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New York Cops: Will They ever Stop:

Updated on December 5, 2010

Headline "MY SON IS DEAD

Anguished mothers struggles to cope with heartbreaking loss:

What do you want from me,

What do you want from us,

Why the rush?

Why so Quick>

Why the itchy Fingers"

Scratch the Itch'

Don't release the Triggers Finger!

The beast was released

The beast got out"

Mothers are still Crying out.

"Oh My God my Son is Dead""

Stop thinks! remove the hate from your heart:

God Man!! You know it was Dark!!

Why always them?

Why always you!!

Why so much wrong and not

Enough Rights?

Why they always have to struggle and


Why all the Hate?

How can one Place or a city,

always have lots of disgrace?

How many more heartbroken mothers?

How many more senseless lives?Must be taken

like a dog in the street?"

How many more babies have to grow up,

without their fathers,

What do you want from, us

What do you want from we,

We are Well educated, many of us have Mastered and Doctrine degree,

We contributed as much as the other guys, in this Society,

Yet enough still don't seem to matter,

You still want to busted,

You tranquillized a wild,Bear.

You Resue an old Swam of Ducks'

Trap in Tunnels, And

Return them back to their mothers'

You killing off poor Mothers sons,

Their can't come back, or return from

Work, or to their Wife and Mothers

What do you want from Us.

Why always We

Now tell me, or tell us,............


But for a human lifes, you seem not to care,

What do you want from,us

What do you want from we,

To disappeared from the face of this earth?

Because you think a certain Race is Curse,

My SON IS DEAD." She is struggling with the grief,

Ignorance and a triggers fingers shouldn"t have come

Before common sense,

Two to one is Muderrr,

The one in the BLUES WHERE,


What do you want from us;

What do you want from we,

WE joined your organizations,

We try to blended in between

You said Jump, We said how high,

Yet you and the Friendly firer responses

Would not accepted your

Just a bunch of Southern lies;

All of us can't look alike,

All of us can not be White,

All of us can't be the same,

Yet with the NYPC Blue,

it always the same

Old game............

Shoot First and asked the Question after:

What a disaster.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


try it your way,

yet you will not accepted us

Ignorance and Slave Mentally,

Must not take Center Stage


Must not take over the City:


.by Darknlovely3436 W.Walters



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    • Darknlovely3436 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from NewYork

      NYPD TRADEDY as he layed handcuff on the ground, cops cut off his shirt to reveal a Police academy T-shirt and found NYPD shield 12734 in his pants pocket, had to write a hub about this.

      comment welcome, if u guys care too.


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