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New Writers Are Susceptible To Scams

Updated on November 12, 2015
  • Writers who are fresh on the scene of writing for money should be aware of the potential scams people try to pull.

  • Some are easier to spot than others, but some are so well crafted and cunning that the average person could easily have the wool pulled over their eyes.

  • Con-artists will try to be sly and are probably drooling right now over the prospect of getting free money from you. There are reputable websites such and, but that doesn't mean scammers will be deterred from implementing their scams.

  • One of the more elaborate scams involves attempting to extract your Social Security Number and possibly drivers license information. The common way this is done is the employer will say they are part of some fictitious company and are dying to have you on their team after seeing a sample of your work. I know flattery can give you the warm fuzzies about yourself, but beware as this is simply a tactic to butter you up, so you're more gung-ho about giving over your valuable personal information.

  • Always look up the company and employer's names on Google to see if it is legitimate. You don't need to hand over your personal information at the drop of a hat, especially if you're using a website such as, where only the website itself needs your personal information.

  • Another trick is requiring you to write a sample about a topic of their choice. And to this I say, "Mr.Scammer, I work for money, not for free." Anyone that's trying this move is simply attempting to get work from you for free.

  • This next scam ends up being a case of your word versus theirs. After writing for the employer, they will ask you to rewrite it multiple times because it doesn't live up to their ungodly standards.

  • This scam is a two parter. You are doing free editing for them and they are banking on you bailing in order to get your work for free.

  • There are ways to battle this type of maneuver such as using the arbitration feature on Assuming you use the "SafePay" application that forces the employer to put the payment for the work into "SafePay" in advance, so the employer can't receive the work and then take off. This feature calls for arbitrators to make the final decision on how to distribute the money. Although without the help of a system like this, and no legal contract in place defining the terms and conditions of the job, the employer can hold the money in front of your face like a chocolate donut; all the while with no intention of ever paying you, and all the intention of getting more free work from you.

  • In conclusion, a smart idea is to always set up a contract defining the job, terms and conditions it entails; therefore you can prevent yourself from getting robbed. This will also help you weed out scammers immediately because they will most likely refuse to sign a contract, saying it's not necessary or some other line of bullshit. Real deal employers will have no problem with a contract because they, honestly, intend to pay you.

  • Stay safe and good luck to all you writers online.


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    • danielklein profile imageAUTHOR

      Dan Klein 

      3 years ago from Rockaway, New Jersey

      Wow, that's a bunch of nonsense. It should be a given to pay you if you're doing a lot of work. If they're not willing to sign a contract, they probably have no intention of paying you.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Great advice here for people who are new to freelance writing. I have had people approach me with offers to write content for their website without any offer of payment, just the privilege of having your name listed as the author of the article. Thank for sharing.


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