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New Year's Non- Resolution

Updated on January 1, 2013

My Non-New Year's Resolution

I had been thinking really hard of a good New Year’s resolution. Yesterday as mid-night approached I was completely bamboozled. I had no New Year’s resolution as everything seemed to be ones I had already made and never followed through. I was at a lost because since my sister passed I have been making new resolutions every- day to try and better myself. So I decided my New Year’s didn’t need to come in with a resolution, but instead with a New Year’s prayer. So here it goes,

“I pray that around this time of year next year I will see more people celebrating life and less people taking it for granted. I pray more people will take responsibility for their actions and stop being the victim. I pray people will feel blessed to be able to afford the luxury of going to a store and not feel it’s a curse. I pray more people will react slower to anger and will be more welcoming to kindness. I pray more people will stop being so self- absorbed and instead will realize the people around them who may just need some kindness that day. I pray we stop forgetting that no one else can control us until we allow them to, and if someone is rude to you it gives you no excuse to be rude to another person. I pray this year we as a nation will remember courtesy and that rudeness does not have an age.

I pray that more people will see it is not a foreign terrorist that will tear this nation apart, but an evil domestic one called division. I pray that no matter whom you voted for or if you are against gun control or for it, you will lay down your name calling of liberals vs. conservatives and instead stand as a nation. I pray that if this year is the year of division more people will fight the urge to be divided and not each-other. I pray that if it comes this year, the people of our nation will be willing to fight for our freedoms together, whether it’s against a foreign or domestic terrorist. I pray that the country will realize we are the country; the people are the country, not the parties. I pray that around this time next year we will not have forgotten that divided we fall.

I pray that I can help one person and change one life for the better. I pray anyone I help this year will not throw the help I gave them away but will instead pass it forward to someone else in need. I pray that no matter what this year holds I will look back around this time next year and realize how much stronger I am now. -Amen“

-Ruby Pinkham



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