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5 Reasons why people think the PC master race is a thing. But why they're only as good as console.

Updated on January 21, 2016

The Reasons

I'm gonna start with the bugs and the glitches...
They are the absolute worst.
when a new game comes out they are always at risk of having a few bugs here and there.
everyone understands this but they still get the new game anyway.
Most of the time the bugs are easily fixable with a small patch.
They are almost never that bad on console,
but on PC they can make the game unplayable!
I've noticed a few times with new releases on PC that certain features are unavailable or you can't finish quests.
Obviously you get that on console too but not as often.
Now and again you get some games that never have glitches.
But they more often than not do.

This is the one thing that really annoys me with online games for pc.
people always find ways to hack the online servers and make them either unplayable,
or maybe even benefit the select few.
They usually have hacks like aim-bot or a hack that stops them from dying.
It's really annoying when you play a fantastic online game and some annoying kid decides because he or she has no skill that they need to use hacks instead.
Hacks will always be a thing...
But on console they are very rare as people that use them get banned a lot faster than those on PC.
I've noticed hacks are harder to trace nowadays...
Hopefully soon the people that use them will all be banned.

A lot of people like to think that the graphics on PC are a lot better than console.
But the fact is... There isn't much of a difference at all!
It's just the resolution can be a lot higher than 1080p
The thing is...
A lot of people can't afford $3000 to play games at max settings for a year or so before you have to upgrade again....
Consoles only cost a lot less than half that.
This is one of the main reasons why console gaming is a lot better in my opinion.
I know that the graphics do look a little more beautiful at a higher resolution.
The thing is...
It's more about the monitor than anything else with this case.

This is something that I've always hated.
The size of most computers with good parts are huge!
Consoles on the other hand are small and can easily fit in the living room.
A few small PC's have been made to try and act the same as a console.
But personally I'm not sure how that is gonna go.
I know they want to replace console...
I don't think that will ever happen though.
I personally love my PC as well as my console.
Some consoles can be a little huge when they first come out before they release new models of it.
Where as PC parts never really get that much smaller.
They get better but sometimes they just get bigger.

Servers work a lot different on PC than they do on console.
You usually have to manually select the server you want to play on,
which I think can sometimes be a good thing.
But can also be really annoying when you want to just click play and find a game...
But instead you have to look through a lot of games that are already in place.
You have to look for quite a while until you find a good server with no lag and just enough players that you can join.
It's sometimes great when you want to find a game with a lot of people inside.
But I prefer the matchmaking of console.
Some games do follow the same matchmaking system.
But most don't.

There you have it.

Some may think differently and I totally respect that.

Why People Will Say I Am Wrong

I know a lot pf people absolutely love PC games more than they love console in fact.

Console players usually take things in a normal stride.

But PC gamer's like to defend everything about the games and the computers.

I think it's great that they do this.

But PC gamer's will probably disagree with what i'm saying here


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