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New Beginning; The Grass Is Greener In GA. P2

Updated on June 11, 2014

Same School Different Circumstances

After John got back to GA and moved back into his parent's house, he enrolled back into the same high school he had just left a few months ago. This time though, things were going to be much different. John was determined to get any kind of scheduled pills he could get his hands on.

Although John had never dealt with drug dealers and any people in that niche, he did know from previous years who the people were that did those kind of things. As he continued to snort Ritalin he had enough confidence to start talking to those people. Pills were not easy to find, so John decided to go to the kingpin of pills; Doctors.

Best Friend; Best Times

Shortly after being prescribed Klonopin for anxiety, while waiting in the lunch line, he met the person that would be by his side during the highest highs, and the lowest lows. I will call him Justin.

He had previously had him in a class before he had left the school for MN. He knew that Justin did drugs and maybe even sold them. After reminiscing about the class they were in, Justin invited John to sit with him at his table. John felt excited but anxious at the same time. He knew that if he didn't act awkward that this guy he just met could be the way into the crowd he was looking for. John sat down with Justin across from 3 other very attractive girls in the back corner of the lunch room. John asked Justin if he had or could obtain any opiates (pain pills). Then, to his surprise, he pulls out 6 of them from his shoe. It also turned out that Justin loved the anxiety meds that John had. So they just made a trade.

If You Could Drive Forever Please

Fast forward a few weeks and drugs later, John finds someone on his bus with ecstasy (i.e. molly. x. mdma). He tries it for the first time. After about 20 minutes he feels nothing and thinks he got ripped off.

During those 20 minutes he meets up with Justin. It was Justin's birthday and John learns that Justin plans on skipping class and getting some beer with friends. So they both sneak off campus and go to a gas station down the road from the school waiting for the friends who had someone over 21 with them to pick us up. They pull up about 15 minutes after John and Justin got there.

John sits down on the left backseat of the car. It was some sort of fast 4 door sports car. Justin sits on the right side of the backseat. As they drive away John starts to feel this amazing warm sensation beginning to move throughout his body. The ecstasy that he thought he got ripped off on was beginning to take effect.

John had no idea where they were driving to, and he didn't really care at this point. Soon John watches the passenger light up a blunt. We start passing it around. Then the passenger lights up another blunt. We then pass around the two blunts. Then the passenger pulls out of his bag a bottle of Bacardi. John had been taught his whole life not to drink and drive or drive with anyone who was. The ecstasy though, was beginning to peak, John will never forget this moment, smoking the 2 blunts and drinking the bottle, the driver was on the highway and began to speed and weave in and out of traffic, that's when Justin tells the driver or whoever was controlling the radio to turn up the music loud because John was on ecstasy and would "appreciate it". They do just that. At this very moment John felt happier than he had ever felt in his entire life.

The amount of bliss and euphoria cannot even come close to being explained in words. The music, the speeding and swerving in and out of traffic, the closeness and warm feeling he felt towards Justin, it wasn't anything sexual in nature, it was just love that only someone who has experienced it could understand. John felt a feeling of perfection, like everything in the universe and life was this immaculate, flawless establishment, that even the worst possible thing you could ever think of had some sort of beauty in it.

He could die in that car right then and there, still though, even that would be beautiful perfection. He was at a level of euphoria that few people have ever experienced; he never wanted this feeling to go away.

Preview Of The Next Post

This is the part was the start of one of the more insane days of John's life... He will end up in the mall in the next part with a few more little details of what happened in there.

The story will end in Guitar Hero, and John barely escaping death, others not being so lucky.

Please comment and subscribe. This is just the beginning of many more things to come.

I would like to reiterate that these are all true stories. Obviously I changed names but none of these are fake or even exaggerated.

Also if you have stories you wish to share please take a look at my profile.

Thanks for reading. :)


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    • Michelle Dussault profile image

      Michelle Dussault 3 years ago

      Please continue. I want to know what happened...