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Nemesis: THe sorrowful Truth (part 4)

Updated on July 16, 2009

The Truth is painful ! can she survive?

Chapter Four: The sorrowful Truth

They drove for about an hour with Takashi making those rough turns that made the wheels squirm and shriek like a mad driver play on the play station Need for speed –hot pursuit. Michael sat in the front seat next to the dark figure that spoke no word and seemed to resemble a statue making no eye contact.

Yami on the other hand sat in the back, rigid more like a Russian Porcelain dull, with her hands covering her black face. It was a long ride to nowhere and Takashi seemed to be racing time itself. He finally broke the awkward silence that covered the car like a dark impenetrable blanket and said still not making any eye contact with the passengers who shared him his ride, “Stop beating yourself about the past. Crying over spilt milk will never do you any good.

The ice sculpture in the back seat began to melt as the former words spoken seemed to hit her right in the face. Rivers of desperate tears broke the shield that she wore silently and flowed down her cheeks as she drowned and dwelled over the past. Michael shot the driver a weird glance and then turned his sympathetic look to his friend. She looked like she was being haunted by demons.

The tires squirmed galloping the road and soon Yami’s world suddenly turned to that of darkness. She fell asleep hoping to find peace after hearing the sorrowful truth but yet heaven wasn’t much in a peaceful and giving mood. She wasn’t granted any of the peace she hoped to find.

In here dram , which felt more like being teleported into the past, Yami was like twelve sleeping in her old bedroom. Looking sideways, she saw a stiff rigid figure on that laid on the bed in front of hers. It was Stephan she said to herself and watched him with her curious eyes following him during his sleep. Tangled with his bedcovers, he looked more like an angel rather than a child.

The lights were off, but the moon shined making way for crystal rays of light that shined and reflected around the room in different directions. The room fell in deep silence as Yami watched the body of her brother take deep gasps during sleep.

Yami saw the rays shine over Stephan’s body similar to how light would shine over crystal or even diamond, thus, leaving a beautiful turquoise color on his black hair. Moments later, the deep peacefulness of Yami’s dream was interrupted by scratch like sounds that came from the near window. It startled her and made her heart jump out of her chest. Yet, before she could react to the threatening sound by kicking her bed sheets, Stephan was up on his feet heading to the weird window. Creepy silence fell to cover the room suffocating the heart that beat softly in Yami’s chest. It felt numb but also a mixture of worry and agony fell upon her like a boulder that crushed her ribs.

The moon light was blocked with something that looked like a figure dressed in black from top to bottom. And just before kicking the bed sheets, her soul detached from her body to join Stephan’s side in a ghost-like form.”What no! This can’t be happening!”, the floating spirit of Yami screamed. She tried hard as if her life depended on it to get back to her body but it was ineffective no matter how much she kicked and yelped. Like a marble statue she stood there frozen, cold, and unable to move.

Her heart stopped beating and her blood froze in her veins as the shadow passed through the open window and head towards Stephan who stood there immobile. But Stephan wasn’t all helpless, he reached for the lamp beside him and was ready to strike his opponent. And before he could try to attempt an attack a hand with black cloves yanked the lamp out of his hand and looked him straight in the eye. Judging from the posture and the body that prevented the moon light from entering the room, Yami knew it was a male.

The voice said in a very authoritarian manner, “Are you the oldest child?”. Yami could see that the lips didn’t move a bit as he spoke the words that echoed in her head. His eyes kept contact with Stephan’s face studying the features yet the shadow of the figure didn’t even twitch or even move a muscle.

“I am the oldest”, a young voice said with a steady and comforting tone. “No please, wait! Listen it is not true! I am ! LOOk at me!” she ran towards the dark figure trying to attract his attention, but his eyes seemed to be focused on Stephan. He shot him a dead like look and smirked. Her high pitched screamed seemed to attract no one’s attention as if she were invisible. Then the moment of truth came, just like a hammer that fell from the sixth floor and hit you right straight in the middle of your head. It was the past.

Like a willing victim, Stephan stiffened not even blinking. “Leave her alone Please! I am the one you want to let’s leave my younger sister out of this! Please”. He was pleading and begging and that added to the amusement of the figure that stood in front of him.

Merciless wind entered from the open window. The wind was cold and cut right through Yami’s skin and slapped her right in the face. It howled as dark mist started to smother the moon. It sent a shiver down the spirit Yami that floated in the air as well as the young girl that slept peacefully in the bed unaware of the danger that circulated around her home. The figure moved in express speed holding a katana in his hand that shined. And in a blink of an eye was passing through Stephan’s frozen body. “Right through the heart”, the dark figure said.

