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"The New Light" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on December 3, 2013

"The New Light"

Hand in hand

Cast into darkness

Tested and tried

Ready for battle

Shining through wickedness

Showing the way

We walk

We bleed anew

Angry blood boils black

Shadows retreat coiling back

Snakes with no attack

Truth shines, it blinds

Prisoners of fear, free from shackles

Inspired by luminosity

Reflecting the best in each other

Empowered by trials and tribulations

Chance, grants the downtrodden a new path

Sores once festering

Heal in the sun

We stare into it

No longer afraid

We shine

We beam

We glisten

We gleam

We match the gods eye to eye

Climbing ivory towers high as the sky


Never giving an inch

We march and follow no leader

We each harness our glow

Day gives way to night

Burnished souls radiate fervent love

Ignited hearts on a lost dispirited highway

Laughing at the cries of the new born humility

Servile aristocrats, they cower and substantiate

Huddling in our warmth and pleading for mercy

We better

We stronger

We brighter

We are the new light


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