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Never ever. Part 2

Updated on January 2, 2010

Never ever. Part 2

tried to grab him by his hands but it was too late, i could not jump into the river to save my son because i was too weak. It was 9:47pm and i watched Clinton drown. None of us was able to utter a word because from every indication, we will die one after the other.

The only thing that did not occurred to me was to jump into the sea and end this tragedy/fear that have engulfed me as we float and the water kept drifting us, none of us could say exactly where we were at that point in time. I guess by now we were hallucinating, i began to hear voices and different kinds of unpleasant sounds. The Night came and once more go without any sign of help.

As we continued floating and waiting for our deaths to, i noticed a fire work then suddenly a touch light pointed to our direction, i heard a voice shouting.

“There, they are, look at them”

It was the Coast guard; they rescued us and transferred us onto their boat. The time was 4:15am. We were transported to the Central Medical Complex for treatment and after four hours of medical observation and treatment, we were all certified to be in good shape. I was still battered because of my son whom i know must have been eaten by fishes or crocodiles.

Monday morning. 9;25am, just as i walked out of the ward and headed outside the hospital, i saw my wife standing by the car park ,beside her was someone who looked like Clinton, i robbed my eyes a million times as i approached her to make sure that i was not dreaming or hallucinating then the little boy ran towards me and was shouting.

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

It was my son, it was Clinton, i hugged him, lifted him up, with tears all over me and a little bit of confusion. I heard him say “Daddy i love you.”

“I love you too son” i replied.

Tim and Edward was standing dumb folded as i carried my son whom we all saw fell into the river and drown, a little boy we were so weak to help.

“What happened”? I managed to ask him.

Let me allow Clinton to tell you guys the rest of the story. (We are the world).

I don’t know how it happened but i realized that i slipped off the Pirogue, i heard your voices and i heard Dad shouting my name then i noticed that i was inside the river, deep down the belly of the river, i saw so many beautiful fishes and they were smiling at me, then i felt a hand on me, it carried me onto his back, it was like a man, he had long hair, as he swam carrying me, many big fishes swam next to us.

All of a sudden, i saw myself on the shore, i realized that i was standing then i was able to look at the man who was walking back into the sea, he was gladdened on a white cloth, i found my voice and shouted at him. I said “Thank you but who are you”

He turned to me, his face was as bright as the sky and there was a star on his crown, then he said to me.

“Son, i am the lord your God. I am Jesus Christ”

That was all i could remember as i watched him swim away then i saw the coast guard boat approaching from the opposite direction, i waved at them and told them about you and Uncle Tim. One of them took me to the station and mum later came and picked me up. This is all i could remember Dad.

Folk, you have heard Clinton, all i can chip into our story is this. Our God is able, he is alive and he doesn’t sleep, not for a second. He knows all our plights and sees all the dangers we face and in any situation you are, he must surely come to your rescue his own way, so no matter what you are passing through, NEVER EVER lose hope for he will send his Son Jesus Christ to rescue you.

Tim has something to say because he has been silent all this while.

“Amazing grace how sweet thou sound, you rescued a wretch like me, i was lost but now am found”.

To God be the glory forever and ever.

The End.


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