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New Beginnings-Poem

Updated on October 10, 2014

Because we all, at some point, need a new beginning

I've been dead inside

Yet still alive

I don't know why

But I just couldn't die

Overcoming it all

I make it through

So many side effects

To pay my dues

One child was lost

The end felt near

Another son with me

My mission became clear

Enough with the past

Let it die on the road

Bury it here

No remains to behold

The scars left are here

To remind of dark days

Now time to move on

Walk into the sun's rays

New outlook on life

Positive thinking acute

I am done with the drama

Bullsht I refute

Gone are the evil ones

Hiding in life's deep hole

Cut them out quick

No more lies to be told

Simplify living

Make some new goals

Do what I want

Not what's expected or told

Just my baby and me

Navigating the world

No longer his wife

Just a mother and girl


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    • ajwrites57 profile image

      AJ 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      kaiyan717, I'm glad that the past is over, the future and present, full of hope. Nice cathartic, poem. :o1

    • cruelkindness profile image

      cruelkindness 5 years ago from an angle view.

      Roller coaster ride for the living.

      Well done

      Cruelkindness (Subliminally Thoughtless)