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New age poetry that is sure to inspire Love, Laughter and Tears!

Updated on February 5, 2016

My one and only wonderful Mother!

A tribute to my Mother

For B. Rebecca

(Big up Aunt Icy, another mother)

At this point Mom’s retired, but she acts as if she’s just been wired.

So much energy! I have lots of admiration. She is intent on

Improving the nation. If I thought more like her, I realize, less people

Would really ostracize. Mom is so wise plus she can detect lies, she

Also facilitated I&I’s rise.

She knows my food, she knows my size

She coached me right up to where I copped the prize. And I

Agree with her, she should stay involved, cause she is the star around

Which I revolve. I really don’t want to know what would happen

Without her. I am not ready now, maybe along in time further

She holds her children together with words of love

Crystal and I would still be fighting without her calling as a

Dove, “Peace, my children. GOD is above.” And if she’s at the

Bus stop, my Mom won’t shove.

She is the perfect lady – humble and calm

She is Mother Earth – dark and warm.

Knowledge and Wisdom are always in her company, but she

Doesn’t take herself too seriously, she can be very funny.

We share laughs whenever we can

I understand much more, since I became a man.

My love for her grows every day, she has been perfect in every way

As a child if I was wrong my ass would burn,

But I love her for that too, because I learned.

Thank you Mom for being there, I will return the favors

Forever to care.

By Cammy (Cammy is an alter ego of mine, she represents interpersonal intelligence

Yes now! ... (Intro)

For Daddy

Re raised I

Here in the west, we name him Ra.

It was a furnace in pain, my home

It was everlasting rain.

For years we toiled in the fields

Of imagination and optimism.

For at the bottom, there

Wasn’t nowhere to go but up.

And the years were there to prepare,

For the ultimate domination

Of imagination

And optimism.

We examined schisms

For freaky fun.

And wet, we were done

By the slow setting of the sun.

We channeled fire and earth

At enemies real and otherwise.

For nothing did not leave him in demise,

Cause He was the Man;

And He carried the plan.


My main pen name is jAbo. Most of my poems are signed with this name.

This is Amalha Cornelius Yaad. He is the ego of Intrapersonal Knowledge. I like to imagine that he is from Senegal, West Africa. Details available in Perfection

AmAlhAyAAd (Anthem)

I do believe, I give to receive; I say thanks and please to put you at ease, to stop shoot the breeze, to thaw talk that freeze. I understand. I know I Can, and with my hand improve the plan, to elevate Man from dog action and slut station to Divine Nation. Check Creation, this is the purpose to all of us. Who do you trust? With whom do you fuss? For what do you lust? How are you conscious? From flesh to dust you rush; you groom your hair with confusion brush. No time to spare, your rights you flush, in life: discomfort. In death, you’re plush. Is this madness? Is this insanity? The futile pursuit of vanity is destroying life in the name of humanity. WHERE YOU COME FROM WITH IT? RUN AWAY WITH IT! DO AWAY WITH IT! TURN YOUR BACK ON IT AN’ NEVER ROCK ON IT… NEVER! I take what you got to give cause I man got to live. The words that I write burn your brain all the time, even while you are dying from crime.

Check the levels. The time gets hot, so I cool the spot, make it rain a lot. Make the bush them grow, build live afro from Aurelia and Croton. My knowledge is a fountain that breaks bridges and weathers mountains, that pay bills in the hills above Goat Pen from now till you say when. My truth unfurls like "World" and "Jah Steele" I talk what’s real. Put it down so you feel it, who will fuck with this rough lit that build hits with spits writ to make your head split! Lungs fit when I kick balls and Dicks from Rocky to the Bricks. Get live or get fist, remember this… joking the fish is like taking a piss – hit or miss, pain or bliss, craw or kiss. So, whatever you want to take is what I got to give, ‘cause I- man got to live. And doubt not that this is the awaited sign; do check that you’re dying from crime.

