It was a little ironic she thought and the thought of having black –blue patches all over her body was a new thing to her.

“Rest!” the voice in her head echoed carrying sympathy through every word. It was Michael’s voice. And ever since the encounter with Jeremiah, Yami felt the bond they shared bring them closer, binding them. Not only they shared powers and healing abilities, sometimes Yami and Michael shared thoughts and feelings especially when feeling threatened or in danger. “Stop worrying your head-“ she heard the voice speaking softly in her head though he was like a couple of rooms away Yami could hear his words and thoughts very clearly. “You might not need sleep for beauty-“ his words were cut with a thick laughter ; “But not all of us are that lucky!  Stop worrying about the whole world for once and take on everyday on its own while having a break from time to time. You aren’t Atlas to carry the whole world on your back. You have me and Takashi to help you stand on your feet. SO no worries”

Yes, Yami thought, sometimes she over does the worrying thing and ends up feeling extra –exhausted .She felt a small tinkle of a smile draw on her face as he sent his soothing feelings down her spine. “Sleep !” was the last command she heard from him as she gave up to the pain and fatigue she felt.

The moonlight shimmered peeping at the peaceful body of an angel that laid all its worries aside and the previous watched the latter drift in flawless peace. The curtains swayed along in a very delicate manner as the wind played outside the window symphonies that would make Jesse Cook proud. The stars in the sky tingled and mingled just like young children fascinated while playing with wet mud on one summer day.

She drifted into sleep unconsciously knowing that she will dream either about the past or the future, the latter seemed to happen often. Yet, this time she was wrong. She dreamt of his tortured body on the side of a bridge with the stunning moon reflecting on his leather jacket. He neither was broad, nor lanky nor puffed. His proportions were perfect and though it was night Yami knew the stranger on the side of the bridge looking at the damp sea was a male. He had his back to her and Yami couldn’t make out his features especially in the dark. The figure tilted its head upwards at the sky looking and from the low growl he sent into the moist air she knew something was wrong. WRONG!

“Full moon!” his words broke the silence and his pain and shrieks cut through the unsettling might. It was past twelve and the full moon hung on top of his body laying a couple of rays on her tired face and his lonesome body. Yet before her hand made contact with his shoulder his fingers laced on her wrist tightly. He was hot, and his body temperature has high for a human. Yami saw his body move awkwardly up and down in pain just like a child struck by fever. He jerked as his fingers pressed on her wrist vigorously almost cracking her bones. Her pain reflected in his eyes but he didn’t retreat. Out of the shadows a beautiful creature in pain appeared with his red glossy hair and his beautiful blue eyes the glittered crystal like on his pale flawless granite like skin.

Yami looked at his painful face and couldn’t find the word to describe it. Was it pain agony? OR both? What was he feeling and where was she? Was she in the present or in the future?

“Stop me before I-”his words drowned as they turned to shrieks and howls and snarls cut the painful words in between. He bit his lower lip in agony almost drawing blood right out of it. His hands let go of Yami’s wrists and soon took the form of a fist and rested on his thighs beating effortlessly.

Out of nowhere, his eyes turned red, dilated like a beast of the night ready to strike. His jaw jerked upwards bearing razor blade teeth out of his upper jaws. The clothes disappeared to suddenly be replaced by black and brown fur. He howled at the moon in exasperation.

Yami stood there watching his tortured body arch up and down paralyzed by the pain. Was she in the future or was it the past?

She saw him take a step off the bridge aiming for the rocks beneath the bridge. Yet, before her words could leave her lips, he was off the bridge sinking towards the dark twirling pool of dark water beneath him. She tried to extend her hand to catch his falling body only to be dragged along with him “DON’t!

The wind slapped both of them in the face, striking her fragile body hard leaving bloody scratched on her face. Yet, Yami had more important problems to think about. She was falling and it was going to hurt. Yami closed her eyes preparing herself psychologically for the pain. TO herself she counted “Three two oNe!”

At the moment of impact, Yami felt herself fly crashing into the damp cold granite floor of her room head first, hip second. After finally shaking off the pain and stress she felt, she started looking around only to find that she was on the floor. “Just a dream.”

Another crash occurred this time bringing Michael crashing her bedroom door alert and ready to protect her from the beasts that haunt the night. With his blond hair messed up and his eyes dilated ready to strike, Yami found her smile turn to a deep gaze while looking at the gorgeous angel that stood in front of her.

“WHAT THE—“he said astonished looking at the bulk of mass on the floor right next to Yami. A snarl echoed throughout the room that smelled like a wet dog.


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