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New places

Updated on May 8, 2012


Today was new. I felt feelings I have not felt in a long time. As I walked up to the building I did not even think about what I was walking into. Going threw the door was like walking into a new time and place. I was hit with the smell of urine over running the whole building. I said to myself "This can not be right". The building was a community service center. As I walked down a hallway that looked like it was part of a hospital the smell became stronger and stronger. There was no bathroom around to make for this smell. As I got almost to the end of the long hallway I felt the need to look up. A pressure started to come down on me. I could not breath. I was shot to a place in time where people walked the halls in pain. These people where in pain and lost. Some where just sitting there with devilish looks on there faces as if they could see right threw to your soul. I had to keep moving. The building was long and seemed to go on forever. After leaving this place the pressure was gone. Later I realized that this place was a mental ward. I will have to go back again... but this time I will take the other entrance around that intense hallway.


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