So for every skeptic, I make life hectic, set sweetness septic, do noveau eclectic, come through and wreck it, from sky to ocean floor. Chiquitas adore my physical whore, my spiritual bore; they scream, I roar while I rip through flesh in my quest for the real true. Fire like hell on your walls! Scream for all to hear that become is near...take that! I slap the trap of the Black Lizard Lap. You cock the bum up for awhile I will pile drive live for miles DoggyStyle. Let me pluck the stuck chuck, the hams up, legs on shoulder , heavy as a boulder in the womb – there I buck the sweet roast duck, fix you up from tip to tuck, run out your luck! So you beg God to take your life or make you wife, to show you peace or teach you strife. While in the street corruption is rampant and violence rife. Death of the temple is death of the Mind, while you are dying from crime.

How is your confusion and war with your wife, part of your plan for eternal life? If you walk like 2Pac expect to get shot. That is part of the plot, now what have you got? Instead of millions laughing, you are dead in a pretty coffin. Mama crying, kids denying that Daddy was an mask who lived and died fast, crippled by the past? Not me, I will be free like sex with Nicky. I’ll visit judgment on nations and continents, make flesh from friends, enough Queen on my ends, enough green to spend, enough weed to blend! Do you see it? But you have to live to do it; you have to stiff to screw it; you have to big to be it; you have to strong to free it! All these things take time, so if you’re dying from crime, how will you gain knowledge to stow baggage and raise cabbage to leave college? Stop the bull! Learn to pull and grow green, transform the scene, make it something new, where the rule is you, where GOD is true. There is much to do from the Yard to Peru and the chosen are few, they make the brew and cook the stew – REVOLUTION! The true communion of flesh and Mind, of space and time…even while you are dying from crime.

Shootouts on the block at ten o’clock, bullets spray, the dead lay prone, the living groan, mothers moan their pain, suffering because it is in vain, the efforts to live, the of give, all for nothing like Dhering and Bunting. The fathers are lost and what is the cost for those who check? The girls have NoRespect for men, the boys have NoFriends. The children see NoAdults but have nuff payrents. The Island have NoWarriors but have nuff defense, the workers have NOMoney but have nuff expense. Young women: single moms, young men: life sentence. The people have NoPrivacy and have nuff wire fence, thier world have NoPeace and have nuff violence. For the things you claim to love, you have NoTime… and you are verily dying from crime.

AmAlhAyAAd. aka Amalha Cornelius Yaad. (Spirit responsible for Intrapersonal Skills)

About death

(For the ancestors those beyond the veil)

Let me proceed to expound and read – the Law

You must breathe. You should breed but then,

You will pay rent. For years will come no dent in the

Sum that you owe. For those in the know, life moves

Slow. But for those not so, life’s a series of blows

And it moves fast; try not to be trapped in the past

Instead have a blast! So that when it ends at last, you

Can give up the ghost in peace, like a light summer

Breeze, you’ll get to sleep away with ease.

Don’t never be afraid to cry, ‘cause when you die

There are no tears no more, ‘cause when you sleep

In the floor, you can’t even hear the wind sigh or the rain weep

It’s that deep sweets, so remember to party as much

As you can, but keep calm, there are no giggles in the balm

Yard, yes man, walk on your toes going through 5th Ward

That’s the home of the coffin, and it’s not hard for us to see

And change your destiny; we make you wish you had fled

We make your life run red, show you the ending that you dread

Here it is in 3D, HDTV, a good response to the life you led.

Death is the end for some, for others it’s just the start like

Wal-Mart. There is more to see that cannot be while trapped in

A body. So for some, death is freedom. So they smoke the leaves

And drink the rum, drive real fast and burn the gum. Who wants

To ask what they’re running from? For some, death is the conclusion

They don’t see no illusion and for them the flow ain’t no effusion, they are

Locked in delusion. What can be done? Them don’t have no fun in this

Thing called life. There ain’t no taste to it, there simply ain’t no spice

They wish for another thing, maybe a place to grow wings, maybe a time built

Where bells ringing don’t mean guilt. Maybe a space where preacher spun

Filth is in disgrace. Maybe a where that it is good to be the human race.

Well, whatever the desire, them say it "nuh deh ya".So them put the

World on a slow fire and try to go higher. Ask me to blame them…

If I condemn,

Name me a liar.

