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Nemesis: Ember to Inferno (Chapter NINE :D)

Updated on April 28, 2011
Yami's dad
Yami's dad

Escaping could be such a movement now In your fragile heart all so true~Departure plan by soilwork~

Chapter Nine: Ember to Inferno

“You have a lot to explain!” Yami’s voice was authoritarian again showing that she was no more kidding and that she understood the weight of the situation. “How did it slip your mind to tell me my father was a demon/warlock descendant and my mother was murdered?” Her voice shook the whole house threatening to knock off the stuff that stood still on the shelves of the kitchen. “Why didn’t anybody tell me that I am hazard to everyone around me? Don’t give me the same bullshit telling me it was for my own good. I want answers and I want them now!” The last word echoed throughout the house as a tiny shriek would when release in a deserted cave.

Michael stood there just like a useless stick in the mud struck by lighting “A demon? Your father is a downworlder?” Yet no one seemed to acknowledge his existence and two pairs of eye of different shades stared at Takashi’s face. Their stares were so intense they almost incinerated him on the spot. No matter how or where the accusations fell Takashi kept his cool mask on.

“As a time demon, I have been around for centuries, and I also saw the rise of the Syndicate. And I stood there on the side of time watching them gathering demons and downworlders trying to take over the magical and human world as well. The Syndicate grew stronger as their leader Jeremiah lead them from one victorious battle to another. The magical world lead by the lightwoods found out that Jeremiah was planning to take over the City of Ember. It was the only place where humans, demons, ghosts, and even warlocks could coexist together without being judged by their origins. Jeremiah knew that taking over the city would open the portal towards the human world and by doing so the fine lines between the worlds would be destroyed and all what of life would tremble beneath his feet. The loyal citizens of ember couldn’t stand still and watch both worlds collide especially that they loved their home and felt equals. And so, they though diverse and of different origins joined hands with the shadow hunters and the Nephilim joined in order to deliver the world from evil. After Jeremiah attacked the city the Nephilim who were fighters by blood started their counter attack to take over the city and save the citizens from slavery. Yet, Jeremiah never saw that the downworlders would join the battle with the Lightwoods and fight next to the Nephilim and the witches. Driven by the call of freedom and duty, the new circle of lightwoods formed of downworlders and Nephilim as well fought until they freed their beloved city and captured Jeremiah. With the help of the three charmed witches and three of the most powerful warlocks, Jeremiah was cast into eternal exile in an alternate dimension until the end of time and the end of days. Yet, 3000 years after the last stand, a young witch who happened to be a direct descendant from the charmed bloodline had a premonition showing Jeremiah breaking out of his exile and returning back to earth. No one knew when that would happen yet her words were engraved in everyone’s heart and conscience:”Doom will cover the world for a day as the thin line between the magical world and the real world decapitates. The great battle between light and dark will start and end with either victory or defeat. The future is unsettled as a child of both darkness and light will be born when the planets line up and the dark one who brought doom to earth once will walk free. Human blood will be shed like the Nile overflowing casting its generosity all over the near vegetation . Yet, there will be lots of deaths. The child will be the cause of our destruction or the key for our survival but the chance is slim as the demon’s blood runs through its veins just like the angel’s does. The future is unclear the weight of the battle is enormous and all depends on that child. The world we know will tremble and shake but will it stand on its feet. Will it rise above all this or will it burn to ashes as the dark settles on our beloved worlds?”

An awkward moment of silence fell capturing each second of time and playing it over and over again. Yet Yami had to ask that question though it sounded stupid. “Well what does that have to do with me? And why does everyone I care about have to die?” Ever since the day their powers collided Michael had a glimpse of Yami’s feelings and so he sensed her discomfort through the bond that linked them and saw her aura turn darker as she waited for an answer from Takashi.

