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Nemesis: In unitry there is strength **ch7**

Updated on July 18, 2009

First i have to apologize for ruining part six and i hope part seven fixes things for you guys :(

Chapter Seven

The explosion was massive yet the room seemed to hold itself together for the coming battle. Michael was on the floor bleeding yet moving forward to position his body next to Yami’s. It hurt him and took most of his power but he was ready to lay his life for her.

The room shook in terror this time with the attacker’s face drawing a little smile.

“I’ll do you a favor little slug, before I kill you I will tell you my name so you can go to the underworld and carry that name with you. I am Nitchi-the behemoth demon.

He held his rapier in the air and by saying his name the blade blazed with violet colors over his head. “Rip them apart!” that was his release command. Michael stood protecting Yami with his body and then he shrieked.

Yami was over his body shrieking like a useless sack of hay. She went hysterical shouting, spitting, and cursing. Michael was on the floor half dead and all what she could do was scream. She helped herself up, and looked Nitchi through the eyes. Eyes filled with hatred she called, “We walk this earth with fire in our arms eye for an eye we are Nemesis” She felt the rage and hate flow right through her and fly into the room forming dark circles and waves around her body. She was mad not at Michael not at Nitchi but at herself for not being able to protect him. Michael has spent most of his life saving hers and he laid it for her to protect her from Nitchi and all she could do is stand there. Her world was crashing her heart again with guilt and not despair she felt broken. She stood there watching Nitchi drive his rapier through Michael and didn’t take a damn step to stop it. She was useless, felt useless and knew that she was. She summoned all the power inside and held on to the anger and guilt she felt.

The katana was summoned waiting to blaze into flames but she directed her anger to enemy, the behemoth demon that stabbed Michael without any hesitation. She felt her temperature rising as watched the katana in her hand blazed sending black pools of strong emotions throughout the room until they covered Michael’s body.

Yami let her instincts kick in. This wasn’t a math pop-quiz which you can rationalize the problem and simply find an answer. Now her world was beyond rational and if there was something she could do to save Michael it would be a 100% pure instinct. She doubted herself for a fraction of a second then let Nemesis’s power thrive through her and take over her entire body. She was no more in control but just a fighting vessel, a medium. Yami took no second thought to reconsider her actions and instantly speed flashed. In a fracture of a second, their blades met. The black one stood still while Nitchi held his position. Both pushed on their blades harder to gain advantage but the forces were as equal. The Collision sent a huge spark on both sides throwing both bodies in opposite directions. Nitchi the demon landed on his feet while Yami collapse on the table. “What a waste” he said as he attacked again. This time Nitchi disappeared in mid-air and landed a sudden blow on her back that made her stagger. Blood flooded through her shirt and she stood there. She felt the power in her decapitate but before she could think of responding a hot wave of pain shot again through her body leaving not nerve tact. The second blow was sent aiming for the heart, but Yami retrieved herself from the shock and moved gracefully around the room. Nitchi didn’t stagger, the blows kept on coming. Striking with full power and not taking a second to breath, he was charging while aiming for the arms the head and the heart. He was enjoying it but not the same could be said about Yami.

The smile on his face was pure evil. He savored her pain as he attacked. His face was turned to her as he shot her a look of disgust “So that is the power of the Chose one! It’s Pathetic!” His last words echoed back on forth and her body absorbed his words yet not making any response. She was bleeding and she had to do something to stop him. No, she had to kill him. He had to pay for what he has done. His smile didn’t fade as he watched little Yami trying to stand up again.

She dodged another blow just to feel another try to aim for her head. She flashed her katana held it straight and charged at the enemy. Another collision but this time it sent hot flames from her sword. She was the one to Protect Michael now.

Her anger rose through her sword and she remembered Takashi’s words “Use it!”. She let the anger flow through the blade over and over again, until its black blade started turning flame red- crimson red. The house shook again as she sent a shock wave at her attacker but he speed-flashed and was on the other side of the room with not even a tiny scratch on his body. Yami didn’t turn back, as a huge black wave started forming around her body and katana. This time her hands were steady and as Nitchi delivered the blow, she dodged and teleported behind him to drive her sword through his back. But Nitchi was fast and he turned right in a moment and blocked her attack with his own bare hand. The battle went on for a couple of minutes and by time Yami started to savor the pain. Pain she thought as she bled on the floor but didn’t care about the loss of blood. Nitchi delivered on of his blow at her and she just laid there frozen. “Move! I will not fall! But hands feel so stiff, telling me to lay down my sword, But my heart tells me to go on.” She looked at Michael’s body “Go on” she said to her inner power! She held nemesis her katana upside down close to her chest with the tip of the blade almost touching the ground. Then she raised her left hand with almost touching her face with all her fingers closed to each other except her thumb which was at the center of her palm. “Unite, under the moon and stars, Spinning together for eternity. Balance the darkness and light!” And as she said the first section of the phrase, the tip of the blade touched the ground sending waves of air throughout the room surrounding Yami. Then, a pentagram was drawn in charcoal black was on the floor right beneath her feet. The sight of the pentagram startled her attacker. “You’re going to pay” she said using a dark unfamiliar voice. With the second part phrase, Yami’s hand moved from the level of her face to above her head while still holding nemesis in the same position. And then, while pointing at the sky, a lightning bolt came from the roof top to strike her in the hand. The bolt was accompanied by a rush of supremacy as its presence increased the room temperature. The bolt went right through Yami and the katana using both of them as mediums and suddenly struck the pentagram that was drawn earlier. The house shook but Yami held her previous position. The lightning bolt and the pentagram united forming a huge wave like power around the beholder of the sword. Then united the swirled as one forming a huge dark dragon around Yami.

The power sent Yami flying and attacking right on the stop. Her hands clutched her katana as the dragon around her moved along. In such astonishing speed she was beside her attacker. “Reduce all creation to dust” she commanded as she and the dragon attacked simultaneously. The behemoth demon shrieked and turned to dust without speaking a word. The dragon remained around her giving her power and sharing all its knowledge with her: Black and white magic as well. “Balance the darkness and light!” and the dragon flew around her and suddenly collided with her body.

Michael was still on the floor as Yami headed towards him. She has never seen that much of blood in her entire life. He was barely breathing and she didn’t even know what to do. Her tears came down on him like rivers and she almost wanted to cry out loud when her instincts took over. The dragon has given her both white and dark/black magic and her instincts told her to put her palms above him and close her eyes and summon that knowledge.

As she closed her eyes, Yami felt the warm white light seeping through her palms. She concentrated and held her position for a bit longer. The magic flowed through her and into Michael’s body. When she opened her eyes she saw Michael breathing softly with all his injuries healed. The house was a total wreck.

The first thing to occur to her was “Takashi is going to crucify me!” and then a voice came from the kitchen door stating “You got that right!”


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    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      I hope you like it :D:D anyhows there is a traitor :P

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 

      9 years ago

      cant wait to see what happens

    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      You don't know what i have in mind for Michael and it is pretty evil as well...It starts with BI and then add two letters :D:D:D or should it be :( :( :(? well you;ll have to wait ...until i come up with some Idea for the rest of the chapters :D:D:D:D:D:D

    • I*n*v*i*c*t*u*s profile image


      9 years ago

      I love it!! So happy you had Michael was tuff to think that he would die! Great story. Thanks. :)


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