By Cammy

My sisters. (Left to right) Crystal, Jewel and Treasure.

For Jewel

Seven times seventy,

Exhausted twice times over.


To see

And say.

There have been times,


I honestly thought,

That the we in us, would


Have been

Here now.

Laughter greened the

Expanse of our lifetimes!

And the


Has made the earth far more


Here we stand,

Stronger than ever.

Worrying about

Whether we are

Slim or



Aleya K. Jobson

Aleya is a brilliant, talented, sensitive young woman. She is a multi-lingual singer, writer, actress and social activist. Her music can be found on Sound Cloud. Needless to say, my heart swells with pride at the mention of her name!
Aleya is a brilliant, talented, sensitive young woman. She is a multi-lingual singer, writer, actress and social activist. Her music can be found on Sound Cloud. Needless to say, my heart swells with pride at the mention of her name!

I am the I

For Aléya

By: Cammy

Look at me closely, from my toes on the ground to my head in the sky, I am the I. One of the few real things and I fly. Feel the joy Love brings into the halls and hearths of kings. The dogs bark, the bird sings, evil is come to naught while goodness wins,

To make Heaven I never stop try:

The children think I’m funky, the adults don’t know; it’s all about having many persons and handling business like a pro.The golden Sun blesses al that I do. The platinum moon makes all I wish for come true. There is evidence overwhelming that God had naught to do with this thing,

So some need ginseng to make bells ring in the bedroom, the Sun is still the Groom and Bride is still the Church, but in ignorance they all perch. They are drunk on sin, in pride they lurch from point to point, seeking a place to put their joint.

I watch and I laugh cause that’s al there is to do. Sometimes I cough if there is no crew to hold the meditation. But I pray for the nation on every occasion. From the thief on the roof, to the murderer in the Police Station. Every man needs the bless to flow through the chest. To flay the flesh and bring the rest. So I don’t ignore no one! No matter where them come from.From Round Hill to Ewarton, the massive is welcome; from Oakdale to North Hampton, we chase the rum. Sometimes we cry because God is still in the sky, sometimes we have money but there is no food to buy. Sometimes we have food that is eaten by flies.

There is not no balance In the dance, so the beauty is undercut, it still feels like Stony Gut, 1865; struggling to stay alive, There is very little Love to be derived from those with whom we strive. It all seems so vain, with pain running the main and people still refusing to use their brains.

Where is the end for those who pine for Equality and Justice in this lifetime? There is not no quality of life coming down the line. Sometimes waking up is like Eating brine, overpowering and poisonous to the body, make us want to be like John Gotti, so we can terrorize every batty and warm the ass to the task.Knowledge is blast from the past, changing our behavior forever, making us lust for Utopia. Hate is waste like urea, and there is no profit from the odium of my Mother’s interest. Who is my brother?

There must be rest from this mindless killing. Let love run free cause God is willing! Every guy and girl must learn to chill...

And give the earth a break from soaking this endless blood spill.

LOVE MAIL (For Mrs. Lavern M. Jobson)

Big up Ingrid and Aunty Sylvie


I haven’t seen you in a while, That is not your style.From you I need a little chile, but so far, a miss is as good as a mile.When we were wed I saw that I had to decide I saw your pride, on your day as I & I's Bride.You told me one day, we were walking from Ewarton, That all you wanted to be was “Mrs. Jobson”.

Well that could be real, and I was flattered, I knew that what we did feel was all that mattered. When I took that oath I was more complete, You and I together…no chance of defeat.We were mountain meeting beach, university meeting street,The sky was replete with fantasies becoming concrete.

That was sometimes ago, the worst has passed. Now that Tyrone has grown the first will be the last. I wish I could say I miss you, but really You know,I can hear you in my mind... isn’t that scary though?

I want to touch you however, and spank that sexy ass. To keep you naked all day and make you scream “Rass!” Do you remember us at college, when we wouldn’t go to class? The kids would laugh and giggle, when our window they walked pass. I knew you were doing it for spite, You would keep it up all night, y’know they say the higher your sex drive, the more you are bright!