Yami’s shrieked echoed in her own throat and found no ear to listen. It stuck in the middle of her throat as she stood there petrified. “NO- Get the hell – Stephan!” She choked with the last word shaking as her feet betrayed her and sent her falling on the cold floor. Tears flowed smothering the flawless floor as she watched red blood drops from the body of her brother crash on the floor right before her own eyes. She trembled but the drops soon turned to a pool that came close and embraced her as well.

“Sayonara shinigami!” was the last words he said as he walked back out of the window disregarding the spirit Yami that fell to the floor with the blood pool around her. The beautiful angelic face of Stephan laid close to hers lifeless. The dark figure laughed hard that it turned to an evil grin and before he could turn to the peaceful figure that laid on the bed next to him, young Yami was up startled but aware of her surrounding. She looked around the room searching for Stephan and when she saw his body drained out of blood laying there on the floor lifeless, a mixture of feelings built inside her. The spirit form of Yami on the floor experienced those feelings as well, Hate, rage, pain, sorrow, darkness. The latter surfaced and appeared on her face, as her angelic face turned towards the murderer who took the life of her innocent brother without any feeling of guilt. Her rage sent shockwaves echoing throughout the room shaking the beds, the floor and the cupboards that held the things she shared with Stephan including books, Cds, and picture frames. “What have you done?” it wasn’t a question but more like a comment mixed with distress. The word had a huge force field that almost knocked the attacker off his feet. Spirit Yami noticed a black aura starting to form around her it grew and expanded to form red blazing flames around her arms and back. The whole window and mirror that was on their closed shook due to the impact of her force and the power of her words. Her face was more like an avenging angel. The features of the young face were solid and stood out in the dark as she glanced at her enemy. The air around them was sucked to vacuum and the attacker was left choking with astonishment and disbelief. Suddenly the broken glass from the mirror and window started circling behind her and as she moved her hands towards the common enemy, the glass followed cutting through the room in such a terrifying speed that gave the rival no chance to evade. Just like what a knife would do to a piece of butter he stood in pain with his face unprintable. Spirit Yami saw the aura turn blacker and greyer as she felt the mixture of emotions that ranged from hatred to desolation. She experienced them as if she was there herself. How couldn’t she and the girl standing there was her six years ago?

Another shock wave came, but it slowed as it made impact with the body of her assaulter. Savoring her anguish, Yami saw that the body of the attacker lost part of its arm and lower abdomen. She didn’t stop there as Older Yami put a hand around her heart and found it motionless and petrified. She said to herself, “No remorse and no redemption”.

And as she was finishing her sentence, younger Yami was in the air administrating the last blow. The head of the attacker lay there on the floor motionless as his last words echoed in the empty deserted room, “With your power even heaven will tremble beneath your feet!”

“Yami! Yami!” , the words echoed throughout her dream and she felt a cold wave yank her out of the past tossing her back to the inhumane present. The couch she slept on felt like an ice-bed that floated on the frozen sea-bed. It was Michael.


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    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      Well so far you are doing a bang up job dear Uriel. Not my sort of reading normally, but I am enjoying it when I can. I will eventually complete it and give you my review. Also am trying to read a book by cindyvine and am so busy. I like this so far, good job.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      Well Aidy you aren't the only student here and i sympathize with you and totally understand your feeling. It is a huge burden to balance between your own time and what school demands of you. Yes, Yami's life is going to blow up to shatters. I think i can tell you that the sorrowful memories will keep on going.THe question is will she rise above them or will she fall and tremble? She is strong at the surface but not all the way through. Will she battle evil or will she join them? ~i seriously don't even know :S

      ANyhow, i wish you all the best of luck with your schooling and may the teachers be more gentle when giving you marks . This is like the ultimate dream of any student. GOOD LUCK and have a great day!

    • profile image

      Am I dead, yet? 8 years ago


      I am here, I am a student so I have very limited time to visit Hubpages and I always visit my favorites. I am caught up to four now I am here, for five (after this comment) and it would seem that Yami's destiny is taking a turn for the worse, perhaps?

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      well, you have to check part five though i just finished typing it. In case you see lots of Typos well i am running out of time and electricity is going soon. So ill check it later. Anyhows i though about Chapter 6 and seven though. A little new characters but i hope they don't bore the readers as well. chapter 6 and seven are done on paper but i think we need some you know kick @ss battle for it to be a little more interesting.

      Btw i really hope you are really enjoying the series. :D since you are the only one to drop by and comment . :(:(

      :-(( hihhiihih enjoy the rest

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      Nice easy read is it to be continued