“Well, your father is a direct descendant from one of the three warlocks that helped capture Jeremiah. His father was a demon and his mother was a human. Yet, the demon blood runs pure in his veins though he never showed his nature to anyone. On the other hand, your mother traces her bloodline to one of the charmed one; The Great healer and white lighter Paige. And so, her mother was human and her father was one of the fallen angels Armaros – the fallen angel who teaches the "resolving of enchantments."Your parents fell in love with each other each hiding their true identity without considering the consequences of their actions. And once the lightwoods knew about the child who was conceived, they sent commandos to capture your mother and father. They fled away the country and disappeared in the human world, each having their powers drained or suppressed in order not to help them trace you through their magic.

The doctors said your mother carried only one child, a male. Yet I came to believe that as an infant, you hand this magical shield around you while being in your mother’s womb that no material could penetrate. And that would be why the ultra sounds showed no twins. In the vision of yours your mom appeared as a one winged angel and this is because she was already dead when the accident occurred and she appeared in her true spirit form to try and save you. Yet, she needed your father’s help to save you as well. The syndicate killed her in the car accident with a magical dagger and watched your body burn. They savored the smell of blistering flesh and avenged their dark lord Jeremiah.”

Takashi took a deep breath and looked at the set of eyes that stared right through his body and sighed. “And how do you and Michael fit in all of this?”

“Well, both of Michael’s parents descended from the other charmed witch Phoebe. They had the power to subdue any creature using white magic. Yet, when they fled ember as well, the Syndicate assassins hunted them and killed them when Michael was five or even less. Ever since the murder I took him under my wing and trained him to fight just like any lightwood would do for his son since a young age. He never knew about you being the chosen one yet he has made it his job to protect you since you were a kid with him in school out of instinct and good will. By the way Michael’s great uncle, Andrei, meaning defender of man kind in Romanian was a Nephilim. Andrei’s father was one of the fallen angels. His name was Abaddon the fallen angel of death whose name means "to destroy." And that is why Michael is more powerful than ordinary Lightwood fighters even most Nephilim. You too are unique as the magical blood runs through your veins easily. Many powerful magical creatures chose humans as wives yet there has never been any merge between two magical bloodlines. You and Michael are very special and rare. This is why the Syndicate after Jeremiah’s capture tried constantly to destroy your family and his. If since they couldn’t make you join them they made it their mission to destroy you both. You are half dark half white yet you have managed to even out both desires and balance both powers easily. And Michael has managed to tackle his powers as part Nephilim as well as those powers coming from the charmed ones”

Yami looked at Michael’s eyes. They were pure blue almost melting with deep sincerity. He was known of his honesty and his white heart made it hard for him to lie to her. And so she believed Takashi’s words as she remembered how he tried to protect her from Takashi his own master the night her father died. She looked again at his eyes and turned to Takashi.

“How are we going to find that B@st@rd?” her voice showed anger yet determination. “We start with the lowest link of the chain and work our way upwards. Jeremiah isn’t stupid enough to kill in the human world and get his hands dirty. He must have some subordinates. But judging by the time laps between both worlds, I believe he hasn’t been here for a long time. He is probably using a Cyanide assassin-demon to do his dirty jobs looking at the last bloodshed and pattern of killing.”

“How do we find him this demon thing?”Yami asked as well using her very like Nancy Drew like look that showed that something was suspicious.

“We use a cloaking spell and head to the crime scene search of magical links that he might have left and then use them to cast a tracking spell. Demons are very reckless about hiding their traces especially low classed ones. Then scout his hiding place and form a plan to save Jenny and find Jeremiah as we get in contact with the Lightwoods and tell them about his location. “Michael recited his lecture as if reading it form a book or something. He looked confidant but deep down inside knew things never worked out as planned. Shit always happened and ended up screwing things.

“You make it sound easy! But it isn’t! Many things can happen wrong” Takashi looked at his pupil. We have to be careful!

Takashi took out a dark book with a leather black cover from some secret place in the near by library in the other room and handed it to Yami. “This is the book of Shadows that belonged to the charmed ones!”


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