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Nemesis: Twists and turns (hatred Darkness and despair)-part 3

Updated on August 13, 2009

The trurh has been revealed and now she has to cope with the guilt and pain

Chapter Three: Twists & Turns

Yami looked broken at the alien letter that simply floated in her juddering hands “What does that mean?”, she though in a shattered tone. Her little dark world started spinning. Shivers ran down her spine making her unable to respond to the sound that echoed in the background, “You okay?, the unfamiliar voice said behind her neck combined with concern and dismay. “What the hell! You think I am ok? WHAT THE HELL AM I” she answered unable to swallow the rage that simply smoldered every single piece of her broken heart. “Step-han” she broken the shield she had built during the years to protect her heart and burst into tears. “It is my fault!” The tears ran down her cheeks mercilessly bringing more despair to her heart.

Once her heart was broken with a “little tragedy” as the school counselor said, and by time she learned to tape all those traumatized and shattered pieces of her heart and the remains to a dispirited childhood in order to survive, but this shock wave was different. It twirled with bitterness, hatred, darkness and despair. It scent was diverse as well. She laid a hand on where her heart was supposed to be and looked down at the letter written in black ink, she took a glimpse at the handwriting trying to ignore the red splashes that randomly covered words. Yami tired of reading the words over and over again stared at her right hand that clutched the last and only letter she had from her dad and saw that her hand shook like a leaf involuntarily. She couldn’t simply make the shaking stop. Fruitless it was. And who think clearly after hearing the sour truth after years of torment and knowing that it is your entire fault? Guilt splashed all over her face and so the silent moment of emptiness expanded to form centuries of heartache and desolation.

She yanked the hand that came to touch her shoulder and slapped that face with the letter and said in a broken and shattered tone,”Read!”. It sounded more like a broken tone than an order, but the innocent creature that stood behind her said no word. Michael reached for the letter and carefully read every single word, even those covered with the red spots. A mixture of sorrow, and pain appeared on his face. On the other hand, Yami’s couldn’t be painted. As Michael read through the lines and between them as well, Yami just stared at the bed where a shady black figure lied petrified to death and another stood next to it. She stared and stared into blankness unaware of the world and the burden she carried. It simply wasn’t fair. Between every line you’d hear Michael gasp for air but his brain remained focused on what was necessary (The Truth about Stephan’s death). He held the paper for a while and looked closely at the shadow of a body that once resembled a human’s but this was broken and shaking.

“Dear daughter,

I know this is terrible for you to carry on your own, so I asked Takashi to hand it to you in case something happened. I know you will hate me for what I am going to say next but I found it imperative and vital for you to hear the truth from me rather than only a distorted version of it from those who twist the truth as they wish.

You were born on the 25th of January only a couple of minutes before Stephan. Your mother was really troubled during the delivery that the doctors thought she won’t make it. You came first and the doctor in charge, Dr. Davis handed you over to your mother. Davis said that you were healthy and strong very aware of your surrounding even for a new born and added, “You are very lucky to have such a beautiful child and I guess I should say Twins. This is your girl, and here comes your boy Mr. O’Donnell ” I remember her smiling at your mother as well when Stephan came to life. I looked a little surprised when you came because we all expected a baby boy since that’s what the various ultrasounds showed but I couldn’t reject heaven’s gifts. “It is such a gift that no sane man would try to refuse” the nurse added. But deep down I smiled thanking heaven for this opportunity. After a while, your mom noticed that something was wrong with you. She called for me and told me about that mark that appeared on your shoulder. Dr. Davis swore that the mark wasn’t there when she checked your vitals just after you were born. So, filled with concern your mother and I checked with the head of the pediatrics in Saint Luis’s hospital and he said, “There is nothing to worry about. It is probably just a birth mark. With such a beautiful and angelic child you shouldn’t be worried” and he flashed a very weird smile at you and Stephan. But your mom was terribly worried, and so she also took Stephan for a check up. The nurse responsible said that Stephan is healthy and so are you. The nurse’s smile faded when she saw the mark and said with a little broken voice, “the mark on the left shoulder of your child is in an ancient language. It means Yami, so I guess heaven chose this name for your child and you can’t but comply”. When your mother googled up the name it meant darkness and we found it to be a huge play on the words since you resembled a tiny angel sent from heaven. We laughed the worry off but I have to tell you that something deep down bugged me about that twist of fate but I never spoke anything to your mother because she was so fond of you and Stephan. She would say from time to time while reading to you at night as infants “You two will change the world and I know that because I can feel it.”

