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New Jerusalem News: A Novel (The Dominick Chronicles) by John Enright

Updated on November 18, 2015



John Enright

John Enright was born in Buffalo, New York, 1945. He earned his degree from City College of New York while he was working full-time at Fortune, Time, and Newsweek magazines. He then went on to complete his master's degree in folklore at UC-Berkeley.John Enright taught at the American Samoa Community College in 1981. During this time he lived on the islands of the South Pacific for 26 years.John Enright now lives with his wife ceramicist Connie Payne, in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

John Enright has written many books including:

  • New Jerusalem News: A Novel (The Dominick Chronicles)
  • Fire Knife Dancing (Jungle Beat Mystery)
  • Pago Pago Tango: A Jungle Beat Mystery
  • 14 Degrees South
  • Blood Jungle Ballet (Jungle Beat Mystery)
  • The Dead Don't Dance (Jungle Beat Mystery)
  • Tödlicher Tango in Pago Pago (German Edition)


As Always, just as I wrote in the disclaimer at the top of this hub "I was sent a free copy of New Jerusalem News: A Novel (The Dominick Chronicles) by John Enright in exchange only for my honest and unbiased review of New Jerusalem News: A Novel (The Dominick Chronicles) by John Enright."

The book begins with Dominick staying with a couple as a house guest. In order to get Dominick out of trouble the wife claims that Dominick is a Lord who was looking to buy a house. The couple and Dominick then use the guise to get themselves some tours of many of the mansions in the area. This guise carries on until Dominick is found out my a mansion owner who is being forced to move out with his wife because his daughters are selling their current house. Dominick then offers to pretend he wants to buy the house to keep it tied up and off the market until the couple decide they want to move out or until they get tired of having Dominick as a house guest.

I found this beginning to be different because Dominick is what he calls a professional house guest, but does not have a place of his own. The beginning truly set the scene for the entire book. My favorite part was when Dominick became a suspect because it was when the book truly started moving along with the plot. It was just such a pivotal moment in the book.

Overall I greatly enjoyed reading about Dominick in Jerusalem News: A Novel (The Dominick Chronicles) by John Enright. The book had a nice flow and it would be a great book for any mystery, suspense, action book reading fan. I would recommend Jerusalem News: A Novel (The Dominick Chronicles) by John Enright to anyone looking for a good enthralling book that pulls you in slowly so you don't even know you are hooked until you try and put Jerusalem News: A Novel (The Dominick Chronicles) by John Enright down.


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