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Never Giving Up

Updated on November 10, 2014

I say all I ever wanted is you

You said you never wanted anyone but me.

You're always in my thoughts and heart

You always said I made you feel free.

I'll keep my promise to love you forever

You'll move on and find someone new.

How long has your love for me been diminishing

While mine only grew?

I need both of us to make it work

While you are wanting me to solve it all.

Always trying to pick you up

You're pushing me over and watching me fall.

Very excited for our life together

While you're barely sure to say "I DO."

Trying to make our marriage work

Too scared to work on us so you're taking away my two.

I'll never give up on you

You'll move on and forget about me.

Always wearing our rings on my neck

Never expected you to leave, leave me to be "free."


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