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**Nemesis: THe Last Stand (Last Chapter)***

Updated on April 28, 2011

Chapter Twelve:

Yami felt the weight of the threatening situation as she heard the slimy words that came out Jace the demon’s mouth. It sent an urge of puking through her stomach. So it was Jace after all. He was the demon who kidnapped Jenny. She looked at Takashi’s pastel face and found him bound in his golden cage for eternity, unable to move and it was Jace’s fault. Michael on the other hand looked incredibly helpless, frozen in his place returning the gaze Jace shut him in a haughty manner. And though Yami was able to free herself from her capturer she found it hopeless to run away after Jeremiah made his dramatic entrance. The mist covered his body fastened in a very delicate manner protecting him like a warm hearted mother would do. It made her heart shiver and leap out of her chest as she heard the words echo in her head “MY LORD!”

The mist howled at her. It’s cold moisturized feeling made it hard for Yami to breath, and as she cast a look at her helpless friends, she saw Michael’s suffering face and Jenny’s plane emotionless face. Yami felt the blood in her own veins try to find their way to her heart, but it froze on its way their. Her heart ached and began to pound stiffly in a very abnormal way promising to jump out of her chest and land into Jeremiah’s cold stiff hands. The great pressure made her stagger a little almost losing where her feet held her still.

Yami finally pushed the pain aside and ordered her eyes to make eye contact with the deadly creature that stood by the entrance. He was a little older than her, probably twenty maybe less. His hair was dark black almost reaching to his hip. Yami looked eying his terribly beautiful exotic sapphire eyes with dark grey rings on the iris. On other circumstances, she would have thought he was hot. He was tall, not as tall as Michael but his body was full and very muscular and masculine. He wore this terrible serious look on his face as he studied Yami as well. She stared hard through the sapphire eyes of his almost feeling ready to throw herself off a cliff for him. His gaze went over her slender beautiful body. Yami never thought that much about her body, but honestly she had curves and she always knew her mother’s exotic genes have done her a great favor.

“Don’t look or gaze through his eyes. He uses hypnosis to force his enemies to torture themselves. He enjoys it this way. It gives him a thrill! Break the eye contact! NOW!!!” The words were torn as a shriek of pain echoed and the last syllables of the words vanished. Takashi was still in his cage but a huge fire rose under him out of now where.

Yami gazed at Takashi and the flames rising through his body. “Oh the little cat has grown some claws. What a pity! You are so revoking Old Man. After all these years, you decide to stand in my way! So pathetic! You know better!” Jeremiah raised his hand again and the flames moved upwards finding their way through Takashi’s body. The latter twirled in pain but held his lips close biting the pain and the flesh. “You will be next if you decide to go hero on me!” his finger was pointed to Michael who was still suffocating with the mist. Yami crossed that previous thought she had in her mind about him being an air user as she saw the flames twirl over Takashi’s body. She wanted to yell and spring on Jeremiah. But she knew she was no match for him. “Oh I thought you were smarter. And yes I am an air user but when you spend a millennium in exile you learn lots of demonic things and you master the dark side as well.” He smiled showing his dark fangs at her.

“Go to hell!” that sounded the best answer Yami could think of. “Oh she speaks, Been there done that honey! Now let us play a nice game. From what I heard from Jace you love challenging games right? Well, let us see. Um” he looked a little excited and scratched his silky black hair. “Oh I have a nice proposal.” He smiled again showing his black fangs. They were long, like about seven centimeters long. “I have your friends trapped. So I give you the choice to choose whom shall I play with first. And I give you the VIP access to watch me do that live. What do you think?” He smiled again. “Wicked right?”

“FU!K you!” Yami’s rage was flying up in the air. “Oh I never had that much fun since ever. I love the badass attitude girl.” He was amused he turned to Takashi and said “You have a tough one here. Quite exotic in her looks I would like to take her back to my room-“

Yami shot a look at Michael and who jerked up. He was ready to fight as he held his white katana in his hand. He charged at Jace and Yami charged at Jeremiah. Michael caught his opponent off guard but the same couldn’t be said about Yami. Jeremiah brushed her attack with one finger as if brushing a fly away. And with a tiny effort she was sent flying to the opposite wall. Michael hand his hands full this time to save her. She was all on her own.

She sprang on her feet brushing away the pain and charged again. “Oh persistence I like that in a girl!” Yet his comments were brushed away as Yami held her katana to his shoulder. “let’s play rough! Didn’t you say you loved games!”

Her Katana was summoned, sapphire in color just like his terrible gorgeous hair with grey lines passing through the hilt to the tip of the blade. They danced in the air together, hands tight on both of their katanas. Every time the blades collided deep dark waves would fly out of both side: black ones coming out of Yami’s sword and Sapphire ones coming out from Jeremiah’s. They sprang at each other endlessly attacking and dodging attacks. Yami’s attacks seemed to do her more harm that her enemy. The blood started to seep out of her own hands as she held the hilt firmly. Yet she knew she couldn’t walk out this situation by simply putting up the same tricks she learned when fighting Nitchi. She kept on charging regardless to the pain that echoed throughout her body.

Michael’s katana hit the demon’s side. The latter yelped in pain but didn’t stagger. He revealed his true form to Michael after acknowledging him as a worth opponent. Two blades slipped out of the bottom of him palm. They were about 50 centimeter long and Michael couldn’t help but stare. Yet his expression changed when Jace landed a direct blow on his chest. After releasing his true form Jace’s speed increased tremendously. Michael clutched his Katana harder. His blade collided with Jace’s and both were shocked by the amount of vigor the opposite opponent showed. A couple of heart beats later, they both laid a little apart bloodied and scared. Yet both exchanged compliments and swore to end the fight with the next blow.

