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New World, New Age

Updated on July 7, 2014
This photo may be used for any and all purposes.
This photo may be used for any and all purposes. | Source

Watch the world of people
Watch what you've missed
We run around with
Our minds all bound
To what we think are senses

When's the last you cared for me
The last you helped a man
Not with money but with your words
Or made a random friend

You need to pick up your pieces
Leave the world you know
Equality is not for peace
But justice, is how it should go

Keep your eye on what is new
what's about to come
Prepare and change it for the better
Don't let control be won

Do you not have love for peace
Want to avoid a war
Hold your neighbor's hand again
Stand for what they want more

Enough shouting, enough war
Enough the hate and mental scores
It's time for you to put an end
To what they force into your hands

Stand together and do not spend
Grow your neighbors crops again
Feed one another, let the elite die out
It's only the good we care about

Evil dies eventually
It's all a factored psychology
Their minds will change or will their kins'
In years we'll be at peace again

Is not religion what starts our wars
A psychology they blame on stars
Do not fear what they control
You were meant to bring peace beyond war

Follow love, not psychology
Your power is not from a body
Changing worlds will take much time
But works faster when you change your mind

Our kids are captured
Our families raped
Our futures held captive
By the elite

You too are elite
Your attention is deserved
Be strong, and spread the word

We are not done living yet
Let there be peace again

©2014 by Brandon Jared Martin


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      A great poem and here's to many more to come.