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Never Say Nature - Short Story

Updated on June 13, 2012

Nature is DEAD! Greed has inundated every crevice that we know as mother earth. Resources ripped from the earth like a newborn from a mother’s screaming arms. There is nothing left. The trees, once majestic and standing presence over centuries, connecting the earth to the sky are gone. The seas once full of life now flow as a thick sludge of acidic water, oil, and plastic. The lands that once brought sustenance to human and animal alike, bare unstoppable weeds, soaking the few nutrients left from the once fertile soil. And the sky, once considered the color palette of the world, now shows only one color…a dark melancholy grey, blocking the warmth and glow of the sun…

The world didn't suddenly appear in such a distasteful state overnight. No this began decades before, with each passing year people taking more than the year before. Yes there were warnings, from people, scientist, activist and even nature herself. Yet every time society began to question the mess they were creating, jesters with evil smiles would distract them. These jokers did the biding of companies, politicians and the new aristocracy, blinding the world with the visions of grandeur; brutally teasing the ones beneath them with the smallest glimmer of hope that anyone could have a life like theirs. Who’s to blame the people for falling to these golden lies, for the American Dream has mutated into the sole idea of being rich, famous, and a celebrity. These empty promises allowed the few in power to get the rest of us to consume and disregard.

As we abused nature more and more form pollution, deforestation, oil spills, and the horrible over use of a thing called plastic, which looks to outlast the human race, society began to crumble. The ones that spoke out against over consumption, pleading for a respect for the planet, which many only gave to their own wallets, were the first to be targeted. As resources dwindled the rich got richer and poor got poorer. Soon a new aristocracy arose, one with the political backing, money, and land to use the rest of us as pawns on the world stage. They looked for those that got in their way. It began sublimely through America’s favorite pastime, Television. It started on opinion talk shows planting the seed of twisted truths in many who did not understand. It picked up steam in advertisements and movies, soon reaching a political arena. This is where nature’s last chance may have been brutally decapitated and paraded around as if in the dark ages. Nature was considered “wrong”, a bad word, subject, and belief, a time when any individual could never say nature. This is when opinion turned to witch hunt, the witches took the form of environmentalist. They were the “others”, the next in a long line of degenerates savagely bringing production of wealth and materials to a halt. In reality they were the very ones that looked out for the good of nature as well as all human life and now they were targets. Of course the public did not call it a witch hunt; instead the corrupt politicians easily masked it through the one word that struck fear in all that lived through the early 21st century, the feared “terrorist”! Halting protests and arresting thousands. Soon the very gains of the green movement from the 1970’s through the early millennium were washed away forcing the green lifestyle and movement underground.


As the years went on the environmentalist numbers dwindled but as humans are a part of nature so is nature a part of humans. This connection brought new waves of environmentalist to the world, although not all could express their beliefs freely. There were those that did not fear the repercussions of believing in something which society had labeled as “evil”. Some rose up, sacrificing their freedoms, well the freedoms that were left, even to the extent of losing their very lives to get the environmental movement out to the public. Thankfully those who sacrificed their lives gave hope and purpose to others who empathized for nature in secrecy. These lonely environmentalists were able to look for others that thought like themselves and eventually join the underground movement.

When more affects of a pillaged nature began to impact even the rich, the hunt became worse. The very ones who were protecting nature were being blamed for its destruction. Public service announcements did not blame the companies for spilling even more oil on the land, it was never their fault, instead it was the evil “eco nuts” who blew up the platform to make a point and force society to regress. The irony of the situation is society couldn’t regress anymore then it had already.

Although the scenery seems bleak, there is a small glimmer of hope that the world could heal, but not without its scars. As the sun sets on the vast wasteland of concrete and asphalt, also referred to as the suburbs, an unfamiliar glimpse of a single tree growing up through the cracks in an empty lot can be seen. The conditions should mean certain death and destruction but this lonely tree found a way to break the impermeable surface and reach for the sky. It has dawned on the environmentalist as their dull sun slowly dipped beneath the obscured horizon, that they couldn’t give up, they would break through the cracks in their system and reach for the truth, for if nature could do it so could they.

It is the environmentalist instincts that nature can still heal itself. For this reason we have become stronger and we have organized. Our underground network growing strong like the far reaching roots of the once pious oak trees. Yet still beneath the turbulent waves of society’s own crisis of self awareness, the hunt continues. We will not fail this time for this time nature and human life may never recover.

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    • BWD316 profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Dooling 

      7 years ago from Connecticut

      wordscribe43 thank you for such a kind comment! im glad you enjoyed it and that it's message is clear! thanks again!

    • wordscribe43 profile image

      Elsie Nelson 

      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      Wow, this is lovely... I'm completely impressed. Nothing sickens me more than the plastic, frankly. Oh yeah, I forgot... oil spills in oceans sicken me more. Anyway, you have a way with words and a talent for making a point in a brilliant, creative and poignant way. Voted up and all that.


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