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Nemesis: the power Unleashed (part 5)

Updated on July 17, 2009

Unite, under the moon and stars, Spinning together for eternity. Balance is the world."

Chapter Five: The Power Unleashed:

“Do it again! You are not doing it right!” a scream filled with anger echoed throughout the training room. It was Takashi’s! “Summon your sword and quit yapping! Takashi’s face exploded with anger and rage. He seemed to grow out of patience. A little red nerve appeared on his forehead “Do it now!”. This time the whole room shook with rage as he said the last words. He was growing a little out of patience and time was ticking.

It has been three days since they met and since the incident Takashi has vowed to train Yami as his own fighter and help her find her father’s killer then avenge him. But it was hard to get Yami to even block on punch or even summon her sword. The room quivered again under Takashi’s words “That is not what I asked!” In the next training room, Michael thought to himself , “what happened to Patience little grasshopper?” he sighed in disbelief. He never doubted master Takashi’s training methods but he was being a little harsh on Yami especially after the rough night that she went through. “No ordinary human would survive this without bearing the scars to pain. She must be depressed and lost in pain and hate-self hate” he thought.

“Don’t make me repeat myself! Do it now!” But his words faded in mid-air before even reaching her ear and she stared into blackness having no idea about the world surrounding her that was falling one piece after the other and blazing before touching the ground. She was cold and distant from the world she once called home, and she drowned in the endless abyss of hate, guilt, and soreness. Her heart felt numb and for the first time she didn’t even know what she was or who she was or supposed to be. With her eyelids wide open, she blacked out in front of Takashi though remaining in her previous position.

And though her body remained still her soul and brain drifted away in silence searching for the rest of her heart and the remaining evidence of a life that she once had. But all she felt was emptiness and hollowness.

She said to herself reassuring herself that her life would never return to normal,

time passes by as slow as it gets

living permanent scars on my wrists

doubts keep piling up

backed up,

with emotional bursts none stop

i wonder how long would it take

before i permenantly break

burry me six feet under

for i forever surrender

may the dark lord have mercy on my soul

for i forever surrender to this black hole

of emptiness

of nothingness”


A sudden ache in her abdomen yanked her from her abyss of emptiness and found its way through her spine and up to where her heart used to be. She didn’t twitch not even stagger though the pain was excruciating. “ If it were a direct hit you’d be dead by now!” he threw her a desperate look and simply held the shockwave in the air he was ready to do whatever it takes to teach her how to tackle the true force that laid inside of her.

“Hey don’t be that hard on her! She is still grieving and by the way give her a break! You are just pushing her off the edge and forcing her to do it.” Michael shot back at his mentor from the other training room. He sounded concerned but Yami was absent minded. Silence fell then another angry sound fired back at the apprentice, “you have a lot to answer to and don’t let your feelings for her cloud your judgment!”

Another itching pain slammed through her body though Takashi was two feet in front of her and held his position. “Ouch! That hurt! “ Yami broke the silence barrier.

“So this is what it takes to get you back to earth, well for your luck I can go like that old day!” Takashi answered. “Now summon your sword!” he continued to order. But his words were cut but a hard voice that sounded like a broken note saying, “I don’t know how! I don’t know and I even don’t know who I am and what I am !! Why don’t you leave me alone and let me get the hell out of here?”

Takashi shot her a sympathetic look and said, “If I do so all the sacrifices your father and brother would be in vane. Stephan’s death will be useless, for nothing-“ Before he could continue he was cut in the middle of the sentence with another broken note that said, “Don’t you dare say his name. You don’t even know what happened! Leave us alone!”

Before he could continue a dark red blast of flame exploded From Yami’s hand. The ball surrounded with black shadows twirled around her palms. The fire spread to cover her palm and its back as well. Takashi wore a smile but Yami was enraged. Her rage shot a shock wave throughout the room throwing all the weapons on the shelves off towards Takashi.

“Nemesis!”she spoke as a beautiful black katana appeared in her hand black with a very simply design on the handle. Takashi gave her a look and then said “How does it feel like?”

The answer was simply “Hatred, darkness and despair!”

The answer came from Takashi’s mouth “Use it” and he left the room walking out. Michael ran out of his training room and saw the dark aura that covered his friend. The of power shook the whole house from its basis and caused Michael to be thrown out of his meditation. Now the flames covered her entire body and she was floating in the air with the pure black pearl katana in her hand. She wasn’t smiling at all. The shock waves kept on coming knocking everything off the shelves. Michael stood there in disbelief but knew that something but be done. He summoned his sword that was plane ice white that created a white aura of power around him. His katana was pure white and his handle had the same design Yami’s had but with black threads instead of the white ones Yami had. They were total opposites. White against black designs was Michael whereas Yami’s was black with white designs on the handle. He came forward the blazing Yami and touched her beside the heart that she once had. An explosion occurred throwing both off balance wit their bodies slamming on opposite walls. Something happened.

black pearl katana
black pearl katana


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      Well yeh sort of Takashi is a time demon, protector and Michael's mentor. that is why he know much about the past and the incoming collision between the forces of evil :D but he really didn't train her all the power she yields and will tackle is based on the knowledge of both sides light and darkness or instinct :D

    • profile image

      Am I dead, yet? 8 years ago

      Nemesis is a perfect name for Yumi's sword. Takashi is her trainer of sorts, then?

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      well it won't be revealed until the epic battle something with an order with four words Bi_ _ :D:D well it is a surprise i have in mind though...i wished it would happend it bleach but its a surprise :D

    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      cannot wait to see what that something was....... sitting waiting