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New York City Commotion

Updated on August 10, 2011

The walkways are crowded...bounce fall side to side like a pinball machine...points taken for each fall,

The people watch...they listen to every sound and syllable you falls not uncommon to safe guards everywhere,

Will the sounds of whistle blows and taxi horns cause eardrum small town fly...big city fly catcher all around,

Does ground hog day even happen in the great's shadow always I'm continuous motion from glass superstar towers,

Drill bits and jackhammers ring loudly through the dust gathering corner streets...mafia fire around every other corner bar,
The stage has been set...tundra fires emitting from a building not so far...firefighters rushing to the the dog not the lady nor man,

What is the world falling from graceful means...metropolitan pastels that make their mark whenever possible,

To power or not to power...the goal of electric company trimmed conduits lighting the way for multicultural diversities,

But you step foot in one corner of the building masses...your shot at with another flashes,

Even still the rats will find their home among floors of cockroach heavens...the bug laden city's demise,

So how do you quell the commotion...with simple earplugs...or do you blend in...fireplace relaxation...another day.

Do you think New York City is the place to be?

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