Michael looked up from the paper he was reading just to see broken Yami sitting on the ground with her hands around her legs. Just like a broken vase she sat there broken, scattered, and scared to look at the body that remained where it was on the bed petrified and covered with dark spots. “Yami” he said gently, “don’t you think we should call the police and—“

He was cut in the middle of the sentence, the tall dark creepy guy by the bed said “We can’t involve the police with this issue”, his tone was authoritarian and it sounded like an order not a suggestion. “But he is my father and he was murdered!” her tone broke through the glass of the window as she shrieked at the guy standing in front of her. “Did you read the letter? You must abide by your father’s wishes. End of discussion. Now come!”, he didn’t tremble not even blink.

“She is not coming anywhere!” Michael’s calm face turned vicious as he said the last words. Yami never saw him that determined. The man with the long hair looked amused and said in a sarcastic way “Should I try to teach you your place boy? I have no time to waste on you!” In a blink of an eye, Michael was pinned to the ground yelling curses, twisting all over the floor in pain, almost trembling in a way that even Yami has never seen before. Michael never lost a fight and he surely has protected her since they were little kids even playing in the garden with mud and making mud pies, but the look on his face was poles apart form what she was used to. It looked like a broken mirror, distorted and simply lying on the floor broken and shattered. The sight of Michael sent a shiver up and down her spine and she simply stared unable to evaluate the situation.

“Come children !” he ordered and like a marionette she followed not even questioning his judgment. Michael followed limping his way behind wearing his apologetic face and said, “I’m sorry Yami but I guess we have no choice but follow your dad’s will”

The old, not really old man Yami thought as she took a deep inspective look at him turned to Michael and said, “Let the heaven boil to liquid! Ashes to Ashes dust to dust”. With those magical words the room burned to dust as they walked out of the house. Michael followed him like a defeated soldier and Yami walked blindly as if she were sleepwalking past hope.

“Michael my hardheaded apprentice lead the way!”

I hate myself she murmured to herself.

Songs and thoughts

Cause I'm broken when I'm open And I don't feel like I am strong enough ~ Broken by Evanescence
Cause I'm broken when I'm open And I don't feel like I am strong enough ~ Broken by Evanescence
"Darling, I forgive you after all anything is better than to be alone and in the end I guess I had to fall always find my place among the ashes I can't hold on to me wonder what's wrong with me " lithium by evanescene
"Darling, I forgive you after all anything is better than to be alone and in the end I guess I had to fall always find my place among the ashes I can't hold on to me wonder what's wrong with me " lithium by evanescene
"Would she hear me if i called her name? Would she hold me, if she knew my shame? There's always something to be going wrong The path I walk's in the wrong direction There's always someone fucking hanging on Can anybody help me make things better?" t
"Would she hear me if i called her name? Would she hold me, if she knew my shame? There's always something to be going wrong The path I walk's in the wrong direction There's always someone fucking hanging on Can anybody help me make things better?" t


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    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      dont sleep on it or ill come to you at night and kill you looooooooooooooooool ..regards C :D

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Alright! I will continue tomorrow. This is pretty good stuff dear.

    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      AIDY, well i have published part 4-7 but i have to tell you part six is a "subtle, very subtle " but its a little ordinary. Yami will rise and embrace the dark and unleash her power and Michael will be there to do something Special on the epic battle day...Though i don't know how that will turn out or when will it be.

      Brenda, well you better get that chair changed. I hope Chapter 7 won't get you falling on the floor . :D Check it out :D

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 

      9 years ago

      this is very interesting..... i am on the edge of the seat, cos this chair is a bit broken

    • profile image

      Am I dead, yet? 

      9 years ago

      Uriel, this is nice. What will happen to Yami now? I cannot wait to see how this story turns out.


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