On the other side of the room, Jenny was still as stone and Takashi looked like a half burned corpse was barely aware of the world around him. He was burned and his skin was black as charcoal. Yami was fighting Jeremiah off yet she felt her power slip away as Jeremiah took his katana and plunged it through her chest. She yelped in pain but bit her lip harder as she fell to one knee. “Pathetic! I thought you would put up a greater fight! Your mother did better according to what I have been told!”

Pictures of the accident played in her head. Remembering how her mother laid her life for her she yelped with all her power. She remembered the vow she made that night she knew the truth “Never to be a victim-to protect those she loved!”

Her body forced itself into another stand. This time she was on her feet with determination on her face. The expression was fierce. The hate and anger she was hiding for the last couple of days seeped through her sword shaking the whole room. Waves started forming around her body and blade. The burning fumes circulated around her body forming impenetrable shields. She was ready and she knew for the first time what to do.

On the other side of the room Michael held his katana in the air. “Sit on top of the frozen heavens!” he exclaimed. White pure snow appeared in the air and snow flushed out of his blade. A white dragon of ice formed around his body as he charged at his opponent, determination drawn of his face. Jace throw himself forward blades in first. Michael held his posture and flashed. Their blades met but there was only one survivor. The ice dragon leapt out of his sword on the instant the blades collided and surrounded the enemy’s body. Michael’s blade went for the head and Jace’s went for the heart. Yet in that instant something hit the floor. Jace’s head lay on the floor gazing deeply.

Yami on the other hand seeing Michael’s victory felt some confidence. She held her sword and Yelled “Unite, under the moon and stars, Spinning together for eternity. Balance the light and darkness in this world!" The dragon of flames formed around her body and soon she attacked without any further hesitation. Jeremiah was still stunned by the command thinking about the powers she called upon. This time the pentagram cast its shadow throughout the whole room not only under the body of the one who did the summoning. The lightening hit the blade as the latter crashed into Jeremiah’s body. He was stunned and Yami used that to her advantage. The power of the blow sent Jeremiah flying across the room. And as he collided with the wall blood dripped to the floor. He looked with anger streaming through his sapphire eyes. He liked the blood and his eyes turned black.

They were dark black with no pupils, like a demon’s. He was a monster and Yami didn’t want to hesitate any longer. Jeremiah flew with an incredible speed towards the other side of the room, not towards Yami but towards Michael who was trying to recover fro m the blow Jace landed on his chest.

Yami saw it coming and with all her forced she speed flashed towards Michael protecting her with her body. The blade hit her hard through the chest, right through the heart. Michael yelped in pain as he saw Yami collapse. He charged at Jeremiah but his blow was dodged and the blade cut him in his side. He collapsed right next to Yami’s body falling unconscious. “What a pity! I never had that much fun! You almost got me kid but your emotions for this useless mundane was the cause of your downfall!”

He walked closely to Michael’s body and smiled over seeing Yami’s lay still. He walked towards Takashi away after spitting on both. Takashi’s body was burned but for a time demon that wasn’t his worst fear. By time, Takashi could recover but living trapped in time was something awful. Jeremiah smiled as he held his finger pointing at the bodies that lay on the floor “Is that all you can do? Send a couple of amateurs to stop me? I thought you were much smarter! Look at their souls leave their bodies! LOOk at their blood mingle on the floor. LOO at—“

He was cut off in the middle of the sentence as Takashi gazed in the middle of the air. He saw a translucent figure of Yami in the air and another similar one of Michael’s float. They held hands. The white ice dragon of Michael started forming around him and so did Yami’s fire black one. Yami’s power could be seen flowing through the bond into Michael’s body and vice versa. As that was done, a huge blast occurred as both souls returned to their bodies. Yami was up this time holding her black katana in her hands. Its blade was black as usual with a thin white line passing from the top of the hilt to the tip of the blade. Michael’s katana was the total opposite: snow white with a thin black line through it from top to bottom. The dragon around Yami’s were swimming in fire fumes blazing while Michael’s were full ice crystal. They called together “Unite, under the  moon and stars, Spinning together for eternity. Balance the light and darkness in this world!" this time from both blades the dragons detached attacked simultaneously. Just a few inches before collision with the Jeremiah the dragons merged together forming a huge dragon in black blazing in fire. Its body was heavy and strong yet it was made of ice as well as fire. The dragons fused to form the ultimate and perfect weapon of two different opposing elements: Water and fire. The dragon formed cut through Jeremiah’s body just like a knife and surrounded him. With their katanas held in opposite hands touching blades Yami and Michael speed flashed to deliver that final blow. Time stopped and another collision happened. After another heart beats, Michael’s katana peer to life from the back of his enemy and popped out of his chest while Yami’s struck from the chest and exited from the back. Yet both katanas were parallel in the modes of entrance and exit and simply were on top of each other in unity.

They went over to Takashi released him from the cage he was in and hand in hand they healed his injuries and helped Jenny up. Jenny winked at her in some sort of gesture and smile.  And as Yami looked with satisfaction at Takashi and Jenny she held her hand out to Michael. With her right hand she struck his long blond hair and he with his left hand struck her black hair. The power dragon circulated around their bodies and they kissed as if the world was at an end.


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