Well then you are the brightest, cause I’ve never seen the like. But you can’t outdo Corey cause he’s not the fainting type. I haven’t seen you in a while, I really love your smile. Let’s put all differences aside, bury them in the ocean wide, and then make love to the rhythm of the tide. I haven’t heard any news; you would tell me who died, and who was riding shot gun beside. My days with you were really live, a way to win you back I will contrive. You have the key to my heart so that’s a start. Plus you must understand - I did not marry to part. So if there is someone in your ear voicing fart, gunshot is here to remove the wart!

What did you say? “Overkill.” To that I say, “Peace, be still.” I have always loved you and always will. When it comes to my wife – it’s psychosis, paranoia, schizophrenia, all that good shit. But you married the madman so I guess you like it! Just don’t get afraid now, I’ll never call it quits. To say "divorce", brings up bile, Like I said before, I’m ready for a little chile. Dark like I&I, but with your face. A certain improvement on the Human Race. But I haven’t seen you in a while, You should visit I soon. Always in love…

Yours truly,

The Groom.


Money is the Issue

(for da three Pinkys, Jah Dee Wngee, Flowers & Coat)

Big up the Thomas Family!

Money is the issue, it is the only truth,

Ambition is the root, power is the fruit.

Waste life on charity and you will find

Acrimony and regret at the end of time

No matter what just get paid

So that at nights you can get laid.

Your wife may love you and and swear that it is true

But have no money and you will get a clue.

Money is the issue, the buck stops there

Your worry is useless, just get that clear.

If you have no money then have no fear

All you will have is your ass for a chair

The girls pass you by, there is no respect

You have no chance to be in the elect

You can talk about avarice, selfishness and greed,

But without money, you don’t even own your own seed.

Money is the issue, imagine life poor,

Can’t fly to New York, can’t sing on the shore.

Can’t cop the new Benz, can’t buy the AIDS cure.

It’s your mouth and your john and your ass as a whore.

I’ve tried life without and I like it with,

I like to have Charmin’s when I go to the toilet

And water on Sunday nights just won’t do

I like Alizé, so money is forever the issue.


Up rap

For da Debbies

By Cammy

There was a time when it was fun and fancy

But those days are done. For real it was chancy

To try and introduce the Sun. But think of the benefit

That Love has brought to earth. Now we’ll never call it quits

And all the time we thought the search was one of wits.

Life is one within all things made and unmade

So come along quickly children, into the water we’ll wade

Our hair to braid and we’ll never be afraid of the raid

Our nightmares laid to rest, the stress gone from our breast. Knowing

That the Sun will intercede on our behest. All sin now absent unless

We choose to undergo the test. At last to be one with the Don!

There is no play to no. There is only one way to grow

Towards the Sun. Some symbolize their growth with their Afro

Soon they will have to run. Nowadays symbols are for the Crow.

It’s what you allow in the here and now that decides how

Happy you will be. How far you will do free, what happens before

You bawl “Cree!” How long you stay lost before you find me.

It’s all internal like blood and it flows like a flood.

From the spiritual to the real it is about how good you feel

And how far you are willing to go to be the endless flow

Let us grant the fact that at times you will find it hard

To walk the road inspired by the Lord, but by faith you could fly

There would be little need to try; we could spend the time high…

Here you find the root of it and really a high truth of it,

MAN IS NOT DESIGNED TO DIE! But the route to eternity is concealed

As if it was part of a lie. So we search for forever in our tiny ways

But our search is like rats walking a maze. It makes us crazed

And so we lash out at the nearest things, the ones we love

It is like a cycle of iron rings, always on the move.

So now I speak with an intention to make an intervention

There is no question that without it, we will be in the frying pan.

But there is no need to jump in the fire

The trick is to find yourself within yourself and then go higher.

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    • coreyjobson71 profile imageAUTHOR

      Corey Sean Oliver Jobson 

      2 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks Jodah, I'm liking this experience. Your feedback is appreciated. Blessings!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Interesting and unique poetry. I especially enjoyed the last three.


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