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Never ever stop kicking

Updated on September 30, 2012

When life treats us bad-we yearn for help

When help is far away-we become dismay

When we do not have what it takes in life to make life sweet and sound, we feel that it is the end of the world for us, when times tell on us and everything we wish seems impossible and even prayers become very hard to say,we feel that we are alone but the fact is that,there are so many people in this race to freedom

The race to happiness and eternal glory

The race to utmost human satisfaction

The race to freedom

Freedom from stress and poverty

Freedom from hunger and starvation

Freedom from mental torture

What we seems to forget is that no one will kick it for us, the ball is ours and right in our court so to attain freedom, we must kick and never ever stop kicking, kick with whatever we have.No legs-kick with hand...No hand-kick with the head.

The battle is ours and no one will fight it for us so to win, we must fight with every determination and the belief that victory is not always for the strong

Oh precious ones

There is no help indeed

The world is so cruel

We are the forgotten

They talk of world health

They talk of Child labor

They sit at the G-8

They talk of poverty eliviation

They talk all sorts of things

Talking without action

We are the forgotten

They spend millions on war

They spend billions on destruction

They spend trillions on bombs

No bread and water for the precious ones

They sit at the UN and tag us help

Help the world children

Heal the world

Where is the help oh you Judas

We are the forgotten

We are the lost

It is so dark for us

They simply do not care

You destroy others to save your own

But we will never ever stop kicking

The ball is round and shaped with hand

With one leg, clutches prevail

Even at this darkest corner of this planet Earth,where mankind has devoured the good work of God and ignored responsibility,we will never give up.

Oh God lead us in our struggle

Make way for us where the seems none

In you our glory attain

No shoes they cried

No legs but we kick

And for our victory

No internal power struggle

Love and determination in the air

Your fear always our liberty

In this great tribulation, there will be a redistribution of action and those who ignored their work will be thrown away, those who refuse to go will be cast away but the children of the most high whose help you have denied will never give up

We will conquer all evil

We will overcome all failure

We will never give up

We will forever kick

Nothing can stop this struggle

Your desire now your fear

All you want is for us to be cripple

But justice denied is not justice deprived

Long ago, you shouted-Help them! Help them!

Where is the help you son of a bitch? You sit down and make rules to perfect your own greed by stealing everything meant for us,we called for help but you shut your doors,at the back of our glory,you gave out a chaeque

Where did the money go to you idiot? You sit down and make laws to hinder us from what we suppose to do, you create panic and tension all in the name of democracy, enriching your fat belly with the blood of the innocent

Where is the help oh Judas? When not in power, you have the solution to all the problem, paralympics, you wasted the whole resources but i tell you, there is light in our lives and we will never be cripple as you wish but will forever keep kicking so i tell you this

We will never ever stop kicking.


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