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Never ever part 1.

Updated on January 2, 2010

Never ever. Part 1

We left that morning with two loafs of sliced bread, two litres of water and a liter of juice, we hoped on catching large scales of fishes for a sizable profit. I have the habit of allowing my 9yrs old son in our company, after all, we belong to a family of fishermen, i began fishing at the age of 7yrs with Dad and sometimes grand pa who particularly taught me how to make the best fishing net.

My wife didn’t want Clinton to come with me, she wanted him to help her in some domestic work but my little boy find pleasure in fishing than in any other thing. Anyway i made her allow him to join me. We picked up Tim my younger brother and Edward our cousin at the junction and the four of us headed down south to the river. It was 6.45am Saturday morning.

We arrived at the river on time, it was calm and breezy so we quickly fixed my Pirogue and entered the Gulf but after couple of hours sailing and what suppose to be our best fishing day, we experienced engine failure and to make it worst, rain began pouring on us, it was so heavy and there was no help nearby, no sight of any passing boat, i hurdled Clinton under the tiny piece of tarpaulin we had on board.
All this water around us and no help , no way to communicate with anyone because our cell phone batteries were dead though i believed that help will come our way, it was a busy water so we just kept floating. The time now 4pm. Our bread and water had gone, i knew that everybody was worried, Tim just wedded his wife and she is eight months pregnant.

I realized the danger facing us when i looked at my wrist watch and to my greatest shock, the time was 11: 27pm, does day pass this fast i asked myself? How can we pass through the night? A million thoughts filled my head instantly then i began to pray. I prayed all the prayers i knew in 10minutes and even spoke in tongues so that God will hear me speedily and send us help. I then encouraged everyone to join me in chorus so we all began to sing to God.

The night fell on us like magic and honestly, i am still wondering as you are reading, how we passed through the night because when i took my touch, checked my wrist watch and the time was 5;45am. I became confused.I looked at the sky above and watched Clinton dry his tears, i wanted to embrace him, i knew that he was hungry and worried, i saw his innocent face and as his eyes caught mine, he smiled and simply nod at me then i stretched my hand and held him by the shoulder. He was shivering having been exposed to the cold of the night.

Tim then broke the silence...
“Maybe we will all die here” he said
“No Tim” Edward responded
Then Clinton looked at me and simply said.
“Daddy, i love you”

I nodded my head in response and gave him a smile but my heart was broken, i had no words to express my love for him, how can i tell him that i love him too. I can’t even save him from the danger that is facing us so what is the need to love him if i can’t save him? There was no food and nothing to hold on with though i managed to catch some fish and we roasted them in the basin we had, we tore the cardboard we had and light them with matches to make fire.

I looked at my wrist watch once again and it was exactly 2pm then i bowed down my head and silently spoke to God in my heart.

“Father save us, send us help o Lord. I refuse to accept that we will die here, no Lord! No! Help us father, save us for the sake of Clinton and Julie’s unborn, Tim is worried but he counts on you as much as i do, Lord help us in Jesus name. Amen.”

It seems that God himself was not even paying attention to us, perhaps he is sleeping because i watched my son fall into the river.

To